What is the Best Car Stereo, System? Sony, Kenwood, Bestbuy Audio – Amplified #105

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In this episode of Amplified, we set out to search for the best car stereo head unit. We go to Soundsations to take a look at the Kenwood. Then we goto Meece Car Audio, to check out the Sony. And finally we goto BestBuy to see the rest.


zeroa69 says:

sony makes some decent decks but i have had a lot of success with kenwood. i got me an ken excelon with the touch screen (not the flip down model) n all that jazz. its dope cause along with all the standard extra bells n whistles (i dont care about its dvd playback nor sat radio) it also has a built in dsp, and a rear cam that’s really easy to install. i had an older alpine in before and while it worked far better then a stock it sucked ass in comparison. when i installed the ken aside from far more eq options and quality across the board the bass response became soooo much more detailed and complex then before its like i have a brand new totally better woofer which so happens to be a kenwood as well lol.

Brandon Madosh says:

Most homoerotic thing I’ve seen all day! Ya’ll hiring? lol

Phil Buck says:

Ill Stick To Blaupunkt

tty j says:

plug in alpine bass engine , you will hear and feel the difference !

Mario .A says:

fuck lynda

Rex Holes says:

LOL Best buy does suck , the guy I talked to one time didnt know what component speakers meant LOL

light69 says:

they’re all gay… that hispanic guys sounds really gay…

Luis alo says:

whats the intro of the song

spiros h says:

hey…the best car stereos are at bestcarstereosonline.com.they have amazing stereos at unbelievably low prices

Alexander R says:

dude that first gay scene? its a no>>>

Benz says:


Ronson Watts says:

why people don’t take the faceplate off their radio from the people stealing it

fagout100 says:

Wishbone is going to shoot up that place.

Ryan Brandt says:

Anyone know where I can get my eclipse 7100 fixed?

Gabe says:

I would never take my car with you pathetic thugs!

Rich Burdick says:

I have more scars on my hands from Wranglers from my 10 years as a installer…..

239FATDAVE says:

shit funny af

Anonymous417 says:

My top 3.. Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine

Kristina Spakauskaite says:

Bloothooh for audio streaming? FUCKING idiots

Winobie75 says:

Goes all fear and loathing @ 8:50 lol

luther7449 says:

Annoying. Even using FF these guys are lame.

jro254ful says:

Where can I get a McIntosh head unit?

Tammy Forbes says:

This crack head is goofy as shit and not funny in the least.

ISEE YOU says:

Loudness… ON? lol… The setting all 16 year olds enable..

In Ri says:

Wishbone man, no te dejes de la chavala mejicana, chupale el pito. MAS PUTOS.

Hauling Ass says:

This video taught us nothing but how two guys do a 69

White Noise says:

We really are living in a Parallel universe where Kenwood is a more popular Head unit than Alpine …

Alexis Martínez says:

hilarious min 3:15

Peter Pan says:

What a crap! Satellites do not exist!!!

thornygravy says:

how’d you clowns get signed to Rev3? This is nothing special..

78213oswaldo says:

hey assholes, contact me. i need a custom dash tablet kit for a galaxy tab pro 12.2. hit me up i got plenty of $$$$

Josef Osborne says:

C’mon man! I thought you guys were gonna rate extensively. If I want to see a bunch of guys playing around with each other’s butts, I’d…I just don’t wanna see that. Thanks so I know not to waste time on your videos in the future. IJS

Peter B. says:

Need to stop making videos.IDIOTS!!

Orion says:

yo my system so boss it shatters windows. boss yo boss

Tommi A. says:

Holy shit you are annoying. I love it.

Nora Nunez says:

i know the spanish song my favorite

Peter B. says:

Learning shit with these guys.

Gerardo Herrera Jr says:

wish bone be looking like slim jesus lost son lol love u wishbone jk

jj w says:

the mexican dude needs to learn better english before he wants to talk

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