Which Car Audio Brands are BEST? Which are NOT?

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ORANGE BOY 714 says:

Doesn’t matter as long as it sounds good plays loud and handle good power

stonedvideos1 says:

what do you think about the Rockford Fosgate Prime series amps?

Justin Tremayne says:

Anybody know anything about the Cerwin Vega HED series?

kremenko34 says:

Ground zero, Ampire audio, esx, eton, rainbow are good german brands. If you get a chance, try them.

Ahmad Alaywan says:

You are wrong about soundstream best quality and cheaper than expansive brands like sundown and mtx and kicker

Rice Burner says:

MMATS!!!! Anything MMATS is superb quality!!

Arthur Watts says:

Let’s give the guy a break – 5 years in ANY industry doesnt make you an expert on anything, although I also laughed at the ’20 year’ estimate for Alpine : I vividly recall the radio ads for their gear in the 80s in Sydney and they were already well established then. One thing that does come out of this is that a brand name can easily be trashed by a change of ownership, although I would also point out that many of the big name high end hi-fi manufacturers now have their product built in China – its not an automatic fail for a company as long as they maintain control over design and enforce their quality control. I also choked when he used ‘Bose quality’ as a yardstick, but that’s a whole other video 😉

David Hollfelder says:

How about Kicker speakers?

Greg Benwell says:

Forget WHICH BRANDS are the best would it be too much to ask that some of you kids to begin to understand WHAT A CROSSOVER is and when and how to actually use one!!!!! I was just saying in a comment below and “smoothing” audio and I am sorry but all you kids that ONLY want to hear bass, sounds like complete worthless trash to me!!! My step son is one of these kids that ONLY wants BASS in his car and the rest of the song sounds muddy, and pointless to listen too!! There is no “excitement” to me without the crash of cymbals or the flare of other insturments in a song!!! Face it there is a lot more going on in “real music” that a bass line, and but excluding other notes you are missing a lot of really cool ACTUAL music being played when you fill your car or home with ALL BASS! Besides it isn’t as rich, in today’s music sure, but once upon a time some bands played songs like Beth by Kiss, and had a full orchestra behind it, and you’d be amazed at how insane clear the tiniest noises like a triangle can sound in a song when you least expect it, and never noticed it before!! But there again, you can have too much of a good thing, and if you really LOVE music you really ought to hear a lot of these sounds as clearly as possible when they are played back on decent equipment!!

Tony Clifton says:

This kid doesn’t even have pubes yet….. he should stick to topics he knows about, like premature ejeculation!

The Scapegoat says:

RE Audio for subs is the best, Kenwood media deck is awesome, and hifonics amp recommended, good quality. I keep money and performance in mind when I say this.
Agree with Alpine and pioneer being great for decks. Fosgate makes good subs too.
Memphis is going to take over in the sub category so look for them.


I changed the door speakers, 5”x7”s, for FOCAL’s AC 570, which are not that topend, and the difference is amazing.

joe bloggz says:

good vid, for people like me that don’t know heaps about car audio it
gives a good overview of what’s out there, what’s good and what is crap –
well done!

MMD says:

There are somany speakers on the market, most people not testing speakers before they buy but they only watching if the speaker have nice design. and lots watts on the sticker.
Music sound is personal. because someone with a bad hearing can still buy super speakers but not can buy new ears for can hear clear sound.

imickey503 says:

I think its about time I make one of these kind of videos. Glad someone told the truth about Soundstream. I love the brand, have so many good memories. Heck I came down to CA and actually wanted to go Visit soundstream. But after speaking with someone at Soundstream by email, it sort of sounded like the guy did not care. Kind of makes me sad. I have to wonder if the guys that work their even HAVE any Soundstream gear in their car.

I think the one part that bothers me the most, is that EVEN BOSS AUDIO will at least try to work with you and PRETEND that they might know what they are doing. But Soundstream.. Its just kind of lost its “Boyhood wonder”.

John Pilgrim says:

Every one of these brands especially when it comes to subwoofers are garbage compared to the competition grade stuff you can buy online for the same price or LESS. Most of which have non pressed paper cones that murder any of those subwoofers.

Arthur Watts says:

If I had to nominate brands that seem to get a lot of coverage in the US but I have little first hand knowledge of here in Oz:

KICKER – seem to be aimed at folks under 30 – anyone ?
JL Audio – reputedly top notch – never seen or heard their gear but I dont get out much
Clarion – another company that *had* a good name, but now ?

Sane responses to any of the above most welcome. Thanks again for the vid.

Alberto Barichovich says:

Have u heard of illusion audio?

Filip A says:

I’ll not be so sure that small size with a lot of power it’s a good combination. Remember about heating. When the amplifiers are bigger, they have more space inside and have bigger radiator, so they keep lower temperature inside, so the transistors have more effectiveness. It’s not e big deal to make smaller amplifier. But open that big Sony witch is 4×70 RMS and see how many space thay have inside and how big is the body witch is a radiator made of aluminum, against that small, tight 5×100 RMS Rockford. It’s like compare laptop and PC. Laptop always will be less effective than PC. Because everything inside is tight in small body and the cooling system is worst. A temperature is bad for transistors and theirs effectiveness.

Jjackj Lucky says:

Gotta do no audio for people to see there not as good sounding as vocal but there Def up there

Pedro Simoes says:

I’ve got the Orion Cobalt coaxials in my car paired to a Pioneer head unit, 50 watts rms per channel, the sound quality can’t be better, it is just amazing, even being the entry level speakers

kakka626 says:

how about rainbow

Jason Rogers says:

Pioneer makes good mono amps 9601 and the shallow subs are nice Fosgate had the best of all 20 years ago now amps are ok but subs cost too much for the good ones I’ve got old punch series from 90s they are tough

keaty1984 says:

What about alpine g series speakers?

tiger8254 says:

Basically it’s all about personal preference. What sounds good to one person may sound like crap to another. Also not everyone likes the same genre of music and that’s another thing to consider.

I'm me says:

I love the pioneer champion series

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