Showtime Electronics- Skar Audio Car Audio Equipment Review

Showing off some Skar Audio subwoofers and amps. The VVX 15s are a nice 600w rms line and pairs up nicely with the SK1500.1 Please visit our site at for more info

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bigworm602 says:

sub you later

Jace Olson says:

Hmmmm…. Since they have a discount I’m deciding whether to get 2 SA-15’s or 2 SKAR VVX 15’s?

outlawd808 says:

great job! its nice to see the woofers like that. I have sa-12s and am gonna move up to something a little bigger.. 12″ still… nightshades my obvious choice, but i am keeping an open mind

hemiram007 says:

Some of the best videos on YouTube are on your channels. Awesome!

DennisK says:

Skar is only a year old? They got their shit DAMN RIGHT the first time!

damien herrera says:

need some help got 2 cvr 12s in an atrend ya! prefab lol black pearl duel slammer box all 1inch thick 4 cubes huge slot port but the dam thing is tuned to 40hz!! will i hear a huge difference just by swappin the cvrs for the skars or do i have to can the box and get a lower tuned one for the skars thanks for any help!lol ohh and only have 1000rms memphis amp

bigworm602 says:

hey love the reviews keep um coming “bass you later”

DieselPunk Cummins says:

So far i really like your channel, one of the most professional channels i subscribe to. Visuals are crucial to me; tripods and visuals. the intro should be short and very intense, to create an instant attention getter, and make a sort of cult following in a way. Have fun with it!

ShowtimeElectronics CarAudio says:

Yes, the VVX woofers do well in ported and Bandpass

polobilenmin says:

Obsidian audio doesn’t have dealers

Carlos Johnson says:

Back in the day they used to say “smell you later”…you should say “bass you later” as an outro.

Clayson Webster says:

do these subs have recone kit

Nicholas Gough says:

Slogan>> And as always remember keep it Loud and Proud.

bsmiles1 says:

Can these speakers be used in a band pass box without damaging

suckingboobies says:

Videos are perfect bro, can you do a review on Mmats and Powerbass products that would be cool as well.

chanz mccune says:

I just wanna say I do like and enjoy watching your vids but you should talk about xmax and excursion of each sub

Inevit able says:

Great vid. Your explanation helped me learn a lot. I have two 12 vvx wired to half ohm on a crescendo 2k.

specialformula14 says:

Edwin needs to go full reatard !
Great vids btw

Mr. DPFJ Aquariums says:

not a lot of words ” GREAT JOB “

MrGps1414 says:

Intros are to long

branden hinke says:

Great review man! thanks for the help

BigDWiz says:

Great job w/ the reviews! I’m enjoying your vids and don’t have anything negative to say…imagine that!

BigDWiz – OldSchoolStereo-com

bsmiles1 says:

Perfect video can it be it used in a band pass box

Al Capone says:

really good review!!!!!!!!!!!

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