Can DIY Speakers compete? Check this out!

Ron from decided to put a good friend up to the test of listening to some DIY speakers. What did Josh have to say about these home made speakers?! Find out!


Christian Byskov says:

“Can DIY Speakers compete?” Probably the dumbest question i have heard… Can a pc you build yourself compete? Of course they can. It is all about how you put it together.

ramon borreguero says:

Can i have info please to build that speakers.

Aleksandar Stanojkovic says:

those midrange speakers are pointing the wrong way

Woka Floka says:

can we see more on theese or is it some big secret

Frank Nazario says:

That design was already done by AR speakers a looooooooong time ago…

jackmontreal1 says:

First, congratulation, good job. Fun to look . I dont doubt at all the quality of the final result. But he loose credibility when he said hes listening horn. why he said so? When you have already heard a good horn, you never mistake with ANY cone drivers. Bravo.

Panty 1986 says:

Hi Ron, nice blind test and nice speakers. Can you please make a review of these all in one Systems… Devialet Phantom (stereo), Sonos Play 5 (stereo) and naim muso. This would be very great. I m very interested which you like as a well known HiFi-reviewer.

Hector G. says:

What crossover did your friend use to build these?

Angel L. Martinez says:

The speakers looks like a bookshelf version of my Scott Pro100b speakers.

Cak Hamied says:

this is cool

Sebas Zoontjes says:

no diy cant compete, because diy wins

i built subwoofers myself and sometimes speakers and a subwoofer from parts express (sub=100 amp=100) and when you built a nice cabinet with wool inside it sounds as good as a 500 dollar sub

MASTER says:

macbooks suck big time! not for stereophiles!

Emilio Torres says:

Anyone can build a very good “HiFi” set of speakers. You just need:
Understand basic physics.
Quality components and materials.
Trial and error, and trial again.
Basic tools and measuring equipment

123Toid says:

Your friend did an awesome job with those speakers! I love the upcycling! In fact, my whole channel is about how to make DIY audio. It is so refreshing to see people do videos like this. I hope more people have their eyes opened by your video!

FreeDooMusic says:

To answer that question is that it depends on who is building the speakers.

bogie says:

I am so glad i build my own speakers. The design you have is almost as old as me and i am 45. But the design has flaws such as the upward facing mid range it throws of the sound stage by doing exactly what your friend said it sets horns and other instruments sound stage back. I am a lifelong audiophile and when listening to horn players like John Coltrane Ben Webster or Miles Davis or Wynton Marsalis i dont want to hear a sound stage that sets the horns back because it is not real sounding these guys were up front and center i wan’t a authentic sound stage plus i can’t stand hearing sounds reflect off walls behind & above the speaker. If this was a good design wouldn’t it be manufactured and sold ?? If it was a good design me and thousands of members on Diyaudio would be talking about it but we are not for a reason.

Why are 99% of all speakers ever made have the drivers facing the listener. Have you ever been to a concert were everything is amplified and they pointed some of the speakers upward no. Have you ever seen a small Jazz band play not amplified and the horn players faced their horns upward and played no. So why would you wan’t your largest frequency band Mid-range to sound unnatural i know i don’t. Your friend compared these to your Gallo speakers that’s funny not saying much for Gallo.

If your a Audiophile and you are not designing and building speakers that make your over priced Gallo weep then you must be living under a rock. In a day and age with computers and so much software and measuring equipment and crossover software like LEAP or CLIO then you are not really a audiophile but at least your trying. You also showed Salk veracity in your video really wow talk about overpriced the first time i heard Salk SoundScape 8s my friend bought after selling one of his kidneys because they cost 8 grand i felt bad for my friend so i never told him the truth and that was they really are not special not at all i have heard many speakers DIY and manufactured that sounded way better and cost far less.

Impulse response says:

There are speaker DIY clubs across US. Midwest Audio Club or NY/NJ DIY club. Many others.
People build speakers from 2 pieces of MDF nailed together to ultra high performance line arrays and DSPed multi amped monsters.

robert dc says:

you didn’t let us hear the sound of the speakers, we should be judging too.

pankaj2av says:

It would be very helpful if you can please share the dimensions of the enclosures and the speaker driver sizes. I would like to build a similar setup and try for myself

Toader Nicu Daniel says:

In corner ia somehow AntHony Gallo Reference 3.5 Speakers?

menirva scala says:

No wonder they sound good they are using Morel so not so amusing because the drivers are good themselves, it would have been if they were using cheap speakers and were able to make them sound good.

Bishka100 says:

That was an interesting vid. I’d like to see/hear more DIY speakers. I always felt that there some speaker designs that big manufacturers ignore simply because those designs do not lend themselves to mass production and/or volume sales.

ckom0007 says:

Sure, but a real Pepsi challenge with multiple sets of speakers and multiple judges and multiple styles of music would be more relevant (and much more difficult.)

FURY says:

The builder went with the direct/reflective design
similar to Bose speakers.
Except that the Bose speakers suck!


Yep Buddy this is the pair I was talking to you about the other day  lol cool stuff

Daniel Romero says:

Wow! Chan chan – De Altocedro voy para Marcané llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí.

Faraz Ahmed says:

Using a good sound engineer’s design (or someone who knows about acoustics) a diy speaker can beat a commercial speaker of same price, of course depending upon how much money you make otherwise in the time spent to build the speakers.

Artcore103 says:

That’s a silly question, of COURSE they can compete… it’s all about the quality of components used, the design, and implementation. ALL speakers are “diy”… some are just produced in larger quantities and sold for large amounts of money. There’s no reason you can’t make epic speakers yourself if you use good components and a good design. By building speakers yourself, you can literally achieve the same quality as a retail speaker for 1/10 the cost. I’m all about DIY, I will never buy a retail speaker or amp again, ever, unless it is used and a GREAT deal, and even then my primary interest would be in vintage hifi designs, not new stuff.

Nico Vijlbrief says:

Proof most Audiophiles are just following a religion. God of Audio does excist, but forget the magic 😉

Ted Runt says:

I would be interested to see the design of this setup

Dale C says:

I would love to hear these speakers. Please???

Luca Catherall says:

those dogs are soo funny

ramro keto says:

Now come on …. its the recording quality of the sòurce that makes all the difference. Play a badly recorded music CD on a million $ system and it sounds crap…..

Thats why audio manufacturers have their own TEST CDs….

Rogelio Valle Villagrana says:

malditos perros cagandose donde sea

Nosajjao says:

Was their bracing used in the cabinets?

land otter1 says:

With a great cabinet and design, a person can make even crappy drivers sound really good… Good, to a point but way better than a cheap, throw away pair of speaker boxes. Cheap manufacturers spend no time on the cabinets or proper design of crossovers or quality parts. That being said, even junk drivers can be made to sound way better with good cabinets and better crossover parts. Can DIY speakers compete? Yes, they can, especially if using good drivers the midwoofs in the blue boxes look to be Seas Excel drivers. The ribbon tweeter, i don’t know… i built my own cabs using the Seas excel and raven ribbon tweeters in an MTM design… They are absolutely stunning and DO compete with multi thousand dollar designs.

nicholascremato says:

Ron, why didn’t you move the folding chair out of the way so he could hear the soundstage unobstructed?

The Raul Guerrero G says:

there was a test a while ago in which a bunch of wine “experts” were gatered together to blindly test wine, from the cheapest one to some very expensive ones, and the results showed that most on them couldn’t differenciate between the products, what is more the people organizing the test found out that the wine only tasted better when they tought it was the most expensive one, so i wonder if a similar thing can happen with speakers.

dantheman1998 says:

Way to copy BSR Thunderlizerds! lol J/K

Nic B says:

So is the top driver running full range and the woofer + tweeter as a 2 way or is it like a 3-way with the top driver just playing mids?

Scott Lowell says:

Speakers are proper math, and good parts.  I have DIY designs using scan-speak and peerless HD.  They sound like thousands, not hundreds of dollars.

r2stik says:

is this the Estelon in the room?

Me Nono says:

Ok I was concentrating of audio for the most part and just kinda watching the pups scurry round on the sofa till the end when it was time to take off the blind fold. I just mentioned that because I haven’t rewound to check so it may have been something obvious earlier in video that would have prevented this hallucination. What’s a good day to run. 4 minutes and two seconds you can maybe go back up a few more seconds but right at 4 minutes and 2 seconds is where my hallucinations again. Haha your blind foldee appeared to save his right red chuck crossed up and resting on his left knee. Haha go back and watch it with that in mind. Aaah that messes with me. Haha

Nosajjao says:

so the speaker drivers are made by Dynaudio?

ɨ ąʍ ɲ๏ţ ą seяɨąl Ќɨlleя says:

The speakers on top would F it… unless you have sound damping/materiel inside the cabinets. as the front speakers move back and forward and produce sound waves/vibrating air, the top speakers would interfere and cause a muffled sound effect. Speakers are made to either have no resistance (pressure or feedback) and others (crappy new small mini hifi speakers take advantage of reflex! Used a lot in subs as base reflex (its crap, or speakers using a so called base hole to bounce the waves from the back inside of the speakers out the base hole or air hole. (wich gives a muffled sound, but is very high in volume so younger generation like it. In theory the speakers on top would mess with the movement of the face facing speakers and would also rebound sound waves from your roof and even more muffle and echo the sound. Its just speakers are not made to work like this.. The tweeter is fine, I dont see a problem being there. The trick is… Stoping is much sound as possible coming from the back of the speaker drivers but keeping a large face.

cobar53 says:

Great video!

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