Audio Gold – Inside the Aladdin’s cave of analogue hi-fi

From their fine range of vintage turntables and speakers to mountains of tape decks, cables and old amps, through to their fabled “prop” room, we delve into the wonderful, cavernous world of Audio Gold.

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Music: Funk Factory, ‘Funk It’, courtesy of Be With Records. Get the full LP:


George Shiels says:

that’s not the way you do that

lizichell2 says:

A good deck has minimal wow and flutter

G Man says:

Wow …just came across ur chsnel by chance…can you say where yiur shop is …i want to visit


Great shop Robin!

buickmonte says:

Looks like my closet at home,lol. I could spend hours there just looking,if you need someone to help straighten up,i’m your man!!!

samtyler100 says:

There’s a reason this shop is based in Crouch End/Highgate because only the rich can afford the extortionate prices these guys charge.If this shop was based in the poorer parts of London it would have closed down years ago.I urge anyone to check out their web site.There’s a Dual 505 currently going for £325.A snip!!

Edu Noguez says:

Cool place

jeremy lord says:

I need a pioneer cl100 tweeter replacement desperately please!

Its a Rome Thing Everyday says:

Löved the video

Pnagarajan Nagarajan says:

All displayed products are information only or available in market ?

BrownMoses says:

Holy crap! At 2:05 you can see my first tape player and 2XL robot that used 8 Tracks. What a memory.

Robert Hunter says:


Luís Antônio Marrega says:

Meu amigo Parabéns. Você tem uma bela coleção de aparelhos antigos, vou só palas imagem porque infelizmente não intendo inglês! Vida longa e próspera! Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

Daniel Momcilovic says:

Lol this is like my dads house, hoarding kit from the 70s

Nachatar Dhaliwal says:

I have Tannoy dual concentric speakers. Yay

lizichell2 says:

Oh my gosh this place is glorious

vinod jain says:

Oh wow

geo raduica says:

it brokes my heart watching this……..those units shoud be in a hifi lover’s living room , playing music not standing in that warehouse expouse to humidity and cold temperatures for those years…….equipment is built to enjoy people , to bring joy and excitement!

Anthony Ward says:

Went up there a few years back as my wife wanted to get me a tape deck for my birthday. On the same visit she bought herself some really nice Sony headphones. Since bought some new phones for my dad, new Wharfedale speakers, & lastly had my NAD amp repaired. Lovely people. They sell records too. I need an excuse to visit again.

luis alberto navarro says:

Balla cuantas cosas como kisiera estar serca para octener unos deesos aparatos de sonido me facinan.

Juan Carlos Mora says:

Looks like my garage lol.

rajender Kumar says:

so great,you are my big bro

Andy Gee says:

The Audio Centre, South Croydon, Surrey. UK

Andy Gee says:

There’s also THE AUDIO CENTRE based in South Croydon. Alphonso, the proprietor, sells and maintains vintage audio and video equipment. He specialises in open reel tape recorders and has over 50 years invested in the audio visual business.

lizichell2 says:

In which town is this glorious nirvana???

Pete Booya says:

Absolutely Magnificent!

NeptuneReturnz says:

I used to live downstairs! Noisy shop!

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