This FUSE BLOCK is awesome! Blue Sea Systems Review

In car audio builds we will always need wire distribution via fuse blocks for all the new devices we are adding, whether its DSP’s, Active Line Output Converters, Equalizers, Lighting, Radios, etc. All of these devices require wiring, both a positive and negative lead and some also need a switched positive. In this video I review a fuse block I really like for custom installs, the Blue Sea Systems split system.

▼ Tools and Materials:
➜ 12 Circuit Split Block –
➜ 6 Circuit with negative –
For amps (and big systems):
➜ SMD Quad Fuse Block –
➜ SMD XL Fuse Block –

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jpsaudio08 says:

now this is awesome for wiring up multiple accessories. GREAT VID

303 Nitzubishi says:

Just got turned on to this fuse block a couple weeks ago and thought it looked awesome. Thanks for giving an in depth demo of it. Would have been nice if stuff like this was readily available back when I was installing! I am about to upgrade the solar setup in my RV and I will be ordering one of these to re-do the convoluted mess that is my current distribution system

Hayden Mize says:

Is 2 12 in a single cab ok?

mattalones93 says:

Been using these a while. Very useful!

Daniel Harrell says:

Blue sea systems makes some good stuff what’s going on with no videos Mark?

chupamishuevos303 says:

awesome vid thank you again for the info

mike kauffman says:

Very nice review. You channel is amazing!

endall39 says:

I’ve used similar, but not as nearly as flexible fuse panels in the past. That divided fuse sections allowing for both switched and constant connections, plus grounding is pretty darn cool. I found it’s a little pricey for what it is, but I’ll be using one of these the next time I do an install or an upgrade. Thanks for the heads-up on this product!

jacob p says:

I use the 12 position + negative one in my bass boat. 1 single 4 AWG power and ground goes to the unit and provides constant power to my relay panel. They are definitely marine grade.

Nicholas Morrow says:

I have used this block . It’s a great product

Carl Norrbom says:

I have the 6 position version of the same and it is spot on!

CarAudioFabrication says:

Happy Friday dudes! Can I get some love for 3 videos in one week? 🙂

SdAudio Enterprise says:

Used one of these last week. love them

OBS chevy Bus says:

Ive used this same brand for my audio in my bus conversion! It works amazing and I enjoy watching your reviews. Thanks for all your help

gotshirts2ink says:

Mark get ahold of Ed with Spark Innovations. He has an awesome product he just launched. It’s a relay distribution block. Would love to see a review on that

808kea808 says:

So what do you connect to this ? The positive wire of your device?

michael wolz says:

These are great products! Have one in my daily and just ran out of empty locations

Ma'brouk says:

you love to complicate simple things

Poppa T says:

Yep I use one of these. It’s pretty cool.

Adam M says:

nice video

Mr. DPFJ Aquariums says:

You have me really confused I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a lot of years now. So I do respect your opinion on products. For instance in several years ago you turn me on to the KnuKoncept KNF-60 fused distribution block that has been in my current system for maybe 4 or 5 years now that’s totally awesome !!!!! I will give credit where credit is due you did turn me on to this distribution block. You stated that this was not sponsored video but if you compare the two distribution blocks this block does not measure up to the KNF-60 in anyway what so ever. The point I’m trying to make is how can you like this distribution block now over the one previously ? I brought several distribution blocks ( KNF- 60 ) because of your video years ago and I must say they’re not cheap! Can you understand my confusion? if so please enlighten me.

Tristran Badock says:

Was selling and using these at an old job 10 years ago, great to see they’re still so popular.
Looks like they made some really good improvements to the design too.

Caddy Guy Gaming says:

I uses a Blue Sea Systems one when I added a second battery and rewired my DTS to my liking a few years ago. A+++

chad smith says:

Should this work for led and under car glow systems

Steven S says:

Great video. Looks like a quality product. Thanks for the effort.

Dan Gyll says:

I’ve just discovered your channel and want to thank you for your videos!

Justin Gardner says:

I have one of these mounted to my test bench. It’s complete overkill for the short wire runs that I’m using but it’s nice to have a fuse for my small test amp and head unit. Eventually going to move it to the car when I ad cooling fans and LEDs. Every hot wire needs a fuse.

Foof50 says:

So, you could run main power from the battery to A, remote to B, and then ground to ground?

JesseOsby says:

Very cool! That’s a fantastic product. Dealing with sharing power for multiple devices like this has often been an annoyance for me

Panther Fan says:

Love the channel Mark! Thanks for all the knowledge you make available to us. I was looking for a nice fuse block a couple of months ago but didn’t come across this particular one. I ended up going to the local pull a part and snagged a really nice one from a wreaked police interceptor that was used just for all the extra bells and whistles like the lights, radios, siren ect.
For $6 or $7. I just noted the year of the car and found the schematic online. Something to think about if someone has a lot of extras to wire in like I did.

Doctor Scoop says:

That thing is brilliant

Zach Carlson says:

Is there something like this that I could use for like 3 4channels, a dsp, and some lighting? 4 channels are about 900 watts rms. a piece.

Fabio Arrua says:

How close or far from the battery does the fusebox needs/is recommended to go ? Is is safe/recommended to fuse the fusebox ?

marc howell says:

I have a very similar one just smaller, the one I have has a push and twist lock in the middle so keeps it nice and snug.

James Koenig says:

Used some of their products in the recent past

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