Pioneer 4201-NEX Best Android Auto Stereo System Full Review!

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I love my 10 year old Chevrolet Avalanche, but the electronics inside leave much to be desired. Instead of breaking up with my car I have decided to upgrade it. With the Pioneer 4201-NEX I get all the features of a brand new car for less than than the cost of a new phone. Android Auto is all about giving you access to everything you need with just you voice making your daily commute safer than ever. The system also comes with a DVD player, HD radio, and a backup camera. This has to be the most complete system out there right now.

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Retrogamer1010 says:

Wow $700 and only another$400 to add nav. I’m getting 4 one for every car I have.

Joel G. J says:

Does the Pioneer have the ability to get firmware/software updates for better features and functionality?

MichalPlays says:

If you don’t want your old car radio then make a giveaway 🙂
I need to replace my Cassette radio which was build in my Fiat 125 : P

Princess Da1 says:


Piznick64 says:

24-7 roll tide but good video

Sean Cook says:

Why do I have to be broke all the time, ha

Javier Arellano says:

Why was the comparison to the phone some kind of of Galaxy epic running gingerbread? Nostalgic yes but not a fair comparison my friend lol I choose duck tape and Galaxy S8plus as my modern day entertainment module

Tycoon8425 says:

Just an FYI in the android auto app there is a setting you need to disable called connect AA when on Bluetooth you can disable to stop it from activating automatically it will only activate when you plug in usb

Princess Da1 says:

Great video

Anthony Gonzalez says:

Android auto is irrelevant to me until it supports: Waze, Spotfy and Youtube.

Optimistic Pessimist says:

Capital city of Australia = Canberra

Pinkie Love says:

u just wanted a backup camera

Jeremy Amanda Flory says:

Hey Shane ive been following you ever sense I believe my Droid Eris lol anyway I’ve been looking for a new sterio as it is and the one I’ve had my eye on is the pioneer AVIC-8201NEX. I was wondering if you think this deck is worth it. I’ve seen it as low as I believe in the 700s.

Mark Navarro says:

Paid off car is the Best! Looking to get this unit also. Thanks for the vid

Armaan Tondon says:

Get those headlights cleaned up lol

Don R says:

I have the original 4200 NEX which also has Android Auto and been in love with it

Frigat says:

I have the 4200 nex. It is pretty damn sweet, I’ve loved every bit of it

Simple Help Productions says:

I love these Android headunits

Jorge Diaz Muñoz says:



Hey are there any system updates for the 4201

Eugene Church says:

Awesome video

Shawn McCall says:

What about iPhone compatibility. I mean most phones owned are iPhone. Pioneer isn’t what it use to be unfortunately. How does it make the bose system sound because who cares that I can ask google for directions I want awesome sound with my Bose system. Your review was all about what you can ask google to do. You missed the sound quality it puts out to the speakers. I’m not taking out my Bose head unit just so I can get directions that I can do with my iPhone I want to jam some music


Does it run all major apps like YouTube Netflix instagram Facebook also what’s the resolution?

Bryan Keith says:

You cant watch dvds while driving ? So non of my passengers ,kid, can be entertained while on the road……not good. Is there a way to bypass this feature?

Jane says:

Cool and helpful,Thumps up!

Josh Ferguson says:

The real question is how is the sound quality from this head unit? I had Pioneer in the past. They were bass heavy, but were lacking in the mids and high ranges compared to Alpine or Clarion.

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