Kicker DSC65 Speakers Review

This video is a review on the Kicker DSC65 I picked up to replace my old blown out oem speakers.
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Killergames01 says:

go to a damn junk yard. find some nice speakers for cheap.

K Chu says:

They aren’t that great. I have 100watts powering each but they can’t handle any bass under 160Hz.

Fra Casta says:

your an idiot , in simple terms when u go buy shoes do u buy whatever or do you go by your mathematical number? same with all the numbers you saw, they tell you how to fit your speaker perfectly

Jeremy B. says:

fronts sound awful

smoke 14 says:

Bose speakers suck! The reason “everybody knows Bose speakers” is because they have a great marketing dept. They don’t even list specs for their speakers. “No highs, no lows, must be Bose”.

Miguel Cruz says:

I have those speakers in my car and they actually sound really crisp and clear. If you don’t know what your talking about then you probably shouldn’t be installing speakers. They tell you about series and parallel circuits because you actually need to know that when wiring it up. You need to know if you should be running at 2ohms or 4ohms. oem speakers sound “better” or have more “bass” because of the housing they’re in. The manufacturer does it like that on purpose to get away from putting a sub in the car in most cases. When you go with speakers like that you should expect to replace your head unit and add a subwoofer. They are not meant to produce low frequencies such as a subwoofer. You where better off replacing your speakers with oem speakers. Your not a big sound guy.

David McKee says:

Adapters are not good. I soldered my wires directly to the speakers as the looser the connection, the more likely. you. are to get loose circuits.

Bigboe says:

I put them in my truck and I love them they have a ton of bass. I’m not sure what you did differently

Jack Chandler says:

They have really good base you just don’t have a good setup.

SimplyMEHHH says:

Just got mines from Best Buy for $39.99 (they were on sale) but I’m gonna be installing them into my car in a few days

Justin Farias says:

he probably put the wires together wrong thts why too since he kept say he had to cut them an didnt like it makes me assume he didnt know what he was doing an probably got them mixed up try switching it

Electronics For Fun says:

kicker is not a chinese company, their shit might be made there l don’t know l mean most car audio is made in china or korea. but kicker is a well known american owned company and they are not some cheap low quality brand, they are actually a really good brand. they don’t stack up to rockford fosgate but they are one of if not the best company to buy car audio from because the price is with in reason and it’s pretty good quality shit. l mean rockford fosgate’s lower line like the prime series is pretty meh… but kicker’s entry speakers are actually better than the RF prime series but forckford fosgate smashes them just about everywhere else.

Alejandro Alquicira Gutierrez says:

You’re Stevie fromMalcom in the middle.??

Alfredo Rivas says:


shadow dragonsky says:

dumb kid

massabode says:

These speakers have plenty of bass

Diego González says:

8 mnts of bs talk n only a single minute of actually reviewing the sound?

A5Review's says:

You need something to push those babies, they are starving that’s why the bass is low.

Mckenzie campbell says:

I don’t think you know what you are talking about kicker in general is a great brand even professionals use there equipment door speakers are not supposed to be all about bass and if they were sealed better those speakers would probably have a lot more bass and how are you going to sit there and rant about cutting the wires but you were so lazy you could not go to the store and get adapters so it was a personal issue

1milenia says:

when buying speakers look at the hz


amp them, will sound better

LEON Julien says:

That’s funny, although bose make loud clear speakers they have always had a reputation for lacking both highs and lows, bose speakers were usually made with a group of full range drivers in the enclosure instead woofer, midrange and tweeter.


Bro you got have a combination those kickers going blow out your head unit my suggestion is get a amp that made for kicker same model as the looks on speakers and the amp it would save you a lot of time and money

R Castillo says:

Im pissed. My kicker 5.25 ds blew after one day in my rear doors. My stereo is only 4×45

macduggles says:

The best review I’ve yet seen for these.

Daniel H says:

i dont really care about bass I like a neutral sound, but if its not neutral than i wont care for them.

Eddy9lives says:

Bruh you got them reversed XD the ones with the tweeters in the middle go in the front, thats why they lack bass

Jason Powers says:

Already been said but I’ll say it again… Your doors sound like they have more bass simply because they are enclosed in the door paneling. IMO, the rears (Kickers) have much better highs and are crystal clear. Once you put the paneling back (unless your gutted) and install your fronts your sh** will sound great. Just my $.02. Good luck.

Mr.Bounce says:

those are mid range speakers they are not made to put out real punchy bass they are more for mids and a tweeter for highs. your head unit is more than likely not putting alot of juice to the speakers so i would recommend getting a highs amp.

delandgoon says:

u can’t judge those speaker if u didn’t use its reccomrned power of course it’s going to sound just like oem without amp. because headunit is not enough power.

Marshall says:

Your headunit (radio/cd-player) probably outputs 50 watts (if that) to each speaker, which those Kickers can handle a lot more (the OEM speakers up front not so much).. Need a 2 or 4 channel amp to push more watts to the Kickers (2 channel if only using the 2 kickers in the rear, 4 channel if you replaced the front speakers also.) But thats extra wiring, and as you mentioned you were more concerned with having something to make sound vs push a lot of power.

Adam.w44 Nitro says:

The are mids

Electronics For Fun says:

l think you’re getting bad bass because the baffles on those speakers are open. if you want bass then you need an enclosure.

carlos muniz says:

its a speaker why would u need instructions? I have these speakers in my car and they are great. good bass and good highs. I would definetly recommend.

Mayank Swank says:

Which ones produce heavier bass KS, CS or DS..?

Electronics For Fun says:

“they’re not really BOSE speakers…” that’s actually good, BOSE sucks ass! premium prices for chinsey speakers is what BOSE is all about. the day l buy from BOSE is the day l walk on the moon.

Chris Schroeder says:

Thanks for the review. My only concern is that with your comments on the speakers maybe a little week as claim there about the same as your stock speakers. There’s no possible way $60 set of speakers is about the same as stock speakers. Most original equipment manufacturer speakers from a vehicle are cheap $10 sets that handle maybe 15 to 25 W per channel. Even in vehicles that have “better“ stock systems, you are only getting maybe 40 W per channel. The speakers speakers, depending on which of the series, we’re supposed to handle up to 100 W RMS and everything I’ve read about them elsewhere saying they are a very noticeable upgrade over stock speakers. If you aren’t powering them with an aftermarket amplifier you’re never going to get full potential of the speakers. Also, while agree there should be some instructions for installation, every vehicle is different and asking the speaker manufacture to offer instructions seems kind of unlikely given how different every car is on the next. Thanks for your comments though. If a speaker at $60-$65 isn’t that noticeable upgrade without an amp, it May persuade me to spend an extra $15 and get a set that will be noticeably better than what I currently have in my vehicle.

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