Buchardt S400 speakers review

Check out details on this speaker at https://www.buchardtaudio.com/

This video is my experience with the Buchardt S400. I did not do a full review as the video would have been too long. For a true review, check out the video from Zero Fidelity instead

In this video, I got my audiophile friends to share their opinion on what they think of the S400.


Michael Choi says:

Great video- I’m interested in the Dynaudio special 40 as well as this one. Which do you think is “better”? I’m especially interested in detail retrieval, dynamics and sound stage. Thanks!

Andy B says:

I’m very curious about Magnepan’s speakers. Thomas would you give us some quick thoughts on them? I’m not looking for the definitive review, but just your impressions would be very interesting to me.

junseok koh says:

This video is very good and helpful.
I still don’t know myself what kind of sound I want
Categorize speakers is very good point
I have Harbeth p3esr, Proac response 1s, Dynaudioo F110, Roger ls3/5a
Which category these speakers belong to?

magewright says:

What is the recommended stand height for these speakers?

bedok77 says:

Was looking forward to this review 🙂 . Yours’ and John Darko’s reviews are the two audio reviews on youtube I look out for .

In Darkness says:

Keep Rocking in it, not of it !

Ant D says:

Come across these interesting speakers. I might try and get a demo.

Jeffrey Episcopo says:

I’d like to see you compare kef q150s and the kef ls50s. Do you think you could do that?

Joerie Mortelmans says:

Very informative, especially appreciate the feedback from your friends, really gives us a good sense of how it sounds.

Edip Ugur ZEHEBİ says:

Thomas, great video i was waiting for the s400 review for a while. Do you have any experience with Linn akudorik passive speakers? I cant find a proper review. Maybe you have an opinion? I would like to compare with s400. It will be great help. Thank you and please keep uploading new videos. Because i learn a lot from you.

Donny Strife says:

I have learned massive amounts from your videos and I would love to see a video on your room treatments!

So Wat says:

I had a chance listen to these S-400. Good immediacy and neutral. Thinking of buying them on my next upgrade… Thanks Thomas for the vid and good luck to your sound room project.

Alexander Scott says:

Thomas, thank you once again for a concise, introspective, and comparative review on these S400s. ..Always educational!
THEORY: im thinking these speakers MIGHT just need some extra help in anchoring them down to the stands, for best sound, perhaps.? Maybe some blu-tac putty underneath??.. or also some sand /lead short placed on top???
Z reviews (?) I believe stated that these speakers, when played loud, WALKED THE SPEAKERS ALMOST COMPLETELY OFF THE STANDS from vibrations!!! Im assuming the action of the woofer, in conjunction with the passive radiator in back (PLUS the relatively light weight property of the speakers), may just require some extra help in keeping things SOLID and DETAILED sounding!????.. Its a theory anyway.
Maybe someone auditioning these could try addressing this, with weight on top, or whatever, , to see if micro dynamics, image solidity and detail improve..?

11 00 111 00 1 000 1111 1 0 says:

Very informative video review.Great job explaining different types of tweeters and speaker designs.That will help people decide which type of sound charactar they prefer before buying.

Hifisonix says:

There’s some very nice gear at http://www.ovationhifidelity.com. Not cheap, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Shipping world wide. Take a look 🙂

eriksven says:

Thomas, great video. I really like how these speakers look. I’ve got a question about reselling speakers. Do you have a rule of thumb on how much you try to get or estimation of how much you will lose to purchase, use, then resell? Like, if you buy speakers for $2000, do you just now off the bat you’ll lose like 20%, then resell for $1600? Or is it just based on going market rates for that speaker? Also, do you tend to just sell to friends, or do you use services like ebay or audiogone?

Kyle Kuhnle says:

Hey Thomas. New to the channel,thanks for all your insight. I hope you can help guide me a little. I have a newly refinished odd shaped room with vinyl flooring that half will be used for sitting area for tv,music,and games. The area I’m going to be using will be 14’x12’x8’ with the back wall being mostly fireplace. I’m looking for a 2 or 2.1 setup ideally. I could go 5.1 as I have some vintage infinity bookshelf speakers. I only currently have a denon avr that is 60wpc. I do not have much home audiophile background but I do in car audio. My budget is limited to around $1000 all in including accessories like stands and rug/dampening if I go bookshelf instead of tower. I know I like warmer punchy bass but not muddy, and I like clarity but treble sensitive so I’m not into hard domed tweeters. My music tastes are classic rock, r&B motown, and some newer stuff. Sorry for the long message but figured it would be easier to recommend if you have pertinent information. Thank you again.

Seiser says:

I want to ask you a question in a different fashion, since the KEF LS50s (which I own) have a different sound signature when compared to the Buchardt S400.. Which one fulfills their sound signature better? Which one would you pick for what they’re good at?

Hc Kui says:

I have 3 speakers KEF L50, Harbeth 30.1 and Buchardt 400.

I use Parasound JC 1 and 2 for power and preamp, Benchmark Dac2 and Audio GD D27 as DAC and Preamp.

I rate these 3 speakers as follows:

Harbeth 30.1 a Class A speaker

KEF L50 Class A- speaker provided you got a tube amp of reasonable power or a class A solid state power amplifier which sounds like tube.

Buchardt 400 a Class C speaker due to its lack of details, very poor musicality and sound stage. The masking sound of Buchardt is, in my opinion, due to its horn sharped tweeter which can disperse the sound over the room evenly but sounds like you have put a piece of cloth over the front of the speaker. On the other hand Harbeth speakers need toe in so that the tweeters of the speakers cross in front of you and once you are away from the axis the sound deviates sharply.

The worst aspect of Buchardt 400 is totally lack of musicality so that it is best used for home theatre sound system in which case you don’t need musical sound

66Ferrari says:

Another Fantastic review Thomas!. I found it really interesting to hear your take (and your friend’s take) on these speakers. Though it was great how you not only partnered them with a bunch of different amps but also took the time to take them to different rooms. I too am looking forward to the video of your finished listening room!

silicone6827129 says:

Hi Thomas, this is the first time I viewed your video and come across ‘categorising speakers’, which is interesting. Never thought of it. Learned something new from this video of yours. And I fully agree with you. Just like cars, they are categorised (SUV, sedan, high performance sports car etc) with each having their own forte. The final point here is we need to understand each of them and what suits us.

ozzy aquanut says:

G’day Thomas! i’d just like to say, i cant wait ’till you get a pair of Kharma Enigma Veyron ev-4’s in your hands to review… 😉

rotorfix says:

Thomas, have you any experience with Vandersteens? When setup properly, their decay trumps that of nearly every other speaker I’ve heard, and by a wide margin. The likes of KEF, Focal, and Revel don’t come anywhere close. And it’s not limited to the treble.

I have to disagree that less decay equates to more realistic sound. Decay that results from driver time -alignment, and good crossover design sounds very much like live music with a natural reverbiant field. Some metal drivers will ring, creating a false decay – it’s especially common with metal tweeters. It should not be confused with decay that’s in the recordings. Listen to the Verve production of Ella Fitzgerald’s Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie. A properly raked set of Vandys will present a startling difference in the decay of her voice versus a typical speaker, metal-domed or otherwise. They’ll make you realize that most speakers literally cut off large chunks of the trailing edges of music.

Romeo Bored says:

Waiting eagerly to see your finished music room, and some re-reviews of things that you did previously to understand any impact from the room treatment. All the best Thomas

ketchup sos says:

great work Thomas. and you turned up your mic!!!

John sweda says:

Not all beer is bitter usually when it’s dark it is more bitter but IPA Indian Pale Ale, and light ale is not bitter. l used to drink flowers ale that’s not bitter. Try and IPA
What you actually doing in your acoustic dampening, you said about disturbing family you can make the room sound tight where they won’t hear anything you need to concentrate on the door make sure it’s got seals and no gap underneath you can use silicone and that blue masking tape to make your own sails and use putty on your plugs sockets and anyway there’s a hole gap so it’s airtight a false wall is ideal doesn’t have to be thick quarter of an inch MDF long as there’s an air gap couple of millimetres would be enough, then line the MDF with 30mm thick rockwool and then place another quarter of an inch of MDF on top of this then hang your acoustic panels and reflectors yes it’s going to make the room smaller but no more than 1, 3/4 inches on either side would be taken up. Don’t forget the light fittings need to be sealed as well. And the false ceiling
You can get special glass for studios to put in your window or plexiglass can be used double layer with an air gap with a silicone seal around. And the doors ideally needs a false panels in the same way as the walls. Why don’t you do a time-lapse video on the construction

Daniel S says:

Hey Thomas! Can you do a review of The Dynaudio Contour 20 or/and The Dynaudio Contour 60. They are amazing speakers!

Ron Gibson says:

Always a pleasure watching your videos, you break things down exactly how I’d like to hear them. Thanks again for the great content Thomas.

Joe Gomez says:

Nicely done. Your passion, your enthusiasm for audio comes through. You realise your fortunate to have a wife that let’s you indulge in this hobby. Well, so long as the house payment is met and fridge filled. Curious, your friends with these 10k+ speakers, are they kicking themselves, shaking their heads thinking look at the money I’ve thrown away. Could have been happy with these. Chasing rainbows is expensive.

Terry Kelly says:

Hey Thomas, I really enjoy your videos. In your new one you mention that the Buchardt S400 are 2500.00 a pair Cdn. Other than HST on the 2500 are there any other costs such as import duties. Also how long does it take to get a pair and would the Moon 240i be enough for these speakers at 100 wpc in 4 ohms

Calaf_72 says:

How to talk about speakers, let everyone know exactly how they sound and not come off like a stiff “pro” reviewer. Thank you.

Doug G says:

Good stuff

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