The best car Stereo Radio Replacement upgrade for 2003-2007 Honda Accord 7- Seicane Radio Review

Update: Do Not Buy! go to our Facebook page to see why!

A Big thank you to Seicane for providing us with the Navigation Unit for us to make this video. If you guys haven’t checked out their website, you should go to and look to see if they have any system for your vehicle. coupon code: AFFILIATE-7549-WK7X4-OHXW

As for this video, we installed this aftermarket Navigation unit on our 2006 Honda Accord. If you haven’t, you should watch our other video on how to remove the radio unit so you can be familiar on how to replace your stock radio to this aftermarket unit.

There are 2 different Navigation units out there. One is for single AC unit and the other is for dual AC unit. The one in this video was for a single AC unit. If you have the dual AC unit, it won’t fit since its a lot bigger and has more functions.

For this Navi. unit, we had to modify a little bit to make it work.
– The top 3 mounting screws, we only mounted the side screws, the middle mounting hole on the aftermarket was misaligned, so we couldn’t use it.
– The storage box lid was removed due to the Navi. unit bottom mold out of aligned with the lid.

Here is the link to the Navi. unit that we used in this video. We hope you have enough information for you to do this yourself. If not, send us a message.

Coupon Code: AFFILIATE-7549-WK7X4-OHXW

Single AC unit

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Brandon Nogueira says:

Is there one for the dual climate control system? I have the 2005 Honda Accord EXL dual climate 6 dsic change no navi though.

Harman Randhawa says:

What is difference between this Seicane and Koolertron unit sold on Amazon. They both looks same.

Alex Ramirez says:

After the installation, how are you able to talk through Bluetooth? Is it only connected to media? Your video didn’t show you add the microphone…

Chris S says:

Thanks for the updates on the failure of this unit in your other videos.  I was thinking of replacing mine with the Seicane, but I will not do so.  I am really glad you took the time and effort to post the updates.

thegr8rambino says:

no volume knob = no good :(((

alberto pedraza says:

cuanto cuesta el radio ??

Samantha Herrington says:

Does your phone automatically connect to the radio via bluetooth or do you have to connect it every time you get in the car?

Abhishek Biradar says:

Is that automatic transmission? 0.o

ericka miranda says:

Is this accord 2007? I have an accord 2003 and i have heard that there is no need to take the drawer

Alex Ramirez says:

Oh okay and backup camera? Is thag sold separately?

Chris Hall says:

Does this have aux port for phone to car music play?

Spaceman says:

Do you still have the old one?

My Damn Channel says:

Why have a remote for a car head unit?

Lee Antunez says:

Thanks for the vid

Chris Montius says:

You say don’t buy why is that? you should put a link to your Facebook page it would make it easier.

adrian Perez says:

is it also for the coupe models?I have a 2004 Honda accord coupe I would love this upgrade on my car

God of war Golovkin says:

Does this work also for the hybrid model?

Eddie Lope says:

What’s the link to the radio you got I want to. Buy one

11secondeclipse says:

Can you plug your iPhone in with the USB so it will show the songs on the touchscreen and you can select the songs on the touchscreen instead of your phone? Also, do you have steering wheel controls on your model? Do they work with everything in the kit or do you have to buy something extra to make steering wheel controls work? Please reply. Thanks

Hades Loves Hardstyle says:

Great video good job! Does it works with sim phone card for 3g or 4g lte. Thank you very much.

playboipoop says:

So this video is basically a no go ?

Azureecosse says:

Graphics look a little cheap, like that unbranded mobile phone you ordered from E bay that came from the far east.

Alex renteria says:

I have a 2003 Honda Accord lx would this fit in my car?

Rasheem Sanders says:

Does there have to be a model number that matches or can you just order one that has the year of your car ?

TheZachAndChrisShow says:

Does the unit maintain the steering wheel controls if you have them?

C I says:

How is the unit doing so far? Still working properly? Thanks and btw your videos are cool

Angel F says:

The code isn’t working! How much is the discount?

Reno vlogs says:

the description is dumb!! it says DONT BUT..

Gary Sharma says:

Is there any manual or video for uninstalling the panel and old stereo

nate pepper says:

Since you no longer recommend this unit, have you found a comparible one that you would recommend?

glenn labaun says:

Does it have rca out for the amp ?

Shawn Brodie says:

Hey do you know the 4 digit code for the steering wheel function?

don says:

Nice video ,
I might try it for my 07 Honda accord. Thanks you for sharing this video .

droidclone says:

Is the reason for the door removal because you have a single AC controller instead of the dual AC controller on the original unit?

Clurie Hyden says:

So even though this is for the single A/C, it still contains the passenger knob which essentially is useless?

Jeff Brown says:

Would this work for a 2001 Accord?

carlos ortiz says:

hey do the buttons have back-light? if they do what color is it?

Jose Velarde says:

Hey you still have that radio on your car? How is it I was looking thru it but it’s a Chinese type and people have been telling me they aren’t that good since you have it hook up how is it been

Stoqn Radev says:

Hello there, great video.
I have the following question, though:
Can I replace my (broken) factory navigation with this one (on most of the custom navigation modules, they say that they cannot be inserted into a car with a fabric navigation). If this one is not suitable, could you please link me a suitable one.

Thank you mate and keep doing the great work!

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