Pioneer Car Stereo System for under $400 – GM-D1004, TS-SWX2502, TS-D1730C

Check out our hand picked system for under $400! Can you do better?

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Having a nice car stereo system doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. If you enjoy nice sounding tunes and want to stay within a budget that anyone can handle then this is a car stereo system for you.

We combined the Pioneer GM-D1004 4-channel amplifier, Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch subwoofer, and the Pioneer TS-D1730C 6-3/4″ component speakers and made an awesome sound system for under $400!

To start, we will be using a set of component speakers. Pioneer has just introduced their new components and we’ll be using the TS-D1730C. They’re a step up from previous model in a couple of ways. Pioneer opted to completely revamp the tweeter. The tweeter was made smaller to more easily fit door pillars, door sails, and factory door locations. The 1 inch tweeter is a soft dome, composite design and establishes a new philosophy for Pioneer called Open and Smooth. This new philosophy is meant to broaden the sound stage beyond the internal walls of your vehicle. The tweeter incorporates a larger rear chamber allowing it to play lower for better synergy with the woofer. The rounded over flange facilitates wider dispersion to create that enveloping sound. The woofer is all new with it’s composite fibre cone. The cone is extremely rigid and light for high speed mid-bass with minimal distortion at any volume level. To accurately combine these new drivers, Pioneer has redesigned the crossover extensively. The new crossover utilizes high quality components in an easier to mount chassis. +3, -3 and 0db adjustments to the tweeter level, are easily made with the attenuation switch.

To round out the audio system we need a sub. Pioneer has updated their well known pre-loaded enclosures. The TS-SWX2502 uses their all new line of slim subwoofers. The high quality MDF enclosure is small enough to fit in a cargo area or behind seats. It’s wrapped in high quality black carpet and matches any vehicle. The 10 inch driver provides sufficient bass to round out an audio system in a truck or hatchback.

To complete our audio system we need some power. To power our system we opted to use the amazing new pocket size amplifier, the Pioneer GM-D1004. Don’t let the small size fool you, this class FD amplifier packs a perfect punch for our small audio system. The four channel amp can be set up to run 45 watts to each of our stereo speakers and 90 watts bridged to our subwoofer. The amplifier is perfect for any audio system, it accepts speaker level and RCA level inputs. The audio sense turn on makes it perfect for OEM stereo upgrades where remote turn ons are not available. Class FD ensures that it runs cool and very efficiently making it perfect for mounting in hidden locations or behind panels.

This car stereo system is perfect for most vehicles big and small. The component speakers are a nice upgrade from you stock speakers, the subwoofer rounds out the system and provides excellent bass, and we have a small amplifier to power it all.

I challenge you to find a better system for less. Remember this sound system is only $400.00


Oguz Korkmaz says:

+Quality Mobile Video thank you for this video i liked to much to your speaker chose. I am planning to buy ts-sw2502s4 but i have questions?
1. this d class ampl. has only 4 and 2 channel output, even if i use 2 channel it seem wont be anough for sub.?
2. may i use 400w in one channel? it seems to impossible to pioneer manuel?
3. i want save space and i can not find this wooden subw. box, could you give dim. of it? or should i calculate acording to 0.5 cubic feet?
Thank you

[pissgoat] says:

I feel like you can get a better system with used speakers and a new amp

dillon james says:

I have 86 accord and I just put 4 6.5 pioneer 250 watt two-way coaxial speakers and I’m looking for a cheap 4 channel amp to power them

Squall762 says:

Hi Lorenzo,

What made you choose the Pioneer TS-D1730C’s over the TS-D1720C’s aside from the fact they were newer and had a few extra features?

I’m currently running Pioneer TS-D6902R’s in my parcel shelf, stocks in the front (which are disconnected due to standard amp issues), 2x 12 inch subs and the intention of running the D1720C’s or D1730C’s and the D6902R’s off of a dedicated high pass 4 channel amplifier.

William Dog says:

how can i connect that sub to the amp? via RCA or Speaker wire?

alex rodriguez says:

I have a 98 Chevy Silverado ext cab and I was wondering which sub would have a lot of bass and fit under the rear seat??

Conrad says:

When I heard that sub in person I was amazed at the sound quality and how much bass that thing put out.

Engineering Nonsense says:

Whoa, is that amp powering the sub??

Dan Wimble says:

Surely this amp is grossly under powered for this sub? Under powered is worse than over powered. Or am i missing something?

travis mcgregor says:

how are you powering 4 door speakers and a sub with a 4 channel amp?

David Hamer says:

I’ll have to check the component speakers out. I have the sub and it suits my purposes well.

Dj Sorbus says:

I love my TSS sub. surprising punch and a perfect addition to the stock system in my Mazda 3 GS Sky

Danny J. says:

wait what….your sayin that your only giving that sub…90 watts!!!!!??? i deff mean completely no disrespect to you but are you on a bunch of drugs homie?!?! lmao seriously tho… ive had 5.25 coaxial speakers that had got more power than just a measly 90 watts!

Tucker Flynn says:

4 Fosgate 6.5 3 way coaxial door speakers 68$
Fosgate r500 amp 115$
2 fosgate 12 inch subs with box for 120

Sezgin Özdemir says:

amp vrong choıce

ChronicBoy5 says:

would the speakers fit a 6.5 mount?

Rashad Woodley says:

pioneer ftw

Jason John V Dionaldo says:

is this your latest 2017 build? And if so what battery i should use for my car cause it is very little car like toyota wigo (Eon Hyundai to be exact ) and i use Eincar head stereo unit 7 inch double din can you email me at please

Cyril Schoenacker says:

I had a full Ground Zero instal (Door speakers, SPL Tweeters, Factory made Sub Box, Amp) for about 400€, the sub box wasn’t new but for a 400wrms sub it had some really decent performances. (it actually is the cheapest sub of the brand lmao)

I’m upgrading to amplified door speakers, and a new amp & sub combo with a custom made box. (1000wrms, DVC, 1 ohm stable, hoping for minimum 130db)

Crt 23 says:

That is overstated I have that sub it is 300 rms and cost 230 amp cost 150 and speakers cost 180 and that’s ebay already over 400, also that amp would fry trying to power the sub as amp only giving 90rms and speakers also underpowered so amp that size would definitely fry

oUnknown Snake says:

I can I use two of those pre closed subs on that amp?

BrysNightWorld says:

Wonder if the D1730s are a huge step up from the D1720c. I’ve had those since 2010. Well, while in my 08 hyundai accent, they did put out tons of bass with a amplifier. But the mid-high range, was always extremely muddy. 1khz-3khz was absolutely sloppy. I added a clarion eqs746 to help, and still, could never get the equalization right. Even went as far as to mount them in a sealed box in a different use, no luck still. From what I’ve read, if you run them active and set the crossovers different, the woofers themselves are great. It really sounded like the woofer was playing more high range, than it should be.

I do really like that sub design though. For the power, 109$ is a great price. Now the amp, I wouldn’t be using that on a 400watts rms sub. You’d have to set your gains perfectly, or you’ll clip and kill that amp. The way qualitymobilevideo has it setup, your component speakers? They’ll get 22.5 watts a channel. That amp is 45watts at 2 AND 4 ohms. So two speakers a channel, and you divide that in half. Unless, in fact they aren’t doing a rear channel setup. Where this system is more like 300$.
If it was me? Heres two options.
145$ for a rockford r400-4d on amazon right now. 75watts at 4ohms. 100watts at 2ohms. 200watts bridged at 4ohm.
109$ pioneer shallow sub on qualitymobilevideo.
124$ polk audio db6501 6.5″ component speakers. ‘Bought them after the D1720s, absolutely loved them. In my car 4 years later.’
Thats 374$. You do lose the rear set of components, which I think qualitymobilevideo factored in. But, you will gain a TON in power and sound quality. That rockford is powerful enough to do 4 component sets on the front two channels, at 2ohms. 200watts at the sub. So if you ever wanted to add rear components later, you’ve got the power. Or if you wanted coaxals, the db651s go for 50$ all the time. Which would bring you ‘slightly’ above that 400$. But you’ll have a system, that will murder the system in the video pushing ‘180watts total.’ vs ‘350watts total w/o rear components. 400watts with rear.’

Another possible option-
165$ on amazon “Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Punch Powered Loaded 10-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure” which is a powered rockford 10″ sub. 300watts rms.
124$ polk db6501s. ‘amazon’
77$ ‘amazon’ rockford fosgate r150x2. 50watts rms at 4 ohms, 75watts rms, at 2 ohms.
Now its 366$. Still, a whole lot more power. A little less going to your door speakers, but 100watts more to your subwoofer.

I literally just made a youtube comment this long. Granted, it murdered the challenge. I waste too much time… If only I was paid to do this sortof thing… Hmm..

Thomas Pointer says:

the prius thoo

Neil Ogaard says:

This is a nice starting point to give your factory stereo a great upgrade and has plenty of output for 98% of the people out there. Good video, and nice production value.

djbz bruce-zabala says:

Another alternative is a Rockford Fosgate system.

1. Rockford Fosgate p165-se component set “front
2. Rockford Fosgate p1650 coaxial
3. Rockford Fosgate p300-12 powered subwoofer

This setup is very similar to the pioneer one. In my opinion Rockford Fosgate is a much better brand. All of these items can be purchased on amazon for around $350 U.S. $50 less than the $400 of the pioneer setup. But the down fall is the highs/mids on gonna be powered off the deck not a 4ch amp.

Ivan Ramos says:

Hi, what do you think of this combination?



Electronics For Fun says:

boss chaos exxteme? sub,, amp, speakers, and head unit. under $400

Johnson Long says:

can you bridge that little amp to run 2 8″ ?

thornygravy says:

pioneer is garbage lol

Terrance Rolland says:

I build systems for many people. Pioneer is my go to brand as many are on a tight budget. I can put together a system just as well for under $400. But featuring amps that will not short the performance of the sub. I notice many packaged deals, including this one, always include nice speakers or subs, then a amp with not enough power is tossed in. End result is a amp that is extremely hot or output is extremely low. People want to turn it up most of the time and thats when the amps limitations appears. This system at low to moderate vol probably sounds good. Crank it and not so good. D series components can handle easily 75-100 rms that amp is better suited for – A series components. The 90 watts to a 300 rms sub is not ideal for best output.

You challenge me to find a better system for under $400. If you are serious i can and provide links to prices as confirmation its under $400 and as a bonus will use strictly pioneer products..

Daniel Betsuie says:

Could I use two of those subs and amps in my 98 BMW e36 with a stock head unit

Luis X says:

My cheapo build. JVC double Din, jbl gt 6.5, jblx 6×8. Alpine digital mini amp and one Boss underseat sub. It was just under $450. I did not want a box in my hatch thats why i went w the underseat sub.

jay love says:

this price n product still standing? am ready to order for a 2006 nissan sentra 1.8 special edition

Mitch Lien says:

i got the 2502 along with 4 of pioneers 6x8s, a pa800 amp and jvc deck, whole system would cost over 1600 retail. Glad i have my ways of saving money. got everything for around 1 grand. sounds amazing, best pre loaded sub before the thousand dollar kicker, by far

NoPARKING exe says:

JBL gto608c Components 80.00
JBL gto628 Coaxials 60.00
JBL Gt512 with sealed enclosuere 88.00
PPI i640.5 5 channel amp 141.00
All for around 370$.. leaves you room for an amp wiring kit lol

Kaleb Hughes says:

Was that a 10 or 12″ sub ?? I’m looking to buy one for my truck

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