ATC SCM11 Bookshelf HiFI Speakers Review

A review of the ATC SCM11 bookshelf hi-fi speakers, available in cherry (shown here) or black – view full ATC range at


MrZenderOne says:

This girl sounds amazing :)p

IceCream TV says:

One of my fav speaker brands, and one of the very few who doesn’t rip off customers, you get what you pay for.
I had the pleasure of comparing the active version of SCM 20 MK2 (pro) and the passive version, and it requires a REALLY GOOD amp to make the passive version better, we had to hook an Audio GD Master 10 to get better sound. Fortunately, Audio GD gear is relatively cheap and a bargain, but, if no Audio GD, expect to pay +10k for an amp…if one doesn’t want to mess with things, the active version of ATC speakers is a great deal IMO.
Also, could hear Magico Q1 and the ATC had absolutely nothing to envy, truly stunning speakers.

utubecomment21 says:

The reviewer should add the phrase “until recently” when describing ATC building their own drivers, because for years, decades even, they were using some of the cheapest tymphany drivers (tweeters) which is still being used today in some of their speakers–264-1024

As for “Quality banana plugs” they really are the type of parts-express bargain bin connectors. They’re hardly up to the likes of Furutech or WBT!

funk toon says:

all talk and no demo makes funktoon give this review a thumbs down.

Taffy O'Keefe says:

Whaaaaaat? No speaker covers and I just ordered a pair. Oh well, hope they sound as good as you say.

Done says:

Ordered and can’t wait for its arrival!

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