We bought the cheapest Android Car Stereo on Amazon!!

We bought a 100 dollar Android DVD Car Stereo from Amazon, and we’re going to see if it sucks!

Link for Purchase: https://goo.gl/QX2tPQ – Link updated 5/28


Matt Scott says:

Does this have an amp or do you need seperate amps for speakers

Jake Sanders says:

You need to spend money on a better mic for sure could not hear 99% of anything you said bc your mic is trash . advice ….. UPGRADE YOUR MIC if you are going to make these kinda videos or ANY videos .

Wayne Kuban says:

Would have been nice to hear what an android CAR STEREO sounds like. Does it actually do am/fm? How about the GPS? Does that work and if so what does that interface look like?

Bob S. says:

What is up with the Logitech button up side down?

Nilson Cortez says:

I just ordered the same unit I guess I should have seen this video Lola before

Stephen Glazener says:

Thanks for the review, I know it’s not recent, but, actually I use my remote all the time in the hooptie ‘cuz I lack steering wheel controls, mainly to avoid plowing up a field in my car due to looking at the radio vs. watching the road like I did once (the joint I had just smoked prob didn’t help); however this looks like just the setup for my 92 accord…

Aniceto Maldonado Jr says:

I hope you are not hooking that up….
It sounds like you have no idea what you are doing…..

bud8 says:

It’s loaded with distortion… I mean features.

Stereo Authority says:

awesome video, android stereo in 100 dollar, amazing.

Crawley LGW says:

I brought a very similar one that included satnav and rear parking cam. IT WAS SHIT !!! It worked properly but it was far too fiddly to use it while driving. Played vids, music, sat nav couldnt play music from main library. Really, DONT BUY THESE CHEAP RUBBISH ANDROID UNITS. Sound quality wasnt even as good as the original stereo !! Really, u get what u pay for. If you want a cheap shit stereo in your car, go for it.!!

Aniceto Maldonado Jr says:

I use the remote to keep my eyes on the road….
Driver really should be listening to the radio not looking at the radio…. So if you don’t have steering wheel controls, the remote is vital…..

Ali Alrashidi says:

Start @ 11:00 , everything before is just yap yap yap about nothing.

Ic3 Nova says:

I use a remote if I’m out of the car, for say playing music through my radio while working on another car close by

Alfred says:

first thing i’d do is root it, android is more or less iOS when it is unrooted; pile of shit

Pete Surename says:

Mostly using remote in RV…

iSupermanCKi says:

Remotes are for people in the backseat or douches who want to pop the trunk and show off the radio.

north wiebesick says:

So… have you got notified of, or checked the Internet for any OS updates for it??? **edit** I have a Single DIN radio i made into a boombox, and use my remote every day… or I would if I could find the dam thing…

Regilio Bouma says:

not even a update… about the radio…

Chuzordie 5 says:

Take one of these decks, some speakers and build a cabinet around it to have a custom kids room computer. Keep the mouse / kb / adapter in a pocket inside the enclosure for adult use. Mount one of these in the kitchen with custom enclosure using the camera option to keep watch over children in the play area. So many ideas for that little device.

roaringleo57 says:

as of 8/22/2018 this is currently unavailable.

Mike Klenk says:

U are so annoying got in 2 mins b4 I wanted to slap u

Yarka Shidan says:

What’s the name of the stereo please tell us

Nicholas Gonzalez says:

I use the remote on my touch panel for the mute function. Sadly with the top of the line Pioneer model from 2017 they think form is better than function and don’t have a mute hard or soft button. WTF?!

I also let people in the second row of the vehicle use the remote for control of the system.

Jupp Schlabutt says:

Buy at Amazon, not on Amazon.

ginsengjin says:

Android head units are great but dont’ buy the cheapest one. There is a lot of work in the installation which would be for nothing if one of these things break on you.

iamnotthemuffinman says:

Could you download the Spotify app onto one of these headunits and then connect it to a hotspot on your phone for the data?

ICantBelieveItIsShelldrake says:

i used to use a remote in my old car. i had it mounted so it was easier to skip tracks and folders on mp3s

z3bru says:

Any summary if its pergormance after a couple of months of use?

Mike Klenk says:

Leave it to Canadians

NorthStateAudit Redding says:

My remote went out the first week I had it and I didn’t even use it that much. Cheap Chinese crap is being dumped on Amazon, eBay and even crutchfield.

David Curry says:

I had my remote with that tiny sturdy Velcro and attached it right where I rest my arm. Never had to touch it again

Aziz Omer says:

Use Remote when sitting at the back

Artemis Kitty says:

I always used the IR remotes when I had passengers in the back seat of my car. Just hand them the remote and let them use it from there (as long as they don’t go nuts with the volume, lol) – That keeps passengers from leaning forward and reaching between the seats to try to change the stereo or constantly asking the driver to change it so he/she can focus on the road. Doubly so if the driver is the “designated” one that night, haha. Just my $0.02 🙂

P Ee says:

Good content

But why do americans talk so much ?????? before they start jesus christ !!!!!!!

michael craig says:

Your sound quality is also shit.

tzq33tdq says:

I have a station wagon, so I use the remote so I don’t have to crawl into the front seat

bigfordmano5 says:

Yes I use my remote to adjust amps and such lol

sobedrlnker says:

Dont listen to the haters, good stuff man. Thanks for sharing!


why is the top right text upside down where it says logiteck?

Arthur Howell says:

Car Shows, or chilling by your car outside of it listening to music in a field.

Gabriel Garcia says:

yo bitch turn yo dan audio up or some its pissin me off! jk bt yeah your audio sucks man

dan says:

Cant buy it no more and That’s dear as fuck. There are hundreds of cheaper ones numpty

john argue says:

That’s alot of radio for $100. With GPS. Colors look dull. …and has backup camera. Nice . I’d pay a little more for clearer screen though

CjBro says:

nice vid man done well

thomas says:

I’ve seen 67 buck cars stereo with screen at Walmart. They sound pretty good too, speaker matter most

Robert Graham says:

No longer available on Amazon. Shame.

Sean's DIY & Reviews says:

The concern I have for Android radios is that there will be newer OS coming out and the stereo may become obsolete in a few years.

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