Pioneer Head Unit (DEH-4400) & Speakers – Test



This is a quick video I shot showing the finished installation of a new head unit in my 2000 GMC C3500 5.7L Pickup truck. The reciever is a Pioneer DEH-4400 that I picked up from E-Bay for under $100. I also replaced the 4 factory speakers with a new set of Pioneer TS-A1685R (Front) and Pioneer TS-A4675R (Rear). Considering that I don’t have a sub or amp connected the setup sounds pretty good. It’s just a work truck and is a standard cab so I’m not going to bother putting in a sub & amp. This alone is a BIG upgrade from the factory reciever and speakers. Let me know what you guys think.


g_arner says:

Are you from new york

detchoketotal says:

what is the song?

Elvis Diaz says:

Good job

Leonis Bacher says:

legit hillbilly

Name says:

looking good!


What’s the name of the song

Barber Surgeon says:

Im looking foward in buying these speakers now.

RideTheLightning says:

looks a lot better than that dinosaur head unit. sounds good to.

Cole Magee says:

sounds great

Agustin Flores says:

Do these speaker putout crystal clear sound at high volume and is there nice bass to go with I’m not looking to get anything fancy just replacing my head unit with something a little nicer

austin alvarez says:

so just installing that head unit without any other mods, improves your sound quality?

bakesz28 says:

Man that sounds great!

Syndikit says:

sierra leone- Mt eden

WarthDader74 says:

Can you push that “cargo lamp” button please?

WarthDader74 says:

Congratulations with you new system….looks good and sounds good!

tobby Villasis says:

everything is cool!

i dont says:

inside of your truck looks bad ass

leanne swart says:

The original song is actually sung by a South African band called “Freshly Ground”.  That girl has got such an amazing voice, the rest of their album is definitely worth listening to.  But this dubstep remix is rockin’ it for sure


What song is that playing?

Fox250R says:

Hey if you don’t mind me asking what tags did you use for this video? Thank you.

Jp Boelter says:

Nice system man. Also nice camo seats lol

DarkHawk1303 says:

Just think if you got some subs & an amp

SP33DADD1CT says:

nice orange color combo on that truck

John Rodriguez says:

Good job on that man. It sounds good. Thinking of getting the same set. But I’m going to add a sub in to it too.

The A.N.C. Project says:

you are right, not bad sound for no sub

JDEDeddy says:

i just installed my unit but im getting no sound now from the right speaker.. i wire it all correctly..

Angel Chiquito says:

How did you set up you audio like bass sla etc?. My pick up has everything pioneer head unit and same speakers as your. But my music to distorted when I want good bass

Phil Warrington says:

The Song’s called : Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone 🙂

squat187 says:

Sounds sweet.

NimiousOne says:

Great video, I myself am trying to figure out if i should amp my 4 door sedan or just use my head unit. This helped a lot. thanks 🙂

g_arner says:

Or boston lol

NJprepper321 says:

it sounds a alot better now, look out soon for part 2!

chrisrexmandie1 says:

Ive had this unit for over a year now and ive had no problems i have it set up to an amp always hook up with bluetooth and its great for the price.

Javier Garcia-Alvarez says:

The quality of those coaxial speakers at their price point makes these a smart choice

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