JL Audio C2-650X Review!

Some say it’s one of the most essential upgrades next to your car stereo that you can do. Well this is my second video featuring a car audio upgrade, and this time it’s detailing an amazing set of coaxial speakers from JL audio, the C2 650X.

They’re a 6.5 inch speaker that happen to be compatible with my particular vehicle but you may wanna check what fits with yours on a site like crutchfield.com. These speakers are a coaxial speaker so they play the mid range and high frequencies of music all in one location and do a great job! The build quality and engineering is also top notch and they’re reasonably priced and make the audio experience in your car that much more enjoyable.

Check out some of the included audio snippets that start around the 3:58 mark and lasts about two minutes. Included photos were captured and edited by me, check out my instagram account: blusteve83.

Get them here: http://amzn.to/1ExZvoj
Component version: http://amzn.to/1Ur8euy
My pioneer deck: http://amzn.to/1hTqLDP
Rivet gun: http://amzn.to/1hTqT6j


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Music by: Soulection

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impulseMusic says:

i buy these speaker and man am very happy with them sound just like what i needed

Blake Parr says:

Dude, perfect review man. Answered every question i had in mind

dannysanchez31 says:

thank you so much steven. can you please tell me how much they cost, and if you think they are better than the kicker QS. thank you!

CamaroWarrior says:

how would these JL compare to 6.5″ Kicker CS 300w coaxial? i have the kickers in my car with stock radio/amp on a 99 camaro ss

Luis X says:

I almost bought these but went w JBL Gt instead. As they were the outgoing model go them on a deal. You dont hear too much W JL coaxials. Even if you buy a $30 pair of aftermarket speakers they are going to sound better than the factory paper speakers. In some case even better than the supposedly upgraded prem system.

William Fiarito says:

I have 2 c5 tweeters in the dash c5 650 in components in the front doors and the c2 650s in the rears on a 6 channel jl amp running all that and 2 tw3 10 in subs in a stealth box on a jl 1000 watt amp this system is just freaking awesome haven’t heard better yet I’m suprized that the c2 sound really close to the c5 for half the money

carrillo100100 says:

could you do upcoming C1 speakers from JL audio

Astroc2002 says:

Was there an amplifier being used when taking the recorded audio clips.

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