Klipsch Reference Premiere 7.2 Surround Sound System – Review

Klipsch’s Reference Premiere system aims to deliver some serious bang for your buck. The technology behind some of its ultra-high-end speakers has trickled down to the Reference Premiere series, offering the company’s best sound for the dollar yet. The over-the-top system featured here runs $5500, and that includes towers in the rear surround position, which is completely unnecessary (but, hey, we were really going for it here!)

We used the Klipsch RP-280F ($579/each) for the front left/right and rear surround channels, with dual 8-inch drivers and a 1-inch Tractrix Horn tweeter in each. For the center channel, we got the big boy: an RP-450C with four 5.25-inch drivers and 1-inch horn tweeter. The side surround channels were held down by the RP-250S, with dual 5.25-inch drivers and 1-inch tweeters each. And finally, LFE information was belted out by two gargantuan R-115SW subwoofers, with 15-inch drivers and 800-watts of power each. Total system weight- 480 pounds. Total system cost- $5500






Vikram Chalageri says:

What is the mining 2,1 3,1 5,1 7,2

Jose Da-Bodacious says:

What’s your opinion about the following as a start up system used for both the TV and just playing everyday music. I was tossing around this combination. A Yamaha TRS-7850 with the Klipsch R15M, RP-440- C and the R120SW. I’m looking for clarity so I can actually hear clearly what is being said on the 4K TV everyday satellite broadcast. It’s a toss up between the R15M and the R51M. What is your opinion and why?.

Joseph Mahoney says:

Wow, an fancy blu ray player and receiver but than you guys lame out on a projector screen smh

Chad Gunderson says:

What side surround floor stands did you use? I am looking for some

Jim Clarke says:

I have the old Heresy Klipsch speakers, best sound i have ever listened to

tehbigshow says:

Perfect layout for identical speakers in front… still uses a center channel. Smh

Paul Baker says:

These speakers have a cheap look about them.

Prasant Kumar sahoo Pk says:

Make them wireless

Mr Hyde says:

Fk man, we just want to listen to the system

Mr. Alex says:

This will be my first huge purchase once I get a good paying job.

Kingブランドン says:

Better cable management is needed here… Sorry, but you don’t go through all that trouble without spending a few more hours hiding the cords. Talk about dangerous~

Theo W says:

dreadful speakers

pepino1607 says:


Mario Amalfitano says:

looks like the cafeteria at my local IKEA. Play the dam things I’m falling asleep here waiting zzzzzzzz.

Ben Holtvoigt says:

No Atmos? Lame.

Kevin Voeks says:

B&W blows away Klipsch

Ahsan Afzal says:

Ahhhh Rich people. Rich people deserve to enjoy life luxries.
You fucking middle class and poor people will always suck their dicks

Darrell Hargett says:

best investment EVER

Joseph Shaw says:

The Klipsch ARE sparkly on the high end. I have my high end turned down for regular listening because it can hurt your ears fairly easily.

Huck Fin says:

Can you amagine letting kids go in that room, i cant put two speakers out !

Desmond P Kandemiri says:

…and he never played them 😮

Jack Fisher says:

I had 5.1 at a time.. It is taking allot of space it looks ugly, and it is a very annoying thing to have if you have nice furniture, flowers and stuff that your speakers will block. And seriously who in a normal home would put chairs like that?

Tw!st3d D!gg3r says:

sponsored much

Jnshox says:

Had to downvote…just heard you talk the whole time and couldn’t even hear the speakers. Seriously a waste of time. Thanks!

Vegeta Referee says:

Hi there. What is better in your opinion? To have a 7.2.2 setup or a 5.2.4? My receiver can power 9 channels(11 channels are optional only with an additional stereo receiver). Any thoughts?

david Shaw says:

I Got a question to ask why is hard floor is not good for surround sound speakers?

Double Blind Test says:

Does klipsch speaker sound good when pair with Marantz av receiver?

Hector Suarez says:

I want this

Lopinti RajKiranReddy says:

Please suggest me how much does it cost. Please explain in detail manner of Klipsch 7.2 or 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup speakers cost. I want to buy it near future to my new house. How much the exact measurements for having a perfect fitting for this Klipsch 7.2 or 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup. I have a small question regarding The Sony DN1080 receiver , the question is would this Sony DN 1080 atmos receiver would be best for Klipsch? Please kindly help me for perfect selection before buying the total equipment.

A P says:

I wish I had a house.

blast says:

I can only imagine what this system would sound when I play some electronic music on volume all the way up.. Probably blow the lid off everything.

Laitia Turaganivalu says:

Are u the salesman or what.. stop making boring video

Stuart Johnston says:


Jayce Cox says:

In my movie theater I have a Dolby Atmos system with a $3000 receiver

B JH says:

idiots in the comments complaining about not hearing the speakers. they must think youtube is an acoustically perfect reproduction. my 3 year old nephew knows it isn’t.

victor ignacio flores cariman says:

Para receiver onkyo 7.2 (dolby atmos y dts x)

Aditya YepYep says:

How do you hookup 2 woofers to a 7 channel Amplifier?

Rick Guenther says:

How much would that cost in canada ?

Tiffany Keyser says:

My dad has a Klishp 12 inch bass speaker, and those things pump some air if you have a good receiver

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