Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 speakers review

Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 speakers review – our first review of the new B&W 600 Series for 2014. And see how they look compared to the original 685 speakers.
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Neville Fisher says:

just got a pair of these , and complimented with the same amp , picked up a 8200cd on eBay for £345 so full system outstanding

Quingen says:

Please do review on some of XTZ’s speakers

wdkcavens says:

Made in China? Dislike

tigerbalm says:

Speaker cabinets should ALWAYS be a wood veneer….or grass like bamboo even better for sustainable resource! I also HATE sharp edges!

RANT says:

eeeewwww front bass ports

Ryan Fuller says:

Why do you plug in on the top and bottom row when the posts are bridged? Why not just use the same row?

u mamma says:

auditioned these (£500) recently against the KEF Q300s (£450) i listened to different genres like Jazz. prog rock, prog metal, vocal. the 685 S2 sounded very good. very taught, sharp and accurate with a nice warm midrange. BUT they sounded very un-natural and as if they were straining to produce the sound, the soundstage was big but it had no depth or accuracy to it, sounded sloppy ish. were not by any stretch of the imagination realistic sounding. The KEFs on the other hand were £50 less. there was immediately a huge noticeable improvement in the smoothness and punchyness of the mid range, and they sounded almost transparent compared to the B&Ws. the low end was much more realistic sounding and the dynamic qualities were incredible. instrument wise. the B&Ws really struggled with reproducing the acoustic guitar at the beginning of Yes – And you and I. it sounded sloppier than my previous Mordaunt Short Aviano 2s (£150) one thing that the B&Ws do well though is the reproduction of drum sounds. very punchy and dynamic. Hope this helped anyone thinking about looking at these speakers.  

Vladimir Gashnev says:

Design at Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 has become much worse, cheaper than at Bowers & Wilkins 685. I do not think he will improve as it is quite ugly sound of the most beautiful in the past, speakers.
I was in love with these speakers – a very good design. The most beautiful of the small speakers. They worked their three days, changed the speaker cables, but a good sound from them is not achieved. It was necessary to return to a store … Very – very sorry. It is a pity that the speakers do not sound as good as they look

Bend Em says:

Speakers arnt all about style these are the sound goods that would please 99.9% of people they are great.

Nick Cotman says:

Can these be pushed to decently loud volume levels? I apologize, I know that is vague, but any feedback is appreciated! I am looking for a set of speakers for my NAD C326BEE and think these might fit the bill quite well. I just like to listen fairly loud sometimes (mostly rock music) and want to know if these can handle it!



When Sony uses their ACOUSTIC AUDIO line of speakers which a Center Wall Mount is Only $58.00 for a so called 350 watt speaker– Great for 30 year old Advent laureate upgrades but not for what you IDIOTS pay , i just bought used B&W ‘s for $ 95 a pair with the ALUMINUM heavy frame , not the cheap tin , Yes they use what they say is KEVLAR but ASAINS are LIARS !!! Really ASHKENAZI jews are TURK/ASAIN and that is 97% of ISRAEL , these are the people DESTROYING ELECTRONCS world and the OIL WORLD , OIL is PLENTIFUL and is not a FOSSIL FUEL , Your Electronics are made as Cheap as a LOW- Life has a Conscience ( NONE)… So keep Believing these Sex /Gambling /Homo craved A- HO’s and you’ll be Fine , They control the World -LAUGHING — Do it Yourself — I forgot –YOU CAN”T !!!

Night Elektron says:

Built appearances only cheating … but the sound is bad .

JoshDownUnder says:

+What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision I have a pair of B&W 602 S2. In your opinion is it worth trading up to these or do they offer much the same sound?. Also looking at the KEF LS50, or KEF R300. I love my 602’s. They’re my first hi-end speakers, but their only downfall I’ve noticed so far is their lack of bass, and they don’t really come to life until I really turn up the volume and then they sing. Thanks for your review

Ragingfighter1 says:

Are the 684 s2 a step up

Utomo .prawiro says:

Q acoustic releasing good speaker with good price.  Can B&W keep their customer with this new products?  Or q acoustic get some customers?

Got memes? says:

I don’t like the sound of these, highs and lows are good but the mids sound like they are more in the background

Dibbo79 says:

Are they releasing a gloss finish?

Anand Daniel says:

Hey when does 600 series launch in india?

GamuT a.k.a. GmT says:

I bought the white ones with Rotel RA12 amp & RCD12 silver combo…
not only it looks gorgeous, but it sounds phenomenal!

Been on B&W for decades, but these are really top notch.

B&W for life 😉

PS. you should really, really bi-wire these to get the best result possible, I use XT40 Qed anniversary cables and Van Den Hull for the Rotel interconnects

sudd says:

i really hate to looks of the safety net on the tweeter, it will degrade the sound also, so its not worth it, its not PA, so we dont need safety features!

Ragingfighter1 says:

I’m impressed I haven’t heard yet build quality seems good

jairdabrini says:

“black is back, but white is right” and this review sucked…

John Lau says:

Interesting price point.
Between CM1 and 685 S2, which pair would you recommend?

Fernando Máximo Torres says:

why you always just ignore USA speakers from your reviews?’

Simc Nova says:

it’s the same crap as a previous model.   602 S1 was great speakers 🙂

7367Network says:

Play Bass I Love You through these speakers.

roof pizza says:

B&W, for those that like their ears to bleed and pay extra for it and the Chinese assembly.

Edgar Harris says:

Great video guys…!!! How low can these speakers reach? and in 2:07 what cables are you using?

Thank you..

What Hi-Fi? says:

Now live: B&W 683 S2 video review: Bowers & Wilkins 683 S2 speakers review

WV591 says:

Stop advertising and pushing these Chinese made junk. they are not made in England no matter what you call these. need to change the name C & C. Chinese & Chinese

bluepicis says:

Bad idea white background for a white speakers.

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