Review: Light Harmonic Speaker Upgrade for Tesla Standard Audio

With Tesla’s optional sound system costing $2500, the question is: Can the $1000 LHLabs upgrade to the standard audio match — or beat — the factory premium sound?
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Interesting and well done review

BiggityBoggityBoo says:

Yeah the weight of the drivers has nothing to do with the quality of them. The Tesla ones use neodymium magnets vs the Light Harmonic that use ferrite. Neo magnets weigh up to 10x less than ferrite for comparable performance and in a car environment would actually be preferred.

When you go over a bump the magnet weight gets shaken. If it weighs more then the speaker basket has to be able to cope with that. Go over a very sharp bumb and well…the magnet could shift in position. This happens in domestic loudspeakers all the time if they are dropped by mistake.

The best pro audio drivers out there now use neodymium. One to help prevent drop damage, but also to reduce the weight of finished cabinets so that they are easier to carry around. Make the car heavier and its performance will obviously drop, if only by a tiny amount in this case.

InternetDude says:

Can you post a pic somewhere of a closeup of one of the door panel clips? Before taking my panel off I’d like to buy extra clips. I’d rather buy them from the local auto parts place.

senal weerasekara says:

can you do a sound test in bmw x3

M H says:

You know, LHLabs are some serious businessmen, not sound professionals….. A quick search on just showed that what you get in your 999usd box, is just some random chinese speaker drivers. They buy them in large quantity and probably pay like 50usd for 4 drivers. In my point of view, this video shows that either the stock system is really bad, or LHLabs got quite lucky with their guessing game. And those tiny magnets and plastic basket is for weight saving. Nothing wrong in using more expensive and smaller neodymium magnets rather than using larger, heavier and cheaper magnets that LHLabs does.
And the edge foam on stock speakers is there to allow for less dampening, compensating for the magnet size.

Here are your drivers, only in a component kit:

eugene ling says:

now u need a more powerful amp to get some punchiness and a dsp to get the time alignment right!

Home made science says:

Biger magnet thats all no harmonics mystery…

Chidi Dike says:

What year is your Tesla Model S and how has the total ownership experience been thus far?

Ghosty says:

Bump some Too Short if you really want to hear the difference.

Nietschy says:

thank you for this very honest and in depth test!
I got my car a month ago, and could not decide which audio system to get, because the car was already done and waiting for me as it was. I took it to speed up delivery. I am very unhappy with the overall sound in low und high volume levels. low sound muddy, and high levels mostly just hurt my ears. I did not have this problems in my Audi before, so I am considering this upgrade. Thanks again!

MK500 says:

Thanks for doing this. My only concern with the do-it-yourself $2000 system vs the $2500 Tesla premium system is Tesla’s system is a 12 speaker system vs aftermarket 5 speakers. Having all those extra tweeter and mid speakers mounted higher (directional highs) seems like it would give a much more rounded sound stage across all frequencies. Does the Tesla system not also include some XM circuitry? If you are planning from a new purchase; the Tesla system seems like it might be a better value.

David Mitchell says:

db’s for sound don’t mean a thing….that’s just how loud it is. Anyone can have a loud stereo. Having quality sound at a higher volume is key. $2500 for a premium stereo system is crap and can be had for a much lower price. Anyone who pieces their system can easily beat a $grand plus install and still sound way better than the stock and premium system the Tesla has. Hope you still like what you replaced in yours…..

glenn goodale says:

are they 8 ohm speaker’s in series? = 16 ohm

John Trussell says:

Ever stop and think that the Tesla audio system is light for a reason? You just added a ton of weight to your electric car, this impacting range and power draw.

don198769 says:

Those kits seem to be way overpriced in my opinion.

Royi Levy says:

does it mean If I want to get the premium version of the light harmonic upgrade do I need to have the tesla model s sound module?

InternetDude says:

This is a great video, thanks. This is something I’m going to look into. I passed on the UHFS due to perceived unjustified cost. I’m shocked at how tiny the magnets are on the stock speakers. I wonder if LH plans on fixing the fitment issues? I’d rather not have to “hillbilly” the install of that kind of money. Regardless, I’m not happy with the stock base speakers and will be seriously considering these. As for the sub, I am aware of the NVX Boost and it fits and looks good so I may go that route also.

cheepGeek says:

You didn’t show the tweeters. Did the Light Harmonics even come with tweeters?

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