My Bose Stereo Sucks!! $300 fix to make it sound way better! Audi S7

So I ended up getting my car with the Bose stereo as I did not see a huge value with the $5,000 Bang & Olufsen stereo. I met someone who ended up adding an amp and a sub to the stock stereo system and after listening to his I knew I needed to do this. I would recommend to have the work done at a stereo shop if you don’t have any car audio installation experience.


DJJumpdancer says:

is it only me or is there no difference in the video of the stock sub vs the bigger one ?

JB_Stang says:

My friends stock system in the Audi A3 sounds of the best stock sound systems ive ever heard..but its not Bose

73stvray says:

You could have used JL AUDIO W1 for less than that crappy Polk Audio sub and achieved​ much better sounds.

selin0023 says:

First song – Borgore – Blast Ya (ft. Barrington Levy)
Last song – Skrillex & Diplo – To Ü ft AlunaGeorge


Fresh & Clean Love says:

Jesse Papi
Oh wait is Papike.
Question. Alpine or Pioneer speakers? Which ones do you prefer?

Vick735 says:

I’ve got a bose sound system in my audi, and as long as I’m using high quality audio files it sounds amazing.

Scott Nunya says:

Sorry. B&O hands down one of the best stock systems out there. Crystal highs, deep integrated lows, and nice punch mids. Designed and engineered specific to each Audi model. Adding a larger magnet sub with more amperage is not what good sound is about. Props to the easy fix though. I’ve heard the Bose and it is nothing like the B&O ( S5 has B&O)

Chi - RaQ says:

How much was your amp?

Ricky Rodrigues says:

Thanks for the video but on a side note. What is the brand/model of the first watch you were wearing? (Looked like a brown/orange strap w/ butterfly clasp). Thanks in advance

Jaime Lacayo C. says:

@Jesse Papike, what diameter is the sub?

Patrick Baber says:

Hey I’m in highschool and I have a lifted f150 and we have some problems with it but that’s not why I’m commenting. Is the Audi s7 a good car. Is it fast and does it come factory with a subwoofer. And if I get a 2014 what big tech things and other things will I be losing. Do the 2014 come with subs?

Eiza Huppenkothen Poniatowska says:

b n o Advanced sound system is worth every penny

Vangerino vangerino says:

the reason the magnet on the stock Bose sub is so small is because it’s made from neodymium – a stronger magnetic material than standard ferrite. 🙂

Croix Kelley says:

me personally I think ford make the best sound system

NoBudgetTech says:

Lmao that subwoofer magnet is supposed to be small, it’s a neodymium magnet. That’s actually quite big.

cmoreno says:

have you tried using a equalizer

cmoreno says:

I don’t know what some of you guys are talking about I bought a full set of bang and oulfen for 684 bucks

well it was pulled off a audi s5 but still hahaha saved money

Dylan Verkler says:

Bro Bose is so much fucking better

Waqas Bashir says:

what’s that color bro

Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd says:

I don’t know about the other Bose setups but I’ve have two Audi s4’s with the symphony 2 system and it’s got a lot of low bass. I have it set on 0 or +1 and that’s all you need or it’s over powering. Maybe the concert and regular symphony systems suck but mine has really good low bass and highs compared to other factory systems I’ve had. The infinity systems are not bad also but not as much low bass and my Bose symphony 2.

Superblyme139 says:

ive got a stock sound system on a c7 a6. How much better is the bose?

Scott Free says:

I agree 100%

Eduardo Soria says:

What I like about Bose is that they have a clear sound on the mids and highs, and since I love bass I bought some kicker subs. Perfect combo.

Joseph Rodriguez says:

What do you do for a living to afford an Audi A7

Ovi Wan Kenobi says:

He stops talking about it at 4:53. You’re welcome. Hehehe 🙂

xxthehuskycaboosexx says:

Don’t have a s7 yet, but eyeing one next year and I’m so glad I stumbled on your channel!

Giani Tucket says:

BOSE stands for no highs no lows !!!

Ryan Nutter says:

That magnet on the subwoofer was tiny because it’s a neodymium motor structure. I’m NOT standing up for Bose products, though. I feel they are overpriced cheap drivers with lots of EQ added to make them sound “good”. However, don’t let a tiny magnet like that fool you these days when it comes to any speaker drivers. A neo magnet is a much better performer that a ferrous magnet. Much stronger, and a more linear magnetic flux.

Ruckus Tran says:

Damnnnnn Bass so good he turn Jersey Shore

iain fruitbat says:

how annoying there is no info on how u wired the amp how u got the signal???

DoNaSbaR says:

It’s just a subwoofer change. No a big deal. But Bose, B&O, Focal, Cabasse, Monitor Audio, Mission and more than hundred other quality brands, where Polkaudio is included too, are made for serious listening of MUSIC. Not just boom, boom, boom. For this purpose perhaps a Cervin Vega system could be enough.

Emet30 says:

So I test drove an S7 and and A7 a month ago. I tried out the Bose system. Pretty good for mids and highs, but lows seems lacking. I have a 2013 Fusion Titanium AWD and the Sony system has much better bass response over the Bose. The Sony system uses free air 6x9s for subs! And the bass on the Sony system has good rumble and adequate bass punch.

Md.Zulhilmi Tajul Ariffin says:

Good info shared…
May i know what size of that subwoofer.. 8″ 10″ or 12″.. plan to change it too

rodge911 says:

Model number of sub and amp you used?

Macarong says:

Dynaudio is much better than Bose.

Johannes Lindström says:

How is it wired?

robert proctor says:

why are the trees on his left going 8 times faster than the ones on his right.

Tony TonyTony says:

My kids had MASSIVE systems in their cars and when they ran the big subs they had coke can size capacitors to keep from hurting their battery and alternator. Did you eventually need a CAP. ? Great idea. I wonder is it’s similar on my A8L ??? I really like the S7 — as will all the audi’s — sell them before you hit the 70K mile replacement zone – specially since the S models are double the cost of the As, which are steep.

Mike B. says:

Nice video but can you share what make/model 8 inch sub you used and what make/model amp? Also if there any other kit that is need (other than to power the amp).

Derf W says:

I have the B&O on my Q5 and it sucks. Mids and highs are great but for low end deep sounding bass, its subpar at best. I had to adjust base near the top and turn up my volume to maximize the enjoyment out of it and little do you know after doing that for 7 years, i’ve blown on of the rear driver speakers a week ago. Sigh… I wonder what Audi is going to want me to fix that garbage … probably a partial mortgage payment. I’ll be looking to replace with good quality aftermarket speakers instead. Nice S7!

Crushonius says:

why not buy an enclosure for the whole wheel compartment and put a 12 inch woofer in to really have some proper bass and not this hackjob . i am actually pissed at this its a 80k+ dollar car and you cant spend a couple hundred bucks more to have a proper install ridiculous . i have an 13w3 jl audio in a closed box in my a7 and i bet it sounds a million times better and there is actually some proper bass that you can feel . cost me about 500 bucks because i build the box myself

Chris Pereira says:

Where are the links to the parts needed for this?

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