Best stereo speakers under £200, 2014 – Wharfedale Diamond 220

Best stereo speakers under £200, 2014
Wharfedale Diamond 220 review:
Best stereo speakers 2014:
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Night Elektron says:

Sucks speakers !! I do not trust in ”what hi-fi” . I failed with some english brand speakers !!
I believe they only promotes propaganda . The speakers with 5 stars can not be trusted .
Built appearances only cheating … but the sound is bad . Price not worth

Raymond Leggs says:

Noaudiophile would hate these. he hates practically every speaker…

simon3102000 says:

Shame they look shit.

Stephen Scott says:

I just bought the 220’s. They are amazing!

Zay The Banana says:

should i get these or the diamond 10.2’s?

Bigchuck678 says:

re these the same as the diamond 10.2?

Kregg Marx says:

Ordered these, waiting on them. Don’t like the finish but the reviews are top notch. Will use these near field on a desktop with tilted stands and a tube amp and tube phono stage.

KrishKrusher says:

Upgrading from 300 dollar monitor audio to 200 dollar 220s..I am happy to say that the current speaker market is heading in the right direction

Charles Pritchard says:

can these be wall mounted for home cinema?

Haribo says:

Hi, can I suggest that you guys do a starter/medium/pro set up recommendations? like an amp + a pair of speakers. I think viewers will like to see it.

Star-G says:

I am thinking of buying the 220, but i really don’t know much about sound. My question is, how do i connect them to my PC? As far a i’ve seen they don’t have a 3.5mm jack or a USB port so i really have no idea how they connect. Are there any wires included with the speakers?

Mike Brooks says:

Wharfedale are not the company they used to be back in the Linton, Denton years. The look of these speakers on this video. is terrible. Shiny cheap plastic stuck to laminate covered chip board! Not exactly premium materials, I’ve seen lesser brands producing and looking better. And if they sound anything like the Wharfedale Diamond 9’s I heard that were also praised I’ll give em a miss and stick to my Yamaha’s, thanks all the same.

Thomas Edward says:

Why the racist comments about speakers aren’t the available in beech that would go with my decor

Drew Peterson says:

niggas whining about the look of the speakers, who gives a shit, you’re listening, not looking

A. Nilla-or says:

these speakers really get good reviews about the sound quality, but damn! the back side looks bloody cheap :/

Marc 'SakaSpuds' Bower says:

how do these compare to 9.2 or 10.2’s ?

Yomka Hassan says:

I like these,but i also heard about Zensor 3.These or Zensor 3?Thank you!

Florentin Sardan says:

Here’s a head to head home comparison i’ve made between Q Acoustics 3020 and Wharfedale Diamond 220:

Test impressions:
– Q Acoustics 3020 sound cleaner and more natural
– QA3020 tend to generate sibilance (probably because of the bright Yamaha receiver)
– WD220 are laid back, very easy to listen and show no sibilance or harshness whatsoever 
– QA3020 sound a bit bright (on Yamaha) but WD220 are quite dark
– WD220 have more bass although both lack proper bass
– WD220 cabinet had a tiny peeling issue while QA3020 cabinet was good

Recording setup
– Receiver Yamaha RX-V473 in Pure Direct mode
– HP laptop with a LifeCam HD-5000 webcam placed about 1.5 meters from one of the speakers.
– Audio Recorder 1.6-3 ( running on Ubuntu 15.04
– music selected from
– one Q Acoustics 3020 speaker connected to Left cable and one Wharfedale Diamond 220 to Right, each channel recorded individually

vincent simpson says:

i’ve just bought the 220’s set up with marantz cd6005 and pm6005 and they sound amazing much better then my q acoustic 1020’s and they look great aswel whats all the chatter about the backs whos looking at the back why would you want to look at the back isnt the front good enough for yer, i have heard worse for more money and that goes for the yamy 401 that sound very tinny the wharfdales are well made look and sound great and for under £200 a pair you cant complain.

Fernando Máximo Torres says:

no tweeter? no port? mmmm I would look for a pair of Polk Audio or Monitor Audio

Don Fellman says:

using a nobsound MS-10D for about $160

Raymond Leggs says:

there is a tweeter and you dont need a port unless you want boomy bass

Ferbeldeyberb says:

“There’s also smooth MDF on the cabinet veneers”. That’s the trouble when you are told what to say by marketing berks. Bag of shite.

pat osborne says:

THE USER REVIEWS ON WHAT HIFI disappeared last night!  I personally ranted how I got mislead from them into buying the M.A. bx2s in 2013.  Now they’re hawking the W.Dales 220.  Where did everybody’s reviews go?  I say “caution”!

Alec Apple says:

a nice pair of polk’s would destroy these 

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