Memphis 12″ Subwoofers and Sony Bluetooth Stereo

Jackthreads –

Here’s a look at my new cars subwoofers and stereo.

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Mikey Eyman says:


One way_J says:

I have 1 8″ and my lisens plate fell off

Christopher Dawson says:

Some body who knows nothin about what he is talkin about

Js399 says:

Why is anyone disliking the video. All of us bassheads with 2 15s and up systems knows this is his first time in the car audio and his first system. Shoot we all started like this

Bass yo says:

How many watts?

CF Semih ÇETİN says:

SelamunAleyküm xD

Christo Mano says:

Don’t do like this guy and install your amplifier on your subwoofer after a time all the solder in your amp will crack out

royzcustomz says:

nice video

opp says:

coils sound burnt out

Jeff White says:

Damn leave kid alone you all ruthless

Stephen Anderson says:

My car does the same thing with the rear view mirror with the stock system. 100% stock with 2 12s not even wierd up or close to it. Weak ass bass, you need to tune it honestly. Do a little bit of research and you can make it better than “professionals”

TBM Avenger says:

My mirror vibrates more than that with a stock stereo

jermael Abdullah-anthony says:

you are gay

Matt Parks says:

You sound like you’re retarted lmao why even make a video about something that u know nothing about

Killa Bee says:

LOL this kid is funny

Just Paz says:

Sub iwill also sub

Christopher Dawson says:

That lil mirror is called a rearview mirror dumbass

brian rich says:

The amp is mounted to the box….the best way to get actually good car sub system…learn to do it yourself…and read up on forums to learn what is really good or not. But for a starter system…could be doing worse.

Cyr Parlapiano says:

It’s not hard is only a few wires

Jeremy Crawley says:

I have 2 Memphis 15s and a 2400 watt hifonics amp. Sounds awesome

Dejuan Wilson says:

Nice vid kid

xFLpride_- 813 says:

He had it all the way up his liying

Sigge O says:

Do you call that wiring proffessinal i dont know dude then maybe you paid the guy 20 bucks for installing everything

Smithers Smith says:

Do yourself a favor and skip the first 3 minutes of this fag talking out of his ass

monica aragon says:

got me some old school kenwoods and they bump harder …WHITEBOY haha

Adam Fluke says:

This dude is a fuckin idiot

Anthony Tussey says:

I have only one 12 and in bumps more than that, not even a quarter of the way up

Ozzys29 says:

I️ have the exact same setup except a 500 amp and no aftermarket radio just the cable convertor. I️t sounds great but doesn’t have a lot of punch. Would an aftermarket radio help that much? Because I’m currently using an FM transmitter through the cigarette lighter

that guy says:

Them subs suck good lord dude your distorting the ever loving piss out of them

ProGramer says:

They wack my 10’s hit harder then them you paid too much

Leontae Loston says:

I got two 15 they or so nice bro

Gabe Ulrickson says:

That radio might not have a external mic so you can’t get the mic near your face..

516Spark says:

It’s the 20th centry I had more watts running through my head phones in the 90s lol

Little Birdie says:

Ricer and pudding

Sofa King Cool says:

Set your gain don’t just turn it up like a volume control ☺

banshee2014 says:

Get to the point weirdo

thatguy6214 says:

This nigga stupid as hell ur shit soft

Saul Lopez says:

Didn’t look pro installed

Screen Share says:

I don’t know a lot about subwoofer I do not know about amplifiers…. why are you making this video???? Over 1 million views don’t make no sense.. you should check out my videos professionally done!!! I will be upgrading my audio system system which I make up professional video too


Just sayin If you get a right amp it will make your subs sound even Better

Okli Frederick says:

that amp is too small for those subs…

Roy Rogers says:

Everyone is a fucking audio and wiring expert in here….STFU.

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