Pioneer AVH-1300NEX – Cheapest Car Stereo with Apple Carplay!

The Pioneer AVH-1300NEX is the most affordable radio on the market with Apple Carplay at only $400!

Music by Lakey Inspire:

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX

Mirror Non-HDMI Radio

Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface

iDataLink Maestro

Sirius XM SXV300V1 Universal Satellite Radio Tuner

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Harrison G says:

Would this fit and work in my 2000 Ford Excursion?

Da Ye says:

That is only the equipment cost, if you add other parts,like wheel control ,labor etc.typically would cost you 800-1000 bucks.

Rohan Abbas says:

Hey man! Can you please suggest a cheapest headunit that can fit in a Toyota Aqua/PriusC, it should have carplay and android auto both. Thanks!

Max Loyd says:

no clue what chrome your using…

Clarissa Espinoza says:

Isn’t it like 200 dollars on amazon?

Antonio Uzzle says:

i wanna put this shit in my benz

Destiny Lunz says:

do you need the axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface if you have the iDataLink Maestro to use the factory steering wheel controls or do you need both

Gustavo Duran says:

Lol 400 nah I get on Ebay for 159 how about that

Chrisworld says:

I bought one of these a couple months back on amazon for $230, it was a great deal. Fast forward to actually using it daily, a type of review I had not been able to find on YouTube for this particular headunit. It’s an incredibly buggy and glitchy headunit. When I plug my iPhone in, it takes forever and sometimes jumps around connecting and disconnecting the phone trying to figure out what to do before carplay will work. (And tonight for the first time the whole thing froze and restarted itself over the course of 2 mins from plugging my phone in). The touch screen just plain sucks, nothing more to say there. VERY often the audio settings become grayed out in the menus requiring a hard reboot (turning off ignition and back on again), this is a totally weird and random thing to happen, bad programming. The overall UI and layout of everything is also so poorly designed it makes me wonder if they actually went out of their way to make it that bad. Also while we’re on that subject…don’t bother messing with “app radio” it’s A HORRIBLE experience. Once you’re in carplay though it’s all good because, well.. it’s carplay, which is run from your phone and not the headunit. Sometimes randomly I’ll hear a pop/skip/blip whatever you wanna call it, while listening to music, but it’s not often enough to be annoying, but it should it be happening anyway. Positive: It is nice that the headunit preouts for an external amp or sub, as far as the 50×4 onboard amp it has, it’s actually decent, and definitely needs premium OEM or good aftermarket speakers to take advantage of it, as cheap OEM ones will cutout and be overwhelmed like mine are. I am planning on installing a sub/amp using the sub outputs soon. I don’t use the DVD function because I don’t need to watch movies in the car so the handbrake wire wasn’t setup, so I don’t know how well (probably not very well given everything else) that function works. I have an OEM screen elsewhere in my car that already handles factory backup camera so that’s also not set up. One other positive (aside from the good quality on board amp) was when I disconnect my phone the Bluetooth instantly picks up within a couple seconds to keep playing audio, like if I’m getting ready to get out of the car and already unplugged my phone but sit for a couple minutes. The Bluetooth overall is also a great audio quality (hard to come by for most units) and connects rather quickly when the radio is booted, sometimes before you can grab the USB and plug your phone in. Overall I take the bad with the good with this thing. I only paid $230 for it, and it has carplay, a good integrated amp for the lazy who don’t wanna install an external one, it has preouts, aux for non smartphone sources, a good graphic equalizer/fader/speaker adjustment menu etc. if you actually made it this far thanks for reading, that’s all I have to say about it. Feel free to reply.

g7sky says:

i can buy an ipad for that money

Transcend says:

Is this the best bang? looking to pay around 500-600 or cheaperlol. Is this new ? hows the screen resolution? backup cameras and bluetooth audio? is the spotify app connected to my phone? or does the NEX need its own wifi?

Adriana Guzman says:

Does this support usb ?

Sam S says:

thanks for the review and the sick background tunes from lakey inspired- will check out his page for sure.

c h says:

I need help. I got 2 12 inch kicker 07cvr124 What’s a kicker amp to power those 2 subs? And are they best to go in a ported or sealed box?

R Mat says:

I want one that isnt 1400 bux but isnt 400. I need a real GPS reciever built into it. Apple MAPs requires a cellular connection

Translation101 Mohammed, Al Batineh says:

Thank you for the vid. I want to get a pioneer which do you recommend, the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX or the SPH-DA 120?
Thank you

Tony Fall2Fast says:

what is the difference between this one and the AVH-2300NEX? This looks like if will fill a couple of needs I have. I wanted to install some gauges in my Subaru, and it seems this radio along with the maestro adaptor will do all of that.

GreatGrandmasterWang says:

You remind me of Garth from wayne’s world

SupraWes says:

Sweet, I still collect and play CD’s and I was wanting carplay and pioneer and $400 price point, this should do the trick!

Chevy Lamar says:

I seen a review on Amazon, it stated that this unit will work with Android?

Sai Krishna Katakam says:

I Left at 00:53 cz I have a pixel :

Badlands says:

Can you put CDs in it?

MrGreenelight says:

Dual has a Model with Apple car play and Navigation that is more affordable.

Electronics For Fun says:

it comes with apple maps? l wonder how many people find themselves underwater when they type in directions for the grocery store.

Jacana Productions says:

So no bluetooth CarPlay? -seems like going back a few years, pluging in every time you want to use CarPlay especially if you only ever do a bunch of 20 min or less trips in the old car.

david lawrence says:

will it display my back up camera?

Kuweiyo says:

I stayed 00:53 and didn’t hear anything regarding Android Auto…

Daniel Munoz says:

Not sure if the comment about ’96 civic bring broken into was supposed to be funny or not but seriously those civics are some of the most stolen cars in the US.

Xyooj Vaaj says:

Will you get what you pay for…just got this receiver today. Install was easy if you have the kit for your car… but slow boot up time with the warning sign at the is just the unit will auto pause my music every it’s turn on..I have to manually hit play to resume play back… my previous pioneer avh-7700bt never have this problem.

Robert Spreitzer says:

So many apps and settings on board, you’ll need someone to ride with, just to watch the road! I have always loved Pioneer’s auto systems. Got a Nissan Rogue factory system that needs to be switched with a Pioneer, with equalizer and amp to get the sound good in my vehicle. But honestly, for me, all I really just want is a MUSIC system ONLY, with perhaps just the Bluetooth to answer and make calls. What can you recommend of Pioneer’s that would serve those needs?

M&P Elite says:

What is a good car to rebuild

Carlos Fuentes says:

Will this fit a 06 Chrysler 300 with factory system

JikaInFamous says:

how about cheapest double din with apple play with a knob

Gon Ixta says:

Would this work on a honda accord 2012?

Nano Ramirez says:

Whitch one is the link so I can mirror my phone on it ?

Karin Alford says:

Want to get Hacks For Your Games? Then Vist Google For “Crustygames4u”. There You Will See Several Hacks For Games.

H U says:

Will it work on a 2005 Audi A4? Looking to replace the RNS-E NAV it comes with.

fernamdo cruz says:

Waste of money when you can get a android double din that does way more for way less.

Nick Velez says:

Did you just assume I eat Fritos and sprite?!

DrJLad says:

Wait, you have to plug this in to use it? You cant use CarPlay via Bluetooth? How the heck do you get the USB cord from the back of the unit to somewhere useable?

Orkanata says:

Dude is channeling Randall from the movie Clerks when he is listing things at 3:38. Flash back to Randall ordering movies while the kid and his mom wait for him to ask for Happy Scrappy Pup…

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