Which Car Amplifier Should I Choose? | Car Audio Q&A

If you’re building a five channel system this question may have gone through your head. “Do I buy a 4 channel and a mono amp, or just get a 5 channel amp to power everything?”

As Allyn and Brendan explain, there are a handful of benefits from choosing a 5 channel amplifier, especially if you’re going for a basic amplified system.

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pimpala559 says:

I don’t know why it put men lol

Manraj Singh says:

I have 2 alpine swr 1242D. I need an amplifier reasonable price for performance and quality. Also i want to attach 2-4 speaker to amp. Please help me out.

Exhilarating Bass says:

throw a nendo 12k on that 10″

ricerust says:

does pioneer make a 5 channel?

Shaz says:

I’m looking forward to upgrading Toyota Highlander 2014 XLE with navigation only can you guys tell me what wire harness i would need and dash kit is needed for it? thank you

Ian McCarraher says:

Is it recommend to run the bass knob that came with the amp??? I have a hifonics Brutus 1400 mono block running my jl audio w7 and wanted to know is it necessary to hook up or do I need it at all??? thanks

Mark H says:

Great Question!!1 helped a lot.

The Way Of MGTOW says:

I have a question. Are there typically install options for cars with integrated entertainment sound systems?  Example; I have a BMW 760LI and I’m just not happy with neither the overall sound quality nor output. And as an audiophile I would love to upgrade and refit the whole system. Particularly the under seat subs in the front, their output and color are lack luster at best. IMO And with the carnivorous trunk of the 7 series I know I could get the frequency extension and authority in looking for with proper subs in a proper enclosure. HOWEVER the “ASK” unit (the head unit), the disk changer, and the pro-logic processor/amp are all integrated into the fiber optic buss of the I-Drive system.  And that a serious pickle because I don’t want to sacrifice OEM functionality (IE Steering wheel controls along with I-Drive integration).  Sure I could have at the dash with a buzz saw and glue and bondo in something that would “work”, but you don’t do that to a 170k vehicle. Or at least I won’t.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Moe Chi says:

I have range rover sport 2014 which is stock speakers sounds horrible, not the meridian package speakers. What do you recommend please ?

Anthony sandoval says:

hey sonic if you were to recommend a efficient amp 2000- 6000 watt range which would you recommend. Thanks for your time and valued opinion.

Fly house of truth says:

Don’t listen to these guys. Here’s the real. Your head unit should easally put out enough power to run your mids and tweets. There’s your 4 channels. Use a class d mono amp to run a single sub. Use the largest quality sub that will fit well in your vehicle. A single 15″ single coil sub will do better than any 4 10″ subs. It’s all about moving air. Two 6.5″ two or three way for the rest. It don’t get any more simple than that.

Marcos Balbuena says:

I have a 2012 ford fusion se and i have the stock radio for now till i get a new one put in but im trying to figure out what amp i need if i want to change from the 8gage to 0gage wire and i have 2 12″ comp subs model#43c124

James Bond says:

I want to install a subwoofer in my car but i have a problem , the most common one , the space in the trunk.
The car is Opel Corsa C from 2002 and i do not know how big the diameer of the subwoofer should be , i was thinking for some time and i decided to start with an 8” subwoofer(8” B2 audio) but with some ecuation and results i was somewhere between 30 and 32 volume in Litres , so the enclosure was quite big , then i decided to go with the active subwoofer (JBL BassPro 2 ) but the sound was not what i was expecting , then i decided to go with the spare tier mount with Pioneer TS-WX610A , this one i didnt listen .
Most of the time i am into remixes , and some party songs ( the populars songs from Romania as manele or populara which is like country style , the are some nasty songs , but as i am a DJ i need to choose the best songs for everyone ) , back to the point , i need to put some storage inside also , some bag or shopping cart .
Wich subwoofer is best for my aplications regarding space , sound and fiability ?
PS: None of these subwoofer has been bought or installed .

Hrayr Ohanyan says:

I have bought PC65.2C and CXX10 and want to buy amp for thees speakers and subwoofer. Can you suggest something, as I can not figure out which one chose. as for price, I would like cheaper))
Thanks a lot

Joshua Vianes says:

Good video. I’d like to see a video on what you two think of shallow mount subs. I have a 2010 Toyota Tundra and I want to get a 12 inch sub installed under my back seat. The installer at the shop said I would have to get a shallow mount sub because regular size subs won’t fit, they also said they would make a custom box as well. I don’t know much about the shallow subs but just wondering how they sound compared to a regular. They suggested a Rockford power slim, with a 1000 watt mono Rockford amp. Thoughts?

All About Music says:

2 Channel AMP run 2 Subs..?? I have 2 Channel AMP..Soundbarrier Max Power 400 WATT..

Brandon Russell says:

Q&A QUESTION!!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER! I have 4 Power Acoustik XPS-104 speakers. They are ONE-WAY 4 ohm speakers with an RMS of 120 watts. I found an amp that is exactly 480 watts, but it is at 2 ohms per speaker. It is okay for me to hook these 4 ohm speakers up to a 2 ohm amp?

pimpala559 says:

of subject but when I try hooking up my stereo it’s not turning on but when I connect the 2 red wires to the 2 yellow wires it turns on even we men the keys are out. do you have an idea why it’s not working when red is to red and yellow to yellow

Kevin Braithwaite says:

best 5 channel memphis belle the old grey one find one and use that

Jose Beltran says:

I have a boss phantom 5000 watts amp with two Kenwood 2000 watts (400 rms) each sub in two single sub 12″ sub (sealed) boxs. (single cab silverado truck).. but they don’t sound like the way I thought it would of not enuf bass. I was thinking its because of the small boxes there in or do I have to get a custom box for more air space for the subs? need help.. thanks.. you guys have great videos and I’m always learning new things.. almost forgot I have them wired up down to a two ohm.. they are single four ohm subs.. thanks agn..

Eric Brunhammer says:

Wow, I asked that question around a year ago. I ended up not even running any subs in it, just a nice set of components in the doors and a decent 4 Channel that I already had.

Nicholas Ramlochan says:

hi my name is nicholas I want to kn how to test my amp to c if it’s tripin

Bob EVANS says:

what kind of amp would I use for 3-10inch kicker subs 500w 2ohm???….someone please help

Timothy Hinton says:

do not run class d on your mids and high..they lack sound quality…and run your sub at 2 ohms..you can get down low and still have good sound quality

TwinkieVille225 With Cars says:

I’m going to do a whole new sound system in my 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport and I have 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 s picked out with the Rockford Fosgate Punch P3-2X12 the 2400 watt set with the Sony MEX-XB100BT. I want good clear sound with good bass. I also don’t want head lights dimming or power loss. I want to amp all four speakers and subs. What amp would you recommend and would you recommend me getting a capacitor/battery/alternator, and if so what exact one(s). I will also be doing the big 3 upgrade to. Thanks for your help.

DannyBoy7Scorpio says:

would a 5 channel amp work if u had 2 12s or only for one sub? also would it work if u had more than 4 speakers like tweeters on both sides of the dash?

J0P1XHDFFT says:

How to get more bass in 4 door sedan car?,no ski pass

300 club says:

When choosing an amplifier from your website does the THD make much of a difference? It says .015%

Jaime says:

Hi, if one channel of the amp has 60 RMS out to a speaker 100 RMS , is OK? and a bass 125 RMS connected on bridged mode has 180 RMS. its okay too?

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