2-Way vs 3-Way Speakers: Which Is Better?

http://www.audioholics.com – 2-Way vs 3-Way Speakers Which Is Better?: We sit down with Shane Rich, Technical Director of RBH Sound to compare 2-way vs 3-way loudspeaker designs. We discuss the trade offs of each design type and why a designer may choose a particular driver topology to meet the requirements the product is designed for.

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Peter ptr51ntn says:

the speaker system that is ideal to me is one that has high quality, clear and high definition sound where you can distinguish one sound from another even at the lowest levels, and its not just a collision of sound at every volume level low and high. Hence I have been interested in the Klipsch Reference premier line of floor standing speakers particularly the RP-280F for front right and left and the RP-440C  center channel speaker with a klipsch R-12SW subwoofer for a 3.1 system.

German Adolfo Bahr says:

I use a nanodigi with 4 DACs, 4 Stereo amps class D and 4 speakers woofer 15″ TL, 8″ mid, 3″ mid and 1″ tweeter. And can adjust any cross frequency digitally. Touch sky with my hands. Passive crossovers are things from the past.

Joseph N2XBN says:

I Like 3 or 4 way. I have been a guitar player for a number of years, and I can tell when a speaker sounds good , and also, others players may agree, as if they can tell if 1st 2nd or 3rd cord positions are played on a acoustic guitar neck.

DA Master says:

He nailed it at @6:04 if you don’t have enough cone area or enough excursion for a mid then you are limiting the impact of what an instrument can have. Im no engineer but it makes sense. something that plays loud effortlessly. that’s why I’m a fan of martin logans electrostatics.but the Most realistic speaker ive ever heard is Magnepan 1.7s Instruments just sound real plus the imaging is top notch. Some of the cone best speakers ive heard are MTM,. Maybe experiment with AMT Tweeters on your MTM designs to try and capture that. Plus AMT speakers look more expensive so sell more if priced right.

My Techwales says:

2 way sound better while put on a solid stand at ear level, coupled with a decent subwoofer all balanced. I have dali ikon 1 mk2 on the front a vocal centre and zensor 1 to the rear. Using a tanoy sfx subwoofer. powered by a sony str-dh540 all for quite cheap and it sounds better than it cost. I used to have floorstanders at the front which where 3.5 way and they sounded very closed. now the music is very rich and wide sound stage. The sub perfectly reaches the lows and all speakers are set to small 80hz so the sub carrys the really low. Sounds great with all mediums

boriken395pr says:

For me
it will be price and performance. Great video guys, keep up the good work!

Dan Donna says:

I have small budget for my home theater only $3000 5.1 or 5.2 seperatesI have seen very good deals for used speakers pre amp and amps few say very good condition or like newI can get little warranty for few years I have small room  with 2 walls,2 patio doors(6′ wide) and no 3rd wall open up into dinning area and kitchen looking at 2 way book shelf stead of 4 foot floor speakers

andre johnson says:

i have a SP-93-V speaker selector with volume control, which i hooked up to my receiver in the the A terminal but when i use a set a speaker in my B terminal the volume controller turns both my A and B down please help

Mike says:

i have a pair of Klipsch KLF 20 three way towers with a harman kardon avr 1700 driving them–also klipsch center , sub=woofer and rear surrounds–i listen to music with 2 channel and movies in surround. i havent heard anything in that price range that would beat the sound out

Ca Nadian thepride says:

At 2:40 … Imagine the Pioneer CS-63DX as example … the dark red shirt man is way off road and have no idea what he is talking about … sorry

acousticdrivers says:

These guys are off on their facts, lots of missing data…….especially the guy from RBH.

Lukas Böck says:

phase aligned coax = hell yeah.
proud genelc 8351 owner here

David Walker says:

2 Way seems better than 3 way because 2 ways seems to integrate
the sound better. Also, 3 way seem more sensitive to height positioning
etc. However, I picked up some high end 3 way for a song hence this is
why I have them.

Rudy Diaz says:

Great show! I can only suggest to use basic language and not so much technical terminology.

xburgos1 says:

Quick question based on your comments. I have SVS ultra towers, should I go with a ultra center or an ultra bookshelve single speaker? Super curious!!!!

Rex Holes says:

I avoided the entire question by building my own speakers which have a line array of 8 small full range speakers and a large subwoofer in a separate bandpass enclosure in each cabinet, I may be crazy but they sound good to me

Zockopa says:

Well,it all depends,right ? Mostly on the listening habbit and the listening room. In small rooms the typical 2way or even a
compact 3way will do just fine,if those are well constructed and can be placed correctly. In larger rooms,a mature 3way will
outperform a usual 2way or a MTM. And i mean a 3way that doesnt need a sub for the basskick in your stomach.
Anyway,multiple mids always lead to lobbing. Thats why they speak of sound rather than hifi. But hey,everyone as they please.

VTKZ says:

2 or 3 Way ?? Fullrange Speaker 🙂 🙂

Sound Warp says:

On 2-way versus 3-way I just wanted to paraphrase Andrew Jones comments on his new Uni-Fi series of speakers: 3-way is better when done right. Yes, more complex, but I like complexity when well-implemented. The woofer doesn’t have to struggle producing the midrange frequencies and the bass frequencies.

Hemshemsems says:

What is the Pass Labs power amp driving, the subs only? I had the X350.5 and that was the worst highend amp i ever pay’d for. Slash price – i’ll pick the 2 other options. I only need 2 speakers and i’m not into movies and you need separate systems anyway to get great 2 channel or home cinema sound. I would still have my tv in the middle in my setup as i dont have a house this big and i dont have a separate room for this hobby, but first thing i would do is fix the room, then speakers! This talk about choosing your speaker will get more problematic if the room acoustics are crap.. Agree on 2 way is the holy grail almost because of the crossover and the “lower” the point the better. A lot of ppl should actually start with a way smaller “highend” speaker, and really listen to what this form factor really can do, and most rooms at least in europe are quite small and small rooms demand small speakers and WAF is not what i’m talking about..

George Smith says:

the only reason that companies make 2 way speakers nowadays is the cost. 3 drivers cost more than two and require more complex crossovers and research. on the other hand most high end speakers are 3 way, but they cost much more.

happylemon666 says:

you got all the way through that without once mentioning Joseph D’Appolito! And did I hear correct? 2 large bass drivers and just one mid is wrong? You mean like the WATT PUPPY?

Ca Nadian thepride says:

My JBL 4341 4 ways ….My JBL 4313B 3 ways … My Electro-Voice Sentry III 3 ways … Don’t fuc% around with cheap speakers … put more money on it and enjoy the real sound … easy to understand !

joshua43214 says:

2ways are better because inconsistent drivers make 3ways too much trouble for us to deal with.Next time, bring in someone who has nothing to gain by doing the show…

John Barnes Jr says:

I want to replace my Bose 601 speakers with mtm speakers where can I get them?

FrakU2 says:

I am currently looking into buying electrostatic speakers and ribbon tweeters speakers. Can you give me your most honest opinions of those technologies?

gamebent says:

I don’t agree on the two way design. They can sound very good that is true but you cannot get the low end a three way delivers. A two way cannot contain a big woofer since its midrange response does not go high enough to crossover into a tweeter without introducing distortion. Try listen to the Yamaha NS 1000’s . A good recording can be a very emotional experience.

Alpha Auto Detailing Chico CA says:

3 way hands down

audioman628 says:

I think it’s a matter of personal taste. I have a 3 way design and as long as your not right on top of the speaker it sounds great. Also some people like more midrange and others less in the sound of the speaker. What do you think of bi polar speakers,such as Definitive Technology where there is a set of tweeters and midranges on the back of the speakers. I’ve heard them and to me it definitely adds to the sound stage. Great discussion, thanks.

Szymon Krasuski says:

Not 2 nor 3 way but 2.5 are the best

MrHawkwind says:

My Tannoy DC3000’s with a slightly less piercing treble, great with the grills on but take them off and ouch :).

Slosh Mike says:

Asks “What’s better? A 2-way or 3-way speaker design?” Then, discusses a speaker design with 8 drivers in it.

MenfisRetroSpace says:

17 minutes and at the end which is better!!!???

khlash says:

5:00 pretty sure that’s the ugliest speaker I’ve ever seen..

Tony C. says:

I agree completely with the “artificially large vertical soundstage” comments. I can’t handle “ten-foot high guitars”, either. It just sounds overwhelming and unnatural.

Dan Donna says:

Well didn’t Make it to $3000 Marantz AV7005 Used but like new $1019 No video repaired $245 Marantz MM7055 Refurbished  $899   8-Outlet Home Theater Power Management with Surge Protection and Power Conditioning $135  Elac F5 used but like new Each $250 $500 C5 used but like new $160 B6 used but  like new Pair $230 S10 EQ used but like new $440 Topeakmart 2 Pcs Speaker Stands $50 A table from Ikea HEMNES $100 Blue Jean Cables speaker cables 12 AWG  sonic welded banana 2x 40 foot and 3x 10 foot $218 Blue jean Cables balance connectors $148 Blue Jean cables RCA Subwoofer cable $30 TOTAL IS $4,074  My first Home Theater

Alpha Auto Detailing Chico CA says:

15 sub-5 1/2 and tweeter old school speakers are the way to go

Red Forman says:

2 way or 3 way for a 2001 Lexus is300?

Rudy Diaz says:

Keep it simple

Tony C. says:

I have Paradigm active 450LRs, which are MTMs, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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