TomTop 7 inch Double Din Car Stereo Review

Today I am reviewing a radio I picked out after reached out to me asking me to review one of their products. This item was sent for review.

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ChaseEverything says:

Hey Dave, quick question, does this have a feature to change the background or loading screen? I recently ordered This from Ebay… it looks like this product you are reviewing. 7” Double 2 Din Bluetooth Car Stereo Radio Touch Screen MP5 AUX/USB/FM Player

Robert Noel says:

How do you Connect your phone to the Bluetooth without knowing the password

Jan Kotnik says:

My radio always i turn it on write reversing but i dont have connected the pink wire? Please help.

Johnny Roberts says:

where does the wire go that comes off the Jack that plugs into port 1 for backup cam, is positive or negative? do connect to a positive source or negative I’m confused can someone help?I have the license plate camera and do I connect to backup or brake lights?

bdavies1995 says:

hi mate, just installed this radio but I’m having issues with my rear camera , basically when the engine is off and I put car in reverse the imagine is perfect but when the engine is on the reverse imagine keeps flicking? I have installed both power wires to reverse wire (the camera red wire and the yellow connector with red wire)

Jasmin Pestalic says:

How to connect phone to 2 din radio via Bluetooth? I have 7060 b version and my phone doe not recognize it. Please help.

arnel ramos says:

Hi Tom I installed headrest monitors but the video shows only on either the head unit or the monitors. I cant get the video to show on the headrest monitor and the head unit at the same time. Do you know how to solve this?

Willie says:

I was able to test my camera before I installed it by applying 12V from an old ac/dc adapter I had laying around to it and hooking the yellow cable to the back of my TV monitor (once I changed the source to the video input) it worked and I knew it should also work on my head unit.  And now is a good time to mark with a sharpie which end is up on your camera, so you don’t mount it upside down.
So to answer the mystery of the pink wire.  The radio (head unit) is looking for a +12V input which lets the head unit know to switch the screen to view the camera.  The super long yellow video cable goes into the rearview video input and the little red wire hanging off of it must be spliced into that pink “parking” control wire. 
***Hint: if your muffler is on the right side of your car you’ll want to run your wires to the left side just to eliminate the possibility of the wires melting on the muffler in case they dangle.***Then once you’ve hidden that cable under all your door molding to the rear of the car you’ll need to get access to your taillight
(a cheap $3-$5 multimeter from Harbor Freight would come in real handy about now), start your car, put it in reverse, apply the parking brake (if it works) or get a friend to hold the brake on while you go around back to discover which lamp is lighted on the taillight.  Mine had all the wires going into one connector so I had to probe on the back to find the 2 wires that gave me a +12V reading on my multimeter.  On my Highlander a white wire with black stripes was my negative and a red wire with black stripes was my positive.  You can now turn your car off.  Take the black and red wire that came with your camera (assuming it is like the one I bought).  The black wire goes to the negative wire on your reverse light and the red wire goes to both the positive wire AND the little red wire hanging off of other end of the yellow video line because the +12V needs to feed all the way back to that pink wire on the back of the head unit to let it know to show you the camera’s image.
For a couple more hints:  My camera came with a hole saw, after it went through the plastic I then needed a bit a little smaller than the hole saw to reach about 2 inches further back and drill into the 1/2″ or so thick Styrofoam behind it so I could run the wires all the way through the bumper (I taped the ends to a wire so only one connector went through the hole at a time and ran the wire behind the bumper so I could reach them) and pushed the camera in the hole with the up mark up.  My taillights are attached to my rear quarter panel so in order to get the wires run to the outside I took the taillight off, hooked up my wires and ran the power and video connector wires through the big holes not used for screws or other taillight fittings down toward the ground behind the bumper.  I attached the connectors to the camera, pulled up the slack and reattached the taillight to hold all those slack wires in place behind the taillight.

Emily Wood says:

How do you hook up Bluetooth ?

Patrick Moreau says:

How do you sent up the Bluetooth. My book doesn’t give me a Pin?

lolotex1 says:

like !

Gerson Costa says:

Is there any way this unit 7012B work the GPS. There is a possibility to change the firmware? I bought this device with you and now I see you don’t have GPS. Thank you.

Douglas Ellis says:

have you tried Android Auto or Apple Carplay?

Jan Kotnik says:

can you connect your radio with PC and copy the files from radio and send me radio files?

Michael Lim says:

can this support .lrc (lyric file) ??

Rob Smith says:

To set new boot logo, you enter settings and enter under logo 1983 ent. You can select different car manufacturer’s logos. How can I add more? Do you happen to know? Thanks in advance!

Christopherj Jim says:

Why when I click on aux it’s just a blue screen ?

Luke Nellist says:

great review mate

Zero Tolerance says:

have you tried installing a car logo on the start up/power up menu? How do you do it? thanks.

Johnny Roberts says:

this radio sucks to many problems backup camera does work with reverse least not automatically and doesn’t work in port 1 as the book says and customer service sucks can’t get a response with any issues you may have,in short save your money and by a good quality American radio and backup camera possibly separate from each other.I don’t recommend anyone buy this not worth the money or time installing it.

Weslei Tutoriais says:


Roni Kassargi says:

Can someone help me with the passcode to display the car logo when i turn the car on please please

Ardit Dinaj says:

How do we change the wallpaper ?

Curtis Bradley says:

I just bought that unit! It however has different software in it. After looking on YouTube, I believe the software is from a 7012B! As the different pages and options look the same. Do you know where I can get firmware updates?

Bruno Fernández says:

hi! what languages support? have spanish language?

vazquez francisco says:

This item came to me with the screen broken and there is no way to complain, if someone knows you can communicate 603 930 2215 francisco

Hema Bairavan Venkatraju says:

Hi All am having this radio installed in my car. It was working fine so far. i face the below problems and i tried getting help online.. but no luck as no where i am able to see..

Something i have changed in it and am not sure how to get back.

New Problem.

1.When i on the system it shows me a white screen showing at the bottom “Prease Press Center of ‘+’ “. when i do that there is a + symbol on the screen which moves from top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left , center and keeps continuing the same. I am not able to go back to the main menu.

2. If i power off the radio, the reverse camera working fine (as it should). If radio is on.. it still shows the white screen with + during reverse.

Existing from the time of installation.

1.when i on the car, there are two pulse of current will flow to the radio, one is for the ignition and other is after starting the car….this one behaves the way like its getting on two times all way till the main screen.

any help is really appreciated..

Quentin Owen says:

Does the Bluetooth only do calls or can I use it as a Bluetooth aux?

jj y says:

does this support smartphone Mirroring?

Jack Freeman says:

My stereo which is exactly the same as the stereo in the video but mine keeps flashing from reversing back to the home and then back to reversing and then back to home. does anyone know how to solve this problem. This also happens when I’m in first gear as well so I can’t use it at all atm

Justin Nuns says:

Two Questions:

1- Can you hook it up to the controls in your steering wheel?

2- Can you use the usb port to play music if using a cable that goes from usb to aux into your phone?

Arthur Nava says:

Are the RCA’s in the back outputs or inputs?

Sam Howard says:

Does anyone know how to wipe and replace the software? I personally find the interface ugly.

Simon Wray says:

Does anyone have the codes for choosing the logo settings?

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