JBL “Hear the Truth” car stereo demo | CES 2017 | Crutchfield video

JBL Club amps & speakers at Crutchfield: https://goo.gl/Gdv9d5

Put on your headphones for this one! JBL devised a clever demo at CES this year that lets you hear step by step what you get when you upgrade your car stereo system. Even if you upgrade step by step over time, each step lets you hear your music better.

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abyde says:

Car audio Tony Robins

Naim Rashid says:

Finally a great stock vs aftermarket speaker sound comparison

i raul says:

Whaaat aa stupid joke! the ”stock” speakers have a plastic cover over them & the volume is by default lower by using some capacitors on the wire inside the box – GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE JBL :)))))))))))))))))))))


my nephew has the jbl 6 1/2 paired to a Sony in dash and those speakers are great. too bad he put kenwood 6x9s in the back.

Luis X says:

Jbl is my fav but now their line up is confusing. Is the Club lower than the GT. Is GX lower than the Club.

Alberto Garcia says:

What are the top of the line JBL speakers?

anon says:

this demo is completely unfair – a stock speaker system, while NOT as detailed or bassy as an aftermarket job, is TUNED for the car it’s in – normally the stock head unit or amplifier has a factory programmed DSP chip in it to flatten / roll off the response curve based on sound deviations caused by the vehicle’s interior or inadequacies in the stock speakers or both. A stock speaker is but one piece that fulfills a role within a larger system and thus is TOTALLY dependent on the rest of that system it belongs to and will NEVER sound good alone – Harman knows this and uses this simple demo to manipulate buyers.

the equivalent would be if you sampled a component tweeter against a full range speaker and then used the logic that because music from the full range sounded so much better, it was superior to the tweeter – apples to oranges

so while you may not be getting in a factory setup the loudest system or bass so low and hard it makes your teeth rattle, modern factory systems are still VERY good, especially considering my man quoted $1,500 all in for JBL’s BASIC complete sound system upgrade. 20+ years it was a totally different story as factory setups were weak and cheap but today, not so much.

that said, you can’t go wrong with Harman products and if you require a level of sound quality / loudness not available to you by the car mfg then by all means, feel confident that when you buy Harman, you buy engineered quality.

Pentti Jakonen says:

While I’m not saying that they were “cheating”, the volume change really makes it impossible to take this seriously. Louder sounds better.

Hobbyandtech says:

But JBL Head Unit is still unavailable

I can do that too, hold my gun says:

I dislike guys like him when it comes to sales makes me not want to buy anything they’re selling even when I do want it.

Rice Burner says:

I couldnt care less about the highs.. I want to shake peoples homes as i cruise by the neighborhood.. WHERES THE BOOM!!???

saad-MG says:

can i run them with 4 ohm amplifier?

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