Sony XAV-AX100 Car Stereo – Full Review – Bluetooth, Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Is Sony’s XAV-AX100 a game changer, or just a copy cat?

Full review on the new Sony XAV-AX100 Double DIN Bluetooth Stereo

Sony XAV-AX100 Product Highlights:

Double DIN stereo with 6.4″ Active Matrix touchscreen display
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
MP3/WMA/FLAC Playback via USB
Siri and Google Eyes Free
Bluetooth phone and audio streaming
Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) technology helps overcome the acoustic problems caused by full range speakers mounted in the door
10 Band Equalizer
High and Low pass filters
3 – 2 Volt RCA preamp outputs
MEGA Bass Boost
Mirrolink: NO

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Nick Chondros says:

hold on hold on hold on… will this head unit work without a phone connected? is the maps app a standalone app or does it only work using a phone? can you play music via bluetooth only without having to plug usb in?

Francesco Cerofolini says:

Does the radio support MFD functions in the dashboard?

DimWit Productions says:

No mention of XM radio capability? I assume it doesn’t have it but surprised there was no mention of it despite the popularity of satellite radio.

theonick2 says:

Good God he was annoying.

oo0Spyder0oo says:

What about the all important brightness control? Can you lower the brightness on the fly while driving at night? That’s the weakest link in my current 2din screen, it’s too glaring at night and you can only dim it slightly after going a few steps into the setup, not easy to do whilst driving.

Ryan Moore says:

it’s common sense….you can’t sell a brand you don’t talk up….sony,kenwood,pionner all want you to help sell the brand…weather or not you believe in it or not…simple business…its our jobs as consumers to research the product and see if it fits our needs….

Josh Nolan says:

Solid review man got one on the way

James Wagner says:

Great review. Thanks.

Jessica Black says:

Hi I notice 2 issues with mine. The auto dim doesn’t work. I can turn it on/off but it won’t auto when I turn my lights on.

Also the matte black finish scratches SO easily. My fingernail put a mark on it and it won’t rub off. Is there a fix?

Jessie James says:

does it have built in storage? Whats its limits ?

Sam Omol says:

does the FM tuner on the radio register even number channels also? i.e. can it be used in the UK or EU?
reason i ask is i once bought a sony car radio in the US and i realised it can only tune odd number fm stations i.e. my favorite station is 91.6 but the radio can only tune 91.5 and 91.7 and in short it skips all even numbers so i cant listen to any fm station whose frequency lands on an even number. PS am not based in the US but i plan on buying this in the US since its unavailable in my country.

JPM says:

Can you run Google play music with this device?

Anthony Longoria says:

do you think this can fit a single din car since its chassis is single or would it need some modification?

Anyman18 says:

is this a rapvideo?

tenjho101 says:

Does the GPS run of mobile phone data ?

Sorbon87TJK says:

great video!
could you recommend which one you think is best and affordable. im an android guy. my car is honda crb 2010 currently want to change my system. i have a manufacture built in rear camera.
thank you in advance!
keep up the good videos.

Todd McGuckin says:

+Quality Mobile Video Thanks for the review.  One thing you neglected to mention was that the stereo can not receive HD radio stations.  In 2017, that’s unacceptable in my opinion since much lower end stereos have this feature and it’s nice to be able to see the names of new songs that you don’t know the title to.

adwest23 says:

Jesus Christ just do a simple review, you’re not top gear.

Floris de Best says:

you know they rip off your video

Ramiro de Elias says:

what a fucking stupid intro

LamborghiniReven1000 says:

Awesome video! Thank you for taking the time to review a head unit in interested in. There aren’t that many good double din head units, and this one seriously trumps all. PHYSICAL VOLUME KNOB PEOPLE!

Abel Briones says:

can you run Netflix on this unit?

Syphious says:

Sony has actually been pretty high up on quality for Stereos themselves since the old school days of Sony Xplod’s days, Which were actually pretty good, Ever since Xplod was dropped Sony hasnt been close to as good for subs amps or speakers but as far as Stereos go theyre pretty damn good. I will say its taken Sony a while to catch up with the AppRadio game, But still..

Kyle Van says:

this is actually a really good deck. it sounds better than the pioneer and kenwood offerings of similar price and status. you can easily run a bit ten or bit one to bring up the pre out voltage should you need to and have a great pre out stage with a very modern deck. my one gripe is the same with alpine. the side buttons stay white !! there are no color options. if this had a 5-8v pre out and changeable button backlight colors it would be a 10/10 deck. that’s really the only place i dock it

smate333 says:

damn u fucking suck.

Ryan Moore says:

it’s his job to bring info and try and sell it…always entertaining videos….

NewportAlex says:

could i mirror my iphone on the radio using the beuler hdmiv with this unit ? the radio looks nice but i hate the fact that it dosnt have hdmi

Jais620 says:

I listen to a lot of music through YouTube. Can this unit play music from YouTube? I do not have YouTube red account, but I don’t think it matters.

Kevin Chang says:

can you use a split USB to connect USB stick and the phone at the same time?

joscastro1984 says:

Does this have hd radio??

JKN Productions says:

I bought this radio for the price and the volume knob

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