Joying Digital surround sound amplifier and speakers review for car Audio Head Unit
Will release March in 2017
1. built-in surround sound amplifier
2. down background noise
3. DRC switch
4.sound field
5.Sound mode selection
6.Four channels independent regulation
7. 32 section of EQ adjustment
8. Choose and match your car model
9. stable performance


Bart Tuinstra says:

I got this unit and i am wondering, the default media app is verry bad, i prefer Poweramp. Is it possible to set the Poweramp app as default and let it autoplay music when the units booting?
The same with the radio app, its verry crapy and can i change it to some otherone?

EvoWash says:

Does the unit with digital amplifier works on car factory amplifier?

Winlog says:

Will release March in 2017 – March, 2017 was finished 14 days ago. And still no info. So, preview is outdated or will never released?

Anatoliy says:

Will this head 2GB RAM ?
What the full data of release and where i can buy it ?

Sedat BBG says:

Hi Rambo. this is perfect!! is this fit for all units or some units? can we set up delay and reverb for each channel?

Zol Trance says:

still no separate sub control?

tDames of The WerkHeads says:

I have a Buick and am in the US. Now is this a dsp processor add on or an amplifier with a built in dsp? I have 2 amps I want to add to the head unit and access the crossover and stuff

Lloyd Mulenga says:

Hello, can the stereo support 6 speakers ? 4 factory speakers and 2 ,
6″x 9″ speakers 400w


Is this model compatible with the VW Passat B7?

When will it be available in Europe?

Gridjump9 says:

Will the DSP effect work with the RCA to an external amplifier as well as the internal amplifier?

Martín Gómez says:

The GUI looks amazing. Is just for the Intel version? Or how i can get for the mtcd version?

Roger Wilco says:

When this equalizer come for UM128N2?

rubiolincrew says:

new version OS?? or new app?

bearklau says:

Will the new software be an update for existing head units?

stalin nunez says:

Hello me buy JY-VL131N2 is compatible and I would have to do

Renzo Taipe says:

I have a problem like the video. My screen JYING tinkle, especially in the white colors. Do you know How Fix it?

3deL 3LwaN says:

İ want screen for Suzuki kizashi

Skauber says:

Is this an addon DSP amplifier for existing head units, like the Intel Sofia units? Or is that a kit with a special head unit and an external amplifier, as I’m assuming is the thing that is hanging out of the dash?

Chad Thiele says:

Is there a new 10.1″ screen model coming soon with the DSP amplifier?

I just recently purchased a new vehicle and will be buying a Joying 10.1″ head unit — but want the best. 🙂

Thank you!

oeljaml says:

2 days now since I placed my order and it is not shipped until now, when I sent an email they replied that they are on Chinese new year holiday and they will come back on 5th of Feb, what the hell!!!!

magyar77 says:

Hrmm, still no .1 sub out volume.

Александр Персидский says:

Это что вообще тут представили?

Lloyd Mulenga says:

Hello, can the stereo support 6 speakers ? 4 factory speakers and 2 ,
6″x 9″ speakers 400w


I want it already, I’ll buy it, when will it be available in the European warehouse?

Do you have more information on the web?

Omagbe Egbejule says:

I guess this will be a softwarre update. I recently bought JY-HL121N2 will it be possible to retro-install this DSP software into the unit when it is released.

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