Audioquest NEW Speaker Cables A/B Demo Garth Powell Linn Kudos Audio @ hi-fi Show Live 2018

A Pursuit Perfect System Exclusive Video for the hi-fi Show Live 2018

In this video I am in a room with Audioquest demonstrating their NEW range of Mythical Creatures Speaker Cables with the Linn Selekt all in one player and Kudos Audio Titan 505 Speakers

The song used in this demonstration is
Stairway to Heaven Rodrigo y Gabriela
Link to buy CD
Link to buy Vinyl

The music clips had to be kept short – there is a quick A/B demo at the end

There is LOTS more coverage on the way and there will be a full show review / report on the website

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Євген Домашець says:

Dragon is best

Ian Peck says:

I myself hate speaker cables costing more than my speakers or amps in my system.

Julia Set says:

The thing that I like about AudioQuest is that they sell cables at all price points. You can buy a pair of cables for as little as $40, or spend thousands, and all will provide a meaningful upgrade from run-of-the-mill cables. The problem is of course: once you get a taste of the expensive stuff, you are spoiled.

Victor Johnson says:

As a certified electronic technician, I can tell you that any cable that has less than 1/10th Ohm resistance and does not produce an inductance level of more than 1 micro-henry will sound exactly the same no matter how much the designer rip-off company charges!

Tunti Turpaan says:

The fact of the matter is that a regular good quality speaker cable which costs no more than $30/100ft will transmit an audio signal with no perceivable loss of quality over the distances required in a normal living room. It’s certainly possible to manufacture a cable that sounds different, but let’s be honest here – that cable is not better from the standpoint of flawlessly reproducing the audio – it distorts the signal. Whether or not that’s something you like is a different matter entirely and up to personal preference. I just wish retailers were honest about this, rather than trying to sell customers ridiculously expensive cables which offer no real benefit. These people with their woo woo science claims are giving the whole hifi community a bad reputation.

Daniel Green Vlogs says:

To much talking,no one knows what he’s talking about anyway!.

John - John says:

Thank you for posting. I own a Niagra 1000 and and tornado power cable. They made an insane difference and I was very curious to hear more about the new speaker cables.

ElvislaD says:

Fuck,that room next door was loud

TransmissionLineDesigns says:

Maybe this might serve to clear things up –

Alex Tomlins says:

Cables are essential, that’s for sure.

Richard Dekany says:

i think, there is not much more to say:

Kevin Karbonik says:

What a bunch of bullshit… I’ve spent 20 years in the pro audio, touring world… This is a bunch of crap… An amplifier does not put put Ohms… Ohms is the load on the amplifier , the resistance of the speaker itself…… this guy is soo full of shit . As long as you use a decent copper wire relevant to the power you are using… everything this guy says is bullshit, copper wire is copper wire … is it shielded? …

Dr. Zoidberg says:

Bring back the Nighthawks please. Great headphones.

Tim Alanthwaite says:

Always fascinating to hear this man speak.

JR62InHomeTheater says:

It is and always will be SNAKE OIL!!!!

Joe N Tell says:

I think the non-Audio Quest cables were wired out of phase. Good trick though.

Esoteric Audiophile says:

It amazes me that even with such a clear demonstration A/B, still some people continue to use “Snake Oil” in their personal defense… Perhaps, they can’t afford upgrading and this can be very frustrating? Or they have too much wax build up? Perhaps they can afford Q-tips?

D Veersel says:

Whats the massive rumbling airplane like sound I can hear when the monstercable is played? Other than that I can hardly or can’t hear any difference. I Can hear differences in volume but I cannot hear differences in audio quality. Though I can hear enourmous differences in audioquality in components like speakers wich in the opinion of the AQ salesman are equal components like cables.

poserwanabe says:

After working as a audio engineer for decades, this is one of the biggest shit shows I’ve ever seen, no disrespect, jmho..

Yippie says:

I can totally hear the differences of all four cables even through youtube. Anyone who says that all cables sound the same and call them snake oil must be deaf.

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