A wonderful compact stereo system! (Featuring Heed, Totem Acoustic, and REL)

This is the first of what I hope will be many videos that celebrate excellent synergies between hi-fi components. In this video, I go over a special pairing between the Totem Acoustic Sky and the Heed Elixir. This system can be a GREAT solution for the audiophile who listens to a wide variety of music and doesn’t need a lot of modern features.

USD Pricing (as of the time of this video)

Totem Acoustic Sky: $1850/pair
Heed Elixir: $1195
REL T5i: $749

The music that’s featured in this video!

The Jayhawks – Two Hearts

Muddy Waters – Folk Singer

Illinois String Jacquet – Swings the Thing

***Note**** Both recording samples were taken from the stock mics on a Sony RX-10 camera.

Manufacturer Product Pages

Totem Acoustic Sky

Heed Elixir

REL T-5i


Martin Myrdal says:

You should do something special for your upcoming 5k subscriber milestone.

blax100dk says:

I am thinking of buying a pair of Dali Opticon 6 – they cost together what one of these speakers cost! Must be very good though for that step a price. Have you heard any of the Dali Opticons? And very good videos by the way – a lot of tips you normally would have to learn through years of experience with speakers.

spunkthecombo says:

Bing watching your video reviews! Well done. I appreciate the auditions at the end. Thanks.

Willis Enterprise says:

The source is important plus cables to complete a System

Beachcombers NZ says:

Hi Sean. I have a pair of 15 yr old Klipsch RB-35’s (big ass bookends). I have changed my amp and source over the years, but I cant get away from those damm horns! lol So any videop with a sweet pairing for Klipsch products would be great!

3en6ie 3en6ie says:

Sweet looking system 🙂

I’ve never heard a REL but I have a newer MK Sound V8 “movie” subwoofer (small sealed 8″) I’ve been pretty impressed with it musically for what a paid $300

Bill Westfall says:

I know this isn’t the main purpose of the channel, but maybe a video on any recommendations for inexpensive components. These things are an order of magnitude more expensive than I could ever spend

Beachcombers NZ says:

Hi Sean. Great video! I live in rural New Zealand and the nearest “hifi” shop is a plane ride away! Keep em coming!

Stefan Lindbom says:

Only assholes by this overpriced shit

Fredric Neuer says:

I have the DALI  Zensor 1 speakers which you favorably reviewed a while ago. Can you recommend any specific or even several amps which may be a good match for them?Use an old Arcam A65+ which may be bit underpowered for them. Seem to have trouble bringing out the bass part of the music!

spunkthecombo says:

Well done.

Alan Kirschbaum says:

Totem mites, old regards brio and theorems TD 160. Totem makes great speakers

Yippie says:

Hey Sean, which do you like better, the Totem Sky or the Harbeth P3ESR? Thanks.

Arthur Watts says:

OK Sean – I’m going to be pedantic, but how is this a ‘system’ when you haven’t specified a source ? Just sayin’ ……

Optimize says:

Noo.. you repeatedly said high end. And then said it will sound good with low rate and mp3s.. (lower quality recoding source material in will sound good in this system!!)

A Signum for a high end system are that bad recodings will sound for what they are. It will sound bad with low quality source and vice versa.

So if all recordings sounds good as you said, then it is a sign of a non high end system. Period.

Yes it is still a nice system.
But give it the highest performance rating as high end is to stretch it out to far.

NETnews says:

great video and great system! 🙂

lex Tr3 says:

in my estats.. in that recording and my setup i ear something wrong in the midrange but maybe it’s just the sucky reverb in the voice.. i think there is a hole in the low mid.. you can ear it on the horns too.. maybe your dac or the room..

Chris Curran says:

a cd player option with it?

Barney Wee says:

aesthetically pleasing, for the visuals it would be a definite attraction. where should one put the subwoofer, front centre, front left or right? Does it matter?

eriksven says:

I like this idea of showing systems. Good initial post man. Questions: (1) is that a class D amp, and if so, did you notice any issues on the top end? (2) you mention in a comment here that you’ve already got budget one lined up next, but I wanted to post this for your thoughts as well. Both these speakers and this amp have gotten praise at absolutesound (though I know some think they praise everything). BUT… this amp is rated at 50 watts and I’ve heard these speakers are kinda power hungry. It looks like there *COULD* be a lot of value, but only if the amp can output enough to drive those speakers. Would be cool if someone could get a demo package to try out and review… *cough* hint *cough* Here’s the link: http://www.psaudio.com/products/sprout-elac-system-2/#tab-features

Jason Greensmith says:

Simaudio any good?.

tony mccarthy says:

Love me some Muddy Waters… That sound was from the Album “Folk Singer” I think ?

bungofficiel says:

how does it compare against KEF ls50w?

Zero Fidelity says:

Some of you are no doubt wondering why I didn’t spend much time going over the REL T5i in this video. The answer is simple: I feel like only a small portion of you will feel the need to experience *more* bass with this particular system. Beyond that, the REL T5i is an excellent performer that’ll compliment just about any high-quality stereo system. It just so happens to match the aesthetics, price, and performance of the Heed/Totem pairing well. So at the end of the day, it’s simple: If you love your deep bass, add a REL T5i (or two).

Brian Pacheco says:

The way you describe the Totems is exactly what I’m trying to solve with some Martin Logan 35X’s. They can be bright but their clarity is outstanding. I feel like the Elixir would be a great pairing as well. Thanks for the review.

MrManwiththehat says:

Have you any experience of Peachtree Nova 150 and how it pairs with the Totem Sky?

Hung Lo says:

Yeah prefer a versatile sound myself. Auditioned totem sky towers a few months back with a high end Yamaha integrated amp and wasn’t impressed. I believe the problem was the matching of the components. From my past experiences in owning many Yamaha products over the years, I don’t think that is a good match for the Skys. I would bet a brand like Luxman would match those speakers exceptionally well.

Yippie says:

I like that you started playing the components you reviewed at the end of the video.

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Great review! I have a small listening room, and I really like the size of that REL subwoofer! My wife just picked me up a pair of KEF Q100 speakers, I think the might really go well with that size of sub!

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