What is a DSP? Why you need a Digital Signal Processor for Car Audio

What is a DSP? A digital signal processor allows you to independently control many different aspects of each speaker within your custom car audio system. You can perform different tuning tasks with a DSP such as controlling time alignment to create an excellent center image, you can tune crossovers to send only certain frequencies to tweeters, mid range speakers, mid bass speakers and subwoofers, and you can control an equalizer to tune each speaker to a target level response using an RTA. Learn more in this video! Thank you to Elettromedia for providing the DSP shown in this video!

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Vaughn Benton says:

I would like to know what DSP is truly the best bang for the buck and the best period? I’m leaning toward the Audison BitOne for a complete overhall of my Audi A7 factory BOSE system. I recently came across the AudioControl DM-810 and HELIX DSP… Any comments or suggestions?

RicKaLocious BaDong says:

This is my dream build please need the PRO YT HELP. 2 pairs of comps, the Hertz MPK 165P.3 PRO, Hertz HCP 4D amp, Jl audio W6v3 H.O. sub with a 600/1. The Hertz amp & JL stuff is from previous install. Salesman was explaining the DSP they will be using is also Hertz, the H8. But… I remember them saying only 4 inputs or outputs can be utilized? 4 channels? My sub will not be able to go through processing? Is this correct? They had the Audisons DSP’s. Should I go Audison or will the Hertz H8 suffice for this build? I want to remain stock OEM so no deck. Thanks!!

Blake Y says:

My excelon head unit has a DSP feature I have used the measurements for speakers and found the correct slope for my sub and speakers. didn’t know head units could have a DSP. most likely isn’t as good as an actual physical DSP but it’s good for someone on a budget

Jimjim Skimmer says:

That was an EXCELLENT explanation. I thought id have a problem understanding but you made it sooooo easy. Thanx.

Nick says:

The crossover in DSP’s are better than the ones that come with component speakers? If I were to add a DSP to my system, would the crossover performance improve even more?

Sheila meri says:

Awesome video.  I work in a telecom dept in a University and we are downgrading a line to an analog line for an audio DSP processor.  I jumped on YouTube to see if I can find an explanation of what that is and found your video.  My technician explained to me that it is a small pad that allows one to use the line for many things like a polycom.  I get that it is good with audio so I’m not worried.  Of course the OIT (Computer people) are putting this processor in!!!

WhoodahThunkit says:

Adjusting the time alignment for the driver is a great idea but what about someone in the passenger seat? That would throw their alignment off even worse than before, right? BTW, your videos are great, thanks!!

n3rdbear says:

I was about to say I should’ve plonked my money on a DSP instead of a crossover but then I saw the prices of DSP’s and they’re insanely high so nevermind.

Frank Armstrong says:

I have a 05 Subaru Baja and i need subs installed but i don’t have the space for a box. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Pranav Garg says:

Can a dsp take 2 Channel input and give channel output? 2 channel input from USB DAC?


thanx for saving my life…loved it

Philip Coulson says:

If I get a stand alone EQ would I need the DSP? my setup will have 1 mono block amp powering a 10″ and a 4 channel amp powering the door speakers the amps have the standard low high and full range switches on them will I be fine if I just set sub to low and the speakers to full range? as long as I set gains correctly

The Maid of the Mist says:

Wow dude! nothing i could do! because i don’t have enough money i cant buy this? ack ack ack woooow

Austin Heard says:

So if you use this and set it as just the driver was listening would t that really mess up as if you were to have a passenger???

ISEE YOU says:

Bit One , Bit one HD, Bit ten D are far weaker than other DSP’s. They can do a lot.. but Helix and Mosconi can do much more not to mention Mosconi Aerospace 24bit/192khz for those digital high resolution ppl. Helix and Mosconi have a far superior crossover and Equalizer compared to Audison. Bit one has max of 48db slope and bit ten D 24db slope.. both are less than that offered by Mosconi and Helix. Audison has the digital connection going from Source to DSP and DSP to AMP.. now that is some coool shit. This alone is why I ended up using a Bit Ten D in one car and Bit one in another. Also measuring for TA doesn’t always work.. Every car is different.

Adraine Dixon says:

does the dsp comes with an build in expander?

Avery Hass says:

would it work in my setup it has 4 6 in. subs, 1 midrange in each door ,1 tweeter in each door and a record player as an audio scource

TheProgGuy says:

What if I have front component speakers and coaxial rear speakers? Will the DSP override the crossover built into the coaxial speakers, or is there a way to disable the built in crossover?

Raymond Dyke says:

i had a shop install mine in my 2014 tundra without the jbl system. I have a Audison Bit ten and a 5 channel alpine for the system. its crazy.. i noticed when i fade to the front on the radio all 4 door speakers play. when i fade to the rear, only the sub is heard. when i fade to the right i hear the sub and the right side( front and rear). when i fade to the left, i do not hear the sub and only the left side. The installer says it must be my Audison Bit ten being the problem. I need help..
Read more

dcaudio1 says:

Hey mark what is the best OEM you have installed or had experience with. Im looking to do an entire system in a 2017 Accord but keep the stock stereo. System will include components in the doors, rear deck coaxial, 2 10” subs. Rear deck mid bass (6.5”) maybe an 8”, two kicker amps 4 channel/monoblock. I don’t any fishy pops, clicks or whine at ALL. Please recommend.


fredo213 says:

Hello, I’m adding two amps to my factory radio of a tundra. Would you recomendar me going with a dsp or the lc7i line output converter? What do you recommend.

Rob Backert Jr says:

I’m totally new to this. I have an 08′ chevy Silverado 4×4 crew cab.. what do you recommend for this? I want a touchscreen w/ Bluetooth, gps and backup cam. I want it to be impressive but not blow the windows out. Also do you have any video’s on installing the components you recommend in an 08′ Silverado? I would be very great full for any help you could give me.. I’m an electrician by trade and mechanically inclined so I’m confident I can complete a full install.the only thing I won’t be able to do is the testing I see you guys do on all the vehicles you work on. Thank You. Rob B.

PiterStreak says:

I have a 2008 acura TL that had an awesome ELS sound system. got rid of it and installed aftermarket kenwwod to improve it but my audio sounds like it got worse. stock head unit with kenwood excelon 1800 series and a xr 400-4 amp. what would you recommend?

raymond lilley says:

I have enjoyed the videos so far thanks for sharing the info. My question is if a person has never done something like this how would that person get started learning such a skill?

Stacy Adams says:

Chill out and just get to the point without adding 150 extra steps.

Hobby Pilots says:

thanks for sharing the info, it is very informative.I have a question, what is the meaning of the below details

Sound pressure level at 24 W/36 W / 1 W (1 kHz, 1 m)

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