Want AMAZING sound? COMPONENT SPEAKERS & everything YOU should know…

Many wonder, component or coaxial speakers? How can we pick component speakers? What is the crossover and should we run passive or active?

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Tommy Tucker’s Golden Crown says:

If I got coax 6.5 can I also add a passive crossover with an extra tweet?

Samuel bench says:

I installed an aftermarket head unit in my cousins car, and we found that his stock mid speakers are blown. Can I buy a set of aftermarket mids and connect them with the stock tweeters, or do I need to get new mids and tweeters that are made to work together?

doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd says:

How about showing the frequency response in the car of the speakers you’ve installed. Like the illusion C3CX or the midbass in the doors or ANY speaker in any car. This is what people need to see and no one shows. How the car, location and install effect the response.

Ur_Associate says:

Man I love your videos. Youve helped with so many questions. Kinda wish your where able to post more often. But I understand that your busy. Lol

You don't know me says:

How thick should a speaker spacer be? I have some that came with my Polk MM1 6502’s they’re about a quarter inch and I was wondering if that’s enough. Thanks to anyone who has any answers. (I’d like to add that factory holes for my car are a no go as they’re stripped so no matter what I’ll have to drill new holes)

Wolfsburg639 says:

Is it possible to run crossovers without a speaker connected? I imagine a 3 way component set, and powering the woofers from the DSP amp while running the mids and tweets off another channel using the crossover. Does the crossover require that load be present?

Carleen Irvine says:

Cructhfield does not have my vehicle

Cristóvão Abreu says:

hey mark! another great video as always.
i’ve a question: im looking tinto installing a new double din stereo on my car. i already have all the amps, wiring etc, i just need the stereo. im interested in features like android auto Bluetooth, a great built in dsp good video inputs dual usb so i dont have to remove the usb device and connect the phone every time i need android auto… what do you recommend?
thank you very much
kind regards from portugal

Hello There says:

Only spend a ton on speakers if you dedicate a good install

Range End says:

It’s would help when you live in America and have American car. Using Crutchfield!

Austin Denman says:

Hey mark should I use my hertz mpk crossover or just run the speakers to my helix dsp pro with director then to my jl hd600/4 and I’ll be running passive in the rear with my hertz cpx cento

ADR says:

i have a set of focal 3 way components. they are money.

Boyd Reid says:

my question here is just to try to get a better understanding of the flexibility I have with doing a custom component setup where I would use a Rockford woofer and an alpine tweeter with an audiopipe passive crossover. Both woofer and tweeter would be 4 ohms each. so my question now is what would be the ohm load that the amp sees when they are connected through the crossover? would the crossover load to the amp remain at 4ohm or would it change to 8ohm?

Ryan Riordan says:

I have the same components! I have 2 sets of the Focal KRX2’s. I never used or never opened them. I only paid $600. Would you be interested in buying them? Great video, as always! Thank you

rlui0514 says:

So my question is i want to put component speakers on my rear deck, but not sure where to put the tweeter since it will have to be custom? Should I put it close to the woofer or put it far like at the door?

JoeIsCrazyWillman says:

I’ve never looked at components because they were always significantly more expensive than coaxials and triaxials. I’ve also never ran amplified door speakers before. I’ve never been able to do a side by side comparison to make me feel amplification was necessary. Just add a sub, tune overall bass level output from it, and send it. Upgrading and amplifying your door/panel speakers is easily the most expensive part of lower dollar installs… So much so that I’ve usually just kept my stock all-in-one speakers and simply tuned out the 20-100hz frequencies from them and ran the sub for that frequency range, and has been fairly decent to me…
But I’ve never been around high quality systems, so I really don’t know the difference

Brett Robbins says:

I only order head units from Crutchfield—they provide harnesses, adapters, kits, installations instructions…you always get what you need!

Guillermo Cuesta says:

Excelente video, un like !

Ike says:

Amps need to get smaller. I stop myself from buying 2amps to upgrade my system.

Jason Battle says:

Dude where are you located i will drive to you for an install! Youre amazing.

ApertureXTC says:

Good video, but I wish you would’ve covered bi-amping the passive crossover especially since that red tag was in most of the shots of the crossover.

The Great Empire!! says:

Can you run active x-over while using the passive x-over to protect the tweeter?

I would be interested to hear your take on Audiofrog speakers

benito diaz says:

I have an LC 6 1200 and I am raning a set of 3 way components speakers. But I want to go active what DSP do you recommend

Rohan Abbas says:

Hey Bro, i have a 2016 Prius C with 6 speakers (two tweeters and 2 6.5 inch speakers in the front doors and two 6.5 inch speakers in the rear doors). If i buy a component set of speakers for my car, where will the crossover or dsp be mounted? In the doors? Or somewhere else?

Douglas Myers says:

loved the video Mark. would be most interested if you would compare the various high end Focals, especially the woofers: KRX2 vs the new ES series vs Utopia 165 R-WC vs Utopia M, and so forth.

William Price says:

I bought my first component set back in the early 90’s. It was the first generation Boston Acoustics Pro series.

karioredjo Isabella says:

when will you do a demo with your projects

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