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Watch as we explain the importance of speakers and why they should be upgraded.

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Jax Frankovich says:

God bless you all for these series of videos. I didn’t know jack shit about car audio beforehand. Many thanks.

Illest Villain says:

Solid! Good Video! I just ordered them Sony GS component speakers two weeks ago, and yesterday ordered the NVX800.4   Hey, my Pioneer deh-80prs has a active crossover. Think I’ll be alright not using the Sony crossover……Will the tweeter handle 120 watts straight from the amp???? Got the NVX 12 gauge wire for all 4 speakers.!!  Youz are out of NVX 8 gauge wire for my two NVX 12vcw. what to do??? 

Sonny says:

but is Bose considered “stock” speakers?? I got Bose speakers throughout my car… and before I threw my subwoofer in the trunk it actually sounded great.. good bass and highs

anyone help?

myshots101 says:

You forgot to mention how awesome components look once installed! LOL…The components I got from you guys are still working great and those are all the speakers I got in the car.

No Huevos says:

I agree for the most part but I don’t think it’s fair to bash the stock speaker for not having a tweeter. A lot of cars come with component setups stock.

Jeff Arguello says:

Great video.. If i have Focal Speakers with Crossover… do i still need a AMPLIFIER?

gs10r says:

what about ohms dude

JP Oner says:

What about cars that advertise quality audio. Example Mercedes and others who use Harmon Kardon or Bose

kabronplay says:

lol actually factory speakers sound way better than after market.  unless u get high quality aftermarket speakers with an amp then dont change them because the aftermarket speakers cant generate bass like the factory ones

Jesus Gutierrez says:

does the watts matter when buying a speakers

Upbeat Gaming says:

what is the difference between common and ungrounded speakers?

Sami_Got _Vibes says:

What is name of the aftermarket speaker that he showed

Jamrick Ellis says:

HI I have a 2003 nissan skyline it the Japanese version of the infiniti g35 exact same car only a right hand drive I hav a pioneer avh – x4700bs install & need some advice I am looking to replace the stock door speakers & want yur opinion on some 6 1/2 not worrying about price also can u recommend an amp to go wit them

Sam Schulman says:

So I have a 2000 celica gt and just got a sub and amp, but the speakers suck and if I play anything even a little loud it’s fuzzy so should I get new speakers to replace and are any speakers compatible?

Nightmare Munoz says:

So if i hook up a 75×4 amp can use the 18 guage wire in the car and just run some wire from the amp to the wires for the car or do i have to gut it and rewire it with 16 gauge?

Bluckets says:

You should add a “um” counter. LOL

Babbar Khalsa says:

Nice video

hector flores says:

great video! i’m new to sonic. i would like your opinion. i know nothing when it comes to sound aftermarket systems. i own a 2000 toyota 4runner limited. i am planing on getting an aftermarket stereo and i’m planning on replacing the 4 speakers in my car as well as the tweeters in the front at the same time. what brands do you recommend. after i save more money i do want to drop a 5 ch amp and a subwoofer. but for now i want something premium that sounds good and has the potential to be upgraded. thanks

AGhostRiderR says:

What speaks are those

1shot1soul says:

That was the fastest beard grow in history. Period.

mptorecon says:

Hey Allyn, is it better to use the head unit cross over or the amp crossover? KDCX897 head unit and KAC-8405 4ch amp both Kenwood.

KRisTiAn Tzn says:

Cool!! I have installed an aftermarket speaker. Now it got cold outside and my rear speakers and stock subwoofer doesn’t work. What would the issue be?

Bluckets says:

There should a “um” counter. LOL

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