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rckymtn3 says:

Beauty is completely subjective.

Frank says:

I’ve got the same floorboards in my home

Fred Muromov says:

awsm !+++ )))

heenzmaster says:

Awesome video

sinephase says:

those flat speakers are like planar speakers, and they cost 22000 EUR :O

BrownMoses says:

all it takes are some little fostex drivers and a shit ton of research.

hahasimpsons says:

So, how many kids do I need to sell to afford just one of those frd’s?

RumsyDumsy says:

but will it djent?

Slippschitts Hey says:

I ipad sounds just the same

Jon Taylor says:

Dr. Seuss’s Sound system.

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Unfortunately the compression used by You Tube filters out the deep sub bass, but the mid range does sound good.

Mathieu SB says:

lol funny name pneu it’s tyre in French and OMG even with headphone and youtube the sound look Amazing with small loud speaker

Andrew Balus says:

To those that don’t know. Yes they most likely use a sub. There’s no other way to get sub level sound. No full range speaker can do that.

But they are top 3 in the world. As good as it gets. And yes like all full range. They are not designed to rock out. They are for a small amount of instruments. In this genre though. Only a couple truly compete. You Tube cannot do them justice. It doesn’t even play all the frequencies to do so. This is on another level.

There are always compromises with sound. This is as perfect as a full range, single speaker gets. Near perfection. Where perfection is not actually attainable.

Tim Danby says:

Dr Seuss was on the design team.

Сева Крылов says:

да там даже усилители выключены были! ДИЗЛАЙК!!!!!!!!

Jan Willem says:

Why fullrange drivers?

Rene Vega says:

Waaawwwwwwwww I from México city Exelente

hobbyhands says:

I want to lay it down, put a penny on the edge and watch it go round, and round.

johnman says:

snoop dogg would love these speakers.

The Wrong Person says:

Those speakers should have fruit spilling out of them.

sam737373 says:

listening to hi end speakers on my phone lol love the pone

Eduardo Lozano says:

Que tal sonaría una rolota de cartel de santa a todo volumen en este equipo :v

Pp Lime says:

If the sound from the video not re-dub…..OMG !!!

Tim Danby says:

1812 Overture anyone?

Nathaniel Smith says:

I have herd the myself they sound super hifi.

Mr Bob says:

Every Hobbit should have one

tacsmoker says:

ironically they are loud speakers…………the two dudes at the beginning lol

FrustratedBaboon says:

Looks like stuff from the 60s and early 70s.

Kevin Hodgkinson says:

When the sound is so good you turn in to a multidimensional space goat

Mungmonkey says:

WOW ….. sound

Edd orion antarex says:

thank you¡¡¡¡¡

Giorgio Verde says:

finalmente un po’ di originalità e fantasia che esce dai canoni classici complimenti

rafdmo says:

Can it play hardstyle?

Oleg Eremin says:

Каждый дрочет как хочет

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