UFC Fighter Alan Jouban’s CT Sounds Prius Car Stereo System

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In this episode of Amplified UFC fighter Alan Jouban gets a full CT Sounds stereo system installed into his Toyota Prius. Doug and Rafa replace all the door speakers with 6.5’’ TROPO speakers. Rafa sound deadens all the doors, Doug build a steel amp rack and SunFlash fiberglass subwoofer box for a 10 inch TROPO.

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We have more video on this build coming soon! Let us know what aspects of this install you want more details on. Thanks for watching! 🙂


ChunkyMilkification says:

there goes his mpgs

Travis Hoel says:


Papo Portillo says:

clean install maan

Big Tone says:

the install was nice like my wifes sisters ass. ba-dow!

Boleslaw Kowalczuk says:

what s the name of the house track at 5:00

Rustam ISH says:

Cool !

Body comp says:

Would CT sounds be a better speaker than infinity reference?

Niks Lūsis says:

what are the songs played in this video?

robert Howard says:

Those CT Sounds are very nice, but they don’t seem to be rich in sound; they don’t seem to have fullness, like Infinity’s or something like that. Is that true, or is it just because I haven’t heard them in person?

Jordan Hawkins says:

Man I love the amp rack

SAJ@TV says:

There is no alternator in hybrid cars, specially Prius . how and where did you get the power from? i got solution on my channel.

SLarson says:

How does CT speakers compare to JL or Hertz?

Jesse Nurse says:

How much would this build cost?

Ray Lorona says:

that is a badass install

FOX 18 says:

Can anyone give info on how the CT Sounds Meso Components sound compaired to Hertz HSK  XL?

Marco Guarato says:

his dick might be huge to drive that prius, Hot damn! Bigger than rafas mom ass!!

Serg Stroble says:

my dad never came back from the grocery store because he got into a fight with Rafa’s mom over a box of xxxl tampons and a 5 lb bag of gummy bears. they never found his body, but im sure they didnt check the toilet at rafas moms house for blood.

Henke says:

Dat AMP bracken looks sick! Great job!

Js399 says:

My dad never came back from the grocery store…

Maryjane Eva Diamond says:

I missed which year Prius this is. I’m concerned about having enough current for doing an upgraded system. Can you explain if you did an alternator upgrade. I thought the alternator in these things was part of the transmission / starter as well. I’m assuming it would be VERY difficult to get at.

thedukeofarchibauld says:

is this the video where you broke Rafa?

fuckJuly says:

-says the car is gay
-plays lil wayne

Eric Schultze says:

How bout dem Nexus 7 kits Doug? still sold out?

afdave Gimail says:

install is tight. jokes are weak AF. you shouldn’t be talking like that about men that are bigger than you, and doing work under your advisement. unless you have an understanding with him (Rafa). otherwise, you aint right. haha

boo4osu says:

OK… so the Cinco De Mayo joke has been the best Rafa’s mom joke yet

Machiwoomiapoo says:

I loved the jokes! 🙂 Made it so much fun to watch. Great installation. I would love something like this for my Prius too. 🙂 Thanks, Sam.

Speed Racer says:

Your installs look very high quality. Your tools look very high quality as well.

john treadway says:

First you guys are hard core builders. Wow. You kept stock reciever? Did you leave in small speakers near the mirrors? I want to upgrade my 2007 Prius stereo, what’s the the best bang for my buck. You guys are like rockets scientist of stereo world.

Rami Almograbi says:

hi can i add 3900w amp with 2 12inch 1400 sub ?? no one can answer me
do i need to add sucand battry ??

Gab Biz says:

Super mod bro nice done

Luis Palomares says:

great video. you have at least 1 fan in Venezuela.

JackCarver10 says:

Why would you weld with the amp right next to the welder, like only 20 centimeters away lol hahahaha

Pat Kowalczyk says:

was there any concerns with the alternator or lack thereof ? I have a 2012 plug in prius that has a gas engine and an electric only mode which runs all electric for about 10 miles. Can the prius plug in handle two amps 600 watt and a 404 watt without needing an extra battery or ?

J Turner says:

I love your videos! They are great inspirations!!

mminc81 says:

You’ve been letting Rafa’s mom off the hook too easily here lately… 🙂
Great video.

Jesse James says:

that’s a very descriptive install, I like that. I have a CT sounds stratto sub at the moment being fed about 800 rms. I’m pulling both my sets of infinty kappa components out and going with a ct sounds meso set, putting both sets in the door of my 2006 acura rsx type s soon hopefully lol

Sdmfer DD says:

this is tight

YouBielik says:

Great episode Doug. Pleasure to watch.

PBWillyWonka says:

Damn Rafa gained some weight…..i love Rafa’s mom ass too.

Lewis says:

Great video, glad to see a quick install done right. Too bad it dont happen in 15 minutes but great clean install. Nice to see one of these instead of the over the top videos most do, that was a realistic install.

lokkolokko94 says:

eyy Doug, can you please tell me the name on that song in the middle of the video ? 
also great episode!

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