Buyers Guide: Best Speakers for Under $100

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Marvin Murakami says:

I’m pretty sure the bic venturi dv62si sounds better than any of those listed and can be had in the 60 dollar range each on amazon.

J B says:

Don’t waste your time here.

JohnnyZBeatZ says:

What’s good speakers to play vinyl records

Zenith says:

What I learned is, Avoid everything audio related from Tek Syndicate

Duncan Burke says:

Can I get a link to this “headphones” video

Epicocity says:

If u can get anything M-Audio it has amazing quality

KiemPlant says:

My dad gave me a *JVC Integrated Stereo Amplifier* and a *Realistic Seven Band Stereo Frequency Equalizer.* With my setup right now I have 2×2 speakers hooked up to it and it sounds very good.
2 Decent sized speakers on the floor with amazing bass. But I want to make a new desk pretty soon in a black/white theme and I have 2 smaller speakers standing on my desk behind my monitors (too small to fit on the sides) and I want to replace them with some decent speakers so that it fits with my setup.

Kevin Boyles says:

Link to speakers doesn’t work 404 page not found!?!

Dev Guy says:

these clowns had $13 speakers for review lmfao, that’s when I stop watching.

Robert B says:

Let’s just pretend we never heard the stuff about pointing your treble speakers in the corner of the room. :-/

Metalbass10000 says:

I have a great idea for you: actually say what the product is. Since every time you show the screen you hover the mouse over the imager and cover up the name of the product with the zoomed image. Just a thought.

Boris Bumlord says:

wtf is this video

Gorguruga says:

Brilliant video.. extremely useful information

TheeJoeyLee says:

If it was a good sub..then ya the floor, But when the “Sub” is a 4-5″ WOOFER…Crossed over at 250 freakin hertz Placement on the desk in the center can help with the localization of the subwoofer, which is a problem with cheaper Small PC speakers. Spend 100 on some bookshelf speakers, like Fluance SX6 , BIC DV62Si, Micca M42x and a Lepai 2020a+ Amp. Upgrade the amp later with a SMSL AD18 (built in DAC, 50x2w BT with APTX, Headphone out,Sub out, NFC, Remote) $145 when the time comes.

Aristoper says:

If you want good bookshelf speakers Fluance AV5’s are my recommendation by far I bought a second pair because they sound so good.

Jan Kafka says:

You’re morons!

David Oscar Flores says:

These guys should go on stage as dynamic duel comedians​.

CrazyNinjaMike says:

I’m still rockin my $350 z5500 from 2006

Mrcloc says:

lol – carbon fiber won’t work!

Creative Gigaworks T40. You can find them for about $110, but I’m not 100% sure where. If not those, then the T20’s will be excellent for $60.

I’m not a fan of the Mackie CR3 – more hype than actual good. Many issues in sound quality. The Creative Gigaworks T40 blow them to pieces.

If you really want to keep your budget tight, but are willing to spend a little extra (or have an amp), the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR are apparently phenomenal.

The Blonot says:

hi, i need speaker for rock music. Can you give me your recommendation speaker for rock music from under $100, under $200 and under $300 ? I hope your recommendation is available on my country. TY.

C_ Farther says:

Could you put those monoprice to the Lepai amplifier you mentioned?

Richard Garcia says:

this channel could be named THE AMAZON GUIDE, good job!!!

piyush khanna says: jbl speakers

Rob Jewell says:

What the F is this?!….”if you need speakers just buy headphones”…reading straight off of amazon.

Udo Hansen says:

Is it worth it to put the speakers out and install it into your car?

Vicious Circle says:

Soooo a couple of guys suggesting speakers they haven’t actually sat there and tested. Brilliant. Might as well just go fucking throw darts and buy what it lands on…. useless.

Doug Smith says:

After watching the videos for the Under $100 and the $150 to $200 speaker reviews plus some other bookshelf speaker reviews, I opted for the SMSL amp with a set of Polk T-15 bookshelf speakers.  I spent about 65 bucks on the amp and only 50 bucks for the pair of Polk T-15.  After purchasing some speaker wire and 3.5mm to RCA plug adapter to go from the computer to the amp, I was into the entire system for about 125 bucks.  The independent amp with regular bookshelf speakers is absolutely the most economical way to get the best sound for your computer system.  The Polk audio T-15 speakers for $50 a pair was a great hit and I have no need for a sub. I also add the app equalizer Boom 2 to control the sound.  Amazing sound for frugal dollars.  Thanks Mayflower electronics for the advice, plus Monoprice is a very well priced electronics store, I picked up my wiring supplies from them.

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