Under $400! Seicane Nav Android Radio Review

Check out the stereo here: https://www.seicane.com/android-2006-2013-toyota-tundra-hd-touchscreen-radio-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-steering-wheel-control-bluetooth-wifi-mirror-link-1080p-video-s127107e?acc=c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b
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Looking for a modern radio upgrade for your older car or truck? We found a great option that includes touchscreen, bluetooth, DVD, navigation, apps, android OS, all for under $400! And it bolts right in, no cutting or wire splicing into our 2008 Toyota Tundra.

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DRAKO9764 says:

37% off and its 400$, in the mean time a second hand tablet that does more or less the same things is only 40$. Great deal!

michael lennon says:

Do need that .

Kartboarder22G says:

If that screen was just for backup camera up above, I would have like to put dual output on it for people in the back that want to watch the movie still.

Luis Cisneros says:

GPS doesn’t need to.be outside, I mounted mine right on top of the headunit inside the dash and I have no problems with GPS signal.

Zbigniew Rodowski says:

i like it. i got one of the other units with windows CE. what a waste

the undead1 says:

And how well does it sound

RightWingKing says:

I have a 2018 Toyota Corolla se. Can i do something like this on it? I ask because the screen on mine shows things like mpg and other information about my car. Would this have the same ability’s to do that or do i just lose that completely?

Albert Hoelting says:

Basically a tablet in your dash

Derrick LeBlanc says:

why put the gps out side what are you thinking?

JayDkid says:

Seicane is Horrible dont buy I bought one they have horrible service and when the product stops working they want you to pay for shipping and refuses to replace it without it being returned. Mine barely lasted 3 months

carnage6ar says:

You don’t need this men don’t get lost

osvaldo Escobar says:

Does this work on the jbl system?

Kevin Catalano says:

This company gives “Made in China” a bad name.


is there something like that for 2017 santa fe sport?

MONSTA says:

Hope they have something for my 06 G35. The head unit needs to go.

Lazaro Monteagudo says:

Great Video, thanks.

Redemption Of The Beast says:

*Kenwood and Pioneer is more professional*

LPenzel says:

This is boss!! I want one for my Dodge.

David divad says:

Who designed this car must have fallen in love with stove. damn those knobs….

Chavo Bass says:

still no update,huh? be nice to know thoughts after such a long period of time in use. Chinese products sometimes aren’t what they are cracked up to be….ZTE Axon 7 owner….LOL

Robert Slenker says:

You refereed to this radio as an android radio but in your video it looks like apple car play. Is it both? The one on there website looks a little bit different why is that?
Nice video by the way.

Nick Martin says:

Where do I get the panel popper?

steve c says:

Did you try steering wheel controls, TPMS and OBDII?

andymnc says:

is it Android Auto capable? and what i ment is not to install android auto into it but to open aa in my mobile (connected via usb or bt).


So let me get this straight. You installed the GPS ANTENNA ….OUTSIDE OF THE CAR…..Because REASONS?

William Hamiter says:

Do you have to have an Android phone to take advantage of this?

Saso Petrusev says:

stay away from seicane…spend the money on proper radio company…just the good video are coming up first but the bad one are hidden from YouTube. …my one are not showing at all

Wade Suhr says:

PowerfulJRE !!!Hell to the yeah!

David Hinson says:

8 track unit??

justkiddin1980 says:

Why would you ever put a gps antenna on the outside of a vehicle?? You could have saved yourself the trouble and mounted it on the inside on the dash or behind the mirror…

Pat Green says:

Curious to know if it’s still working nearly a year later


i will ask if fit for toyota sienna 2013 XLE please give me feedback thank you

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