Boston Acoustics A25 review and sound test

This is my review of the astonishingly amazing Boston Acoustics A25 bookshelf, possibly the best bookshelf speakers under £100.
Tested on my Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 amp via my Nexus 5.

See the original song: (Syndrus – I don’t need you ft Stephanie Kay)

Pricing and availability

(UK) Superfi £94.95
Amazon £99.95

(US) Amazon $149

(CA) Amazon CDN$ 159.00

(Germany) EUR 83,21


Dimensions (H x W x D mm): 270 x 183 x 225
Frequency Response: 55Hz – 25kHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier: 10 – 150W
Sensitivity: 87 dB (SPL/2.8V/m)
Tweeter: 1” Kortec softdome
Woofers: 5.25” DCD (deep channel design)
Weight (kg): 4.6
3 finishes: Gloss White, Gloss Black and Satin Cherry

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Abinesh Srinivasan says:

Do i need an integrated amplifier with this speaker for more quality ? or Do i need a DAC and an integrated amplifier or just a DAC ? I’m so confused

Thomas Melchior says:

nice vid.
can you say one or two things more about these in comparison to the zensor 1 ?

Vishal Chauhan says:

I have  Edifier S730 system. it has a mid range issue. Based on your review I am really keen on buying Boston Acoustics A 25.

Can I directly connect these speakers on my woofer? I will have to buy a separate AMP?  If AMP is needed which one do you suggest?

Bogdan Craciun says:

Thanks! Good job. Anyone knows which is the R.M.S. power?

Mika Hakinen says:

Are they good choice for techno/electro music?

uniformal1 says:

good review. i was looking at the a26 model. bigger brother. 

sam nofel says:

i bought boston a26 here in chicago from accessories4less for $89 each but didnt care much for them sold them for $180 on craiglist then i bought a25 which was much better as a balance speaker paired them with hk3490 but when i auditioned sp bs22  for $79 from amazon believe me those little sp bs22 blew these bostons out of water. i was soo pissed because i had to spent alot of money just for shipping

Kaygun D says:

I have this theory that because of the DCD the A25 in a pair will make excellent Desk speakers for my situation. with the DCD essentially I won’t have to turn them up as loud to get more BASS. I Currently have to Premier Acoustic PA-8C on my desk standing up vertically as Left and Right(Crossover 65Hz)- The PA-8C’s are great but at near listening distance say, at my desk the higher frequencies can sort of.. hurt, or are harsh, the tweeter is a “1” Titanium Tweeter” “PA-8C: Wattage: 50- 200 Watts” -so.. I’m thinking I’d use the PA’s in a larger living room style setup with more space in the room. My (computer setup) receiver is the Yamaha RX-V990. I ordered the A25(pair) – I Hope my theory works out. I was thinking about the A26 but they’re very similar in spec, and since I’ll be keeping the crossover at around 65Hz with my XONAR DGX sound card, there’s very little reason to get the A26 for a ‘4Hz’ difference. Unless there’s some other difference I’m missing from the main site(?) and not the woofer size.

-liked -subbed

harry gill says:

Are these as good as the Warfedale diamonds 9.1s or the Cambridge audio sx50s in design and sound quality. Thanks for the review and all of your reviews.

Hoon Lee says:

Wow, it’s a real bargain in the UK.  I’ve recently got A23s-cute little brother of A25- with 125k KRW(about  £73) for my office use and they just perform far better than I expected.  As far as A25s concerned, it could compete with any entry-level speakers like Wharfedale diamond 121 I believe.

Droidz Hunterz says:

I wonder if i could replace my logitech Z5500 satellites with 5 of these speakers and get better sound? My Xonar soundcard has bass redirection so the crossover should not be a problem. If the system can handle it then I dont have to buy a receiver/amp

omar farrugia says:

I have a stereo receiver marantz sr 4320 and wondered if these pair of speakers would do the job

Jacarch says:

Do you run all your tests with a flat EQ? Thanks 🙂

Frank Sturgeon says:

Nice looking speakers, and they sound fantastic on my Logitech PC speakers toward the end there.

matty says:

What’s ur music player?,great video man

TheXtremesoundz says:

Damm! They look like two mean speakers! Great review.

tap42al says:

Have you tried the a26?

Caayotee says:

Great review. By the way, any idea how these speakers compare to Wharfedale Diamond 220?

crazed sheep says:

how many times does he say really?

Sesenio Perez says:

Shot your mouth….just play music

Ieuan Gray says:

The bass on them is not the best but I have a torpedo digital 10′ sub that on half can brake my window so I might get those speakers 🙂

Andrew Swift says:

Which country is the A25 Boston acoustics made from?Can i use it for my surround back home cinema system?tks.

yuval k says:

Great review. 
as always! 

sam nofel says:

first of all congrats for making fantastic videos.
my question is that what would be an upgrade over cambridge sx50 or boston a25? thankx.
currently i own boston a25 ans cambridge sx50

neil fellows says:

Waited for the sound test and what the fuck did he play the dopey twat (really)

Bogdan Apopii says:

Hi. Can u tell me witch subwoofer is better, Sony SA-CS9 or Boston Acoustics ASW 250? On the paper Sony is better, but i don’t know in reality.

Alex Burnaz says:

Nice review man, but why dont you use a decent DAC?

Andrew Swift says:

Which country is the A25 Boston acoustics made from?Can i use it for my surround back home cinema system?tks.

John-Erik johansson says:

this or sx50 ? for my nad d3020 ? i dont like muddy bass

Joe Chemo says:

They sound just like my computer’s speakers.
Seriously though, I hope you got to keep them because you did a good job.

sam nofel says:

if ur planning on buying a25 or a26 i highly recomend u guys audition boston cs26 series two at first u will like them. here on accessories4less boston cs26 series 2 are for $59 each

matty says:

Will defo download it, looks great, thanks for reply mate

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