Surprising MINIVAN Car Audio System w/ Don’s Sundown X 18 BASS Demo & MB Quart Discus 1500.1 Amp

Now this install really took me by surprise! I expected it to be loud, but it was definitely louder than I thought it would be – Massive props to PhatBoi1282, keep it up man!

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Don’s Sick Sounding Stereo System
Pioneer DEH-80PRS Running Active
Single 18″ Sundown X18 Dual 2 ohm
2 MB Quart DSC1500.1D Bass Amps Strapped @ 1 ohm
2 Skar FSX-8 8″ Door Speakers
MB Quart DSC4124 4 Channel Amp
2 Crescendo FT-1 Super Tweeters
Denon DCA-500 Monoblock Amplifier
Stock 110 Amp Alternator
1 Run of 2/0 Welding Cable
2 Group 31 AGM Batteries
Ported Box 5.5 cubes net at 30hz

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Music By: Flaming Beats
Song: “End Of Days”

Bassheads Unite
Slamfest Car And Truck Show 2014


Zach Reidel says:

i hate seeing amps mounted to sub boxes

Joewan Choram says:

Keep up the good work guys.

phatboi1282 says:

Awesome man. Love it! Was great to meet you. Thanks for the vid.

Tasty Fungus says:

Exo, bump a song called black man ten by evil pimp.

predictablecitylife says:

Nice, kinda takes me back to the days of EXO’s old van.

cncmasterw says:

hrm.. looks cool 🙂

mrjuice14ify says:

Just wait and see what he’s doing now!!!

PunchingMegaTree says:

“You gotta youtube screen or anything like that?”
“Yeah, Phatboi1282”
*goes for a handshake* “fat21282”

Tyler Young says:

Nice setup. I’m all about single subs reaping havoc. I’ve got a 15″ Skar ZVX D1 on a Treo SSX 750.1 rocking at .5 ohms. It’ll do a 143.7 from the trunk. Which ain’t too bad for not having any extra batteries or a cap. on it.

KrakenCinema says:

What is the first song not the selfie one but the first one

Chris Sonnefeldt says:

That swaggin wagon doe…. 🙂

Legendary504 says:

What version of the selfie song is that

drjd2real says:

Exo, how does the X compare the Hcca?

bmxridr121 says:

Do I spy an Under Pressure Audio subwoofer flash drive at 1:50?? I have one too!!!

craiggus365 says:

My favorite part of this video is the OLD MB Quart Discus 1500’s. I own 2, 1 was shipped to me by a guy who changed his mind on install and shipped it ‘loose’ in the box, the ohetr was an Audiosavings refurb. These amps are tough, if you can get the 1500 or 2000, buy them. Cheap and tough.

TwoWheelJockey says:

This is why I love sundown.

ribak1983 says:

awsome amps man,i personaly own discus 2400 rms,these amps are crazzzy

Micahel S says:

So I’ve got a dodge caravan with one American bass hd 15 right now driven by a hifonics Brutus 2k… I want to order up a sundown asap… I’m torn between the x15- and x-18… anybody want to throw In their 2 cents? I just don’t want a to loose anything by going to the 18″…. I’m sure it will rumble a bit more but will I loose anything?… I will probably need to make a new box regardless so that doesn’t really matter…

Michael Wallis says:

Nice mane

hank walk says:

how can you link those 2 amps up to that one sub? L have to audiopipes 1800.1’s BUT. l only have one on my DC audio level 6 18. if there is a way to add my other amp on that. it would be briskets an gravy 😛

Žan Vaupotič says:

Very nice! 😀

John Work says:

Goin Hammmm! 😉
Good video

Martin Angelov says:

This just prooves you dont need like 20 18″ or whatever to have a good audio system

OrangeSlurpiee says:

Cool Video…  cant wait to hear FRANKENSTEIN

Sal Norton says:

It’s cool that not everyone has to have 10 18″ to be a bAsShEaDs uNiTe…

PSE Mentalist says:

That was killer getting them lows

sonic knuckels says:

no shit the things gunna pop at 14.175 ohm:)). its a fuckin powerbass 5000.

Dezibel´s und Turbo´s says:

Those Sundownnnssssss *.*

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