Soundstream VRN-DD7HB – Dual 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen Double DIN Stereo

By introducing the world’s first Dual 7″ Capactive Touchscreen Stereo, Soundstream is ready to make a splash in the car audio industry!

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Music by Lakey Inspire:

Soundstream VRN-DD7HB

Beuler BU-HDMIV Mirroring Video

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Nunya Biznezz says:

looks cheap and the moving parts will malfunction


see if i can catch a black friday deal on one

Nasser Al-Ghamdi says:

is this on market by now & size can fit any Chevy Tahoe?

LimeTimeHD says:

This is probably the most badass head unit I’ve ever seen. I’ll keep my eye on this one.

bLu says:

Can it play blu-ray DVD

SVTsupercharged Hi says:

Soundstream is complete garbage. I’ve owned two of them. One of the was a flip out dvd stereo unit and the motor went out after six months. The second was a double din unit and the CD player took a crap. Soundstream products won’t even last a year…cheap Chinese made shit!

TheGreatestTeamOfAll says:

Ugly as hell GUI. I refuse to buy a new headunit from ANY brand until someone comes out with something that looks like it was made in the year it was made in.

Juan Madera says:

Can you connect two android phones at the time for android to switch btw the two with the w8400nex. Or any radio does

Devon Burns says:

Yes this is so awesome definitely getting one. This is why I love YouTube so much

ISSAC.J says:

Android double dins are much more capable of things

Isaac Marcos says:

Nice car audio but theres no longevity:
Too much mechanism and flat cables to retract the second screen.
Less is more…

Дмитрий Хитрый says:

Интересная модель.

Patrick Baglio says:

I may have missed it, but what are your thoughts on the “Dasaita 10.2″ Android 6.0 Adjustable Car GPS Player”? I have a 2016 Corolla as well and was going to get the Kenwood touch screen, but came across these massive 10.2” Android units which is waaaayy cheaper and interface friendly. Is it possible for you to do a video? Regardless I value you advice. Thanks!


No Android, It’s a waste of garbage. Android single screen can do more than this dual screen waste of fucking space.


No hdmi?

Coletta Hughes says:

So why didn’t you show anything about playing music from SD? Does it display album art? How big of an SD can I use? Many of us have way more than 32gb of flac files.

M.K. Frenky says:

Nice design dual din with dual screen ever! I’m looking replacement like this for my hyundai ioniq hybrid, it doesn’t support Android Auto and Apple Car play? It seem only phone mirror only.

First Last says:

Steering wheel interface (SWI) harness available?

Andriano Lee says:

Few moments later…

The gear for upper screen broke

Ike says:

Put an Android system I will order 7 of them now! Put a knob and physical buttons to the bottom screen I am getting 11.

healthystyle says:


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vlovmx says:

Totally unbiased your review, right?

Sebastian Florin says:

android+dash cam ?

Micah Blackwell says:

Man that’s is awesome I seen that dual screen in hi end cars like infinity, honda, Lexus so to get for 450 is not bad at all nice u can have one or two screens very nice will have to get one

Shiva Sundar says:

Would like to see what kinda car this fitting in…

Diego E. T. G. says:

That shit looks slow

Reginald Johnson says:

No HD radio or SiriusXM Radio damn you are behind the times

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