Showtime Electronics- Definitive Audio Designs Car Audio Subwoofers Review

Having trouble choosing the right subwoofer? I can help. Definitive Audio Designs offers great subwoofers at amazing prices. In stock at
Ed Lester reviews the line and points out the key features. The KMH 8″ is flippin sweet dude.

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TheGhostGhillie says:

oo grate i can then make a smaller box ^^ (the sub takes up 8.9L and the sub needs about 22L, and the coil will be cooled more (im going to use a car sub for my home theater)

ANTI says:

DAD vs. DC?

Bass Kidd says:

what is the db sensitivity for the bd 12

Felix Q says:

Or you think that you buy a good woofer at a great price made by a new company and buy a piece of crap.

Better buy a good brand woofer to be sure.

Parker Nerat says:

T3 mustve been a nightmare.. Well at least you got some experience out of it. I love your videos btw. I watch every one

TheGhostGhillie says:

i want to know de pros and cons of a inverted sub compeard to a normal sub.
here im thinking about the way the sub is mounted in the box, one whit the element inside the box and “intverted” whit the element outside the box

Matt Gertsch says:

Are the BD baskets as cheaply constructed as they look or is there some serious gusseting on the back of them?

willian darwin says:

manda esse alto falante ai pra min

No Huevos says:

a 600w sub that will handle 1500 daily without breaking a sweat.

josh f says:

How much are the dad bd 12

shane gillespie says:

Would one db be able to take 2k

Basshead Curry says:

very nice review! this helps alot!

josh f says:

What’s a better sub for a 8 cadance or skar I thinking about doing 4 in a buick regal wall or u think that would be dumb looking or should I do 6 or 8 of them and what would be a good amp for them

SparcoOmega380 says:

Does the amh series get loud, im trying to find a entry level woofer that the best bang for the buck

willian darwin says:

ola sou do brasiil sou fanatico por alto falantes fiz um caminhao cheio de alto falantes

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

You can never know until you try

bottomfeeder73 says:

“Even Canada”? Haha! Dumbass.

Bass Kidd says:

wat subs would be louder 2 dad bd 12s, 2 sundown sa 12s, or 2 fi bl 12s

Kyle saunders says:

Thank you this video helped me a lot. I was looking at getting a DAD BD 12″ sub and this video was able to help me find if this sub is good enough for me. I was wondering what your perception of the BD 12″ 1000rms sub is.

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

Depends on the enclosure, they certainly have the potential to be somewhat loud. But woofers in that range are not designed to be loud but to give good bass reinforcement and sound nice.

Bj Hammon says:

Love your vids bro! Not rushed or forcing people to by a specific brand you carry. Very helpful info! Keep posting!!!!

Josh Ketchum says:

I have a pioneer tsw304r 12 in a transmission line box hooked to my home theater… AWESOME sound man BOOMS like a car on 100 rms

Michael Paese says:

skar audio ix10 is better than the first model displayed probably cheaper too and constructed with better soft parts for an entry level.

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

You can order from our website. The AMH and KMH come in D4

raliux says:

So why they don`t just make a taller basket & bigger surround for 8 sub?

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

91 I believe

S.T.L CAPONE says:

im looking for new subbs 2 15 i cant decide between d.a.d bd or the skar zvx i want somthing that pounds hard spl type person witch one would hit harder in spl

Bass Kidd says:

what is the fs for the bd 12

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

Not a fair comparison. BD is a 3″ coil, 1000w woofer. SA is 2.5″ 600w. They are different levels.

robotaustin12 says:

Very good review.i also love how you don’t beat around the bush like other car audio channels.its hard to Get a straight answer but u know what you talking about

TheGhostGhillie says:

100w? or typo?
im going for rockford fosgate t2d212 at 800w rms
or something similar

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

There are no real pros or cons. An inverted woofer should have the same performance as a regular mounted woofer in most setups. The only thing to consider is that airspace will change in accordance to how much the woofer displaces, This doesnt always change box tuning but if your box is finicky, you want to adjust for this.

Parker Nerat says:

Ed, what woofers do you build?

bmneumann says:

Do you know what makes the sundown nightshades have such a high power handling with a 3 inch coil? And when you design a subwoofer, do you look at the limiting factors of excursion?

madjimms says:

I read a VERY in-depth forum post (forget where exactly) that claimed an inward dust cap won’t produce an optimal sound wave compared to a large outward domed dust cap, what are your thoughts Showtime?

Josh Ketchum says:

really 100 watts… cheap sub good Tline box and 100 watts is really decent actually… I had a DD ten in it on 500 watts rms… but it was destroying my house and the battery setup was ugly LOL… so I settled on a higher output at lower wattage sub for ease of use directly off my home theater – lots of vids on my channel if u r interested sometime

ItAintGaY says:

I don’t know if you’ll respond ShowTime spl, do u sell this DAD subs??? I’m very interested in buying them. Thank you

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

No Problem

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

Bothe are good choices, as far as 8s in a wall, you would need a lot of them to be able to perform well, otherwise with a small cone area, you would need a surface to load from, like if they were mounted in the trunk. Id say 8 of them or more would do well in a wall.
SKAR has really good amps to match their 8s

Bass Kidd says:

how do the dad bd 12s compare to the audioque hdc3 12 witch would b louder

Keith Lewis says:

im thinking about dad

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:


dragon123443 says:

Very nice review man!! Do you think the BD or KMH series will work good in a box tuned around 25-28 hertz?

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

Woofers with high power handling are usually able to do so because of a multi layer coil that is very tall. A motor/frame with forced cooling, and strong soft parts. You can view the video in my other channel called “Voice Coils” to learn more.

jerome T says:

Ive been trying to find these speakers everywhere, where do i go the buy them and do they come in dual 4ohms?

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