Center Channel Speakers: Which Design is Best for Home Theater? – Center Channel Design: What’s Best To Use In The Home Theater? In this video Gene and Hugo discuss and compare different center channel design topologies and which cases dictate what suits your Home Theater best.

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Below are some useful guidelines to consider when choosing a center channel speaker:

• Choose a center channel that has similar output capabilities and sensitivity as your main channels.

• It’s usually a good idea to choose a speaker from the manufacturers same product line of your main channels to ensure similar drivers and tonal characteristics “voicing”.

• Consider a horizontally mounted MTM design if you have a height restriction and your primary seats are in a +/- 30 degree listening window or less.

• Consider 3 matching vertical MTM designs for the front 3 speakers if you can place the center channel behind a perforated screen.

• Consider W(T/M)W design if your listening window exceeds the +/- 30 degree and you are height constrained to not use identically matched speakers to your mains.

• Bottom line, chose what sounds best for your application that tonally matches your main speakers as closely as possible.

• Don’t forget to calibrate all of the channels using the internal pink noise generator (aka. Test tones) of your A/V receiver / processor.

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chrisssinstockholm says:

As many others had pointed out. No center is the best center. My opinion.

Paulo Parreira says:

Love your channel, but please, spent 40$ in two lav mic’s, your audio is bad.

arjrmar says:

meant to say I have a MMT center channel speaker. should I just upgrade or stay with?

rmSX13 says:

everytime I watch youtube it’s set at 1080p but whenever I visit your channel, it looks like I’m watching 480p! Upgrade your camera guys I know you’re audioheads but having a youtube channel this is a must. It’s like you’re using iPhone3G… SMH

Jim Rose says:

I have a BIC America dv62 clr -s venturi center speaker. I’m looking to upgrade , kinda like the BIC Acoustech PL-28II or the Klipsch RC.-62 II. Receiver is a Sony STr-DN850. L-R speakers are Klipsch R26-f and surrounds are BIC America FH65-B.Both have a good warranty. Just looking for a few opinions . THANKS

Jim Rose says:

I have a BIC America dv62 clr -s venturi center speaker. I’m looking to upgrade , kinda like the BIC Acoustech PL-28II or the Klipsch RC.-62 II. Receiver is a Sony STr-DN850. L-R speakers are Klipsch R26-f and surrounds are BIC America FH65-B.Both have a good warranty. Just looking for a few opinions . THANKS

Kevin Swartz says:

I love the 3 way SVS Ultra center that you showed BTW. Math he’s their Ultra LR speakers well

Cor Lor says:

For audioholics the AV of your videos is all over the place. Great info, keep up the good work.

Rahul Mehrotra says:

Very nice informative video. i was wondering if the polk s35 with 3-1-3 design still considered to be mtm? Is it a good center channel compared to a traditional mtm

Inconsistent Confidence says:

Your audio sucks. Set the example dude.

TheAntser says:

Wanted to second Thundestruckcoach’s comment on handing center over to the mains for solo listeners like myself. I built Dennis Murphy’s “New Vifa Towers” and it sounds great!

Tim Diebert says:

That’s great to hear!! Honestly because I look forward to all your videos & would love it to sound clean. I listen to videos while I work so I rarely get to actually watch them therefore making how they sound that much more important to me. All of us on this side of the channel thank you for any upcoming improvements, it’s very appreciated!

Christopher Leach says:

I love the informative nature of the videos and the articles on Audioholics!. I just wish Gene and Hugo had a better Mic for the videos…

Dan Angorian says:

Would a dual concentric work for a centre channel?

Scott Hanrahan says:

thanks for the great information . absolutely love audioholics information and videos.keeping mfgs honest and helping with the hyperbole in check. Thank you guys for everything you do .. you make this hobby more respectable

Rohit vijayan says:

+ audioholics also when i cheked the design of the d600 jamo it is w( MTM)w so its has 2x 6inch (W) ,2 x 3 inch (M) and 1x1inch tweeter. You did mention @ around 4:30m that such a lay out can effect the sensitivity. But is tht case even with having 2x M (3inches each)?

Daryl Rodriguez says:

Why are the drivers affected by a horizontal orientation when they are shaped like a circle as opposed to an oval? I thought the sound would come out in every direction, so a vertical orientation would also cause problems. Is it because of the positioning of the human ear?

orestesdd says:

First of all, please, upgrade your links under your description. Second, what center channel speakers do you recommend for a small HT room. Lastly, do you have a review of a particular center channel speaker? Thanks for your video.

zkid 1070 says:

what are the best volume levels of each speakers we must set in the av receiver

Geerladenlad says:

How do you feel about center channel speakers with powered subs in them?

Kenneth Miller says:

What about the B&W center channel tweeter mount design on top of the cabinet?

robbielex says:

Another informative video but I was so nervous the whole time with that loaded phaser pointed at Hugo. Never point a phaser at something you’re not ready to destroy!

PixMan107 says:

Any thoughts on the few horizontally oriented center speakers which use a coaxial tweeter & midrange, flanked by woofers on each side, such as those from KEF? They offer them in their Q series (Q200c, Q600c), the R series (R200c, R600c) and even the high end Reference series (2c, 4c.) I have the R200c and find it to be absolutely “invisible” in that the blend between it and the mains is seamless, voices really seem to be coming from the screen.

Todd Dembsky says:

How can you “CLAIM” to be an AUDIO ENGINEERING company when Montgomery Scott (AKA Scotty) is not on set!!! How can you yell into the comm system “Scotty, I need more BASS” — And it is nice to know that neither of you are Klingon as the Tribble was very well behaved 🙂

Love your channel guys — keep it up

Not been a good year, Glenn Fry, now Keith Emmerson. Not good…

StevenSVT says:

I currently am running a stereo setup, but I plan on extending pretty soon. My mains are Martin Logan motion 40’s… For the center, I’m between either the motion 30, which compliment the main channels, or the 50XT. The motion 50XT encases a much larger ribbon transducer, which broadens the dispersion, I think… What do you guys think?

Tim Diebert says:

I listen EVERY week & am a loyal fan…HOWEVER! I have thought this for a long time but never mentioned it. I think it’s time too ask. Why is it that the videos are recorded in such a horrible sounding room/environment when your an AUDIO channel? You obviously know a ton about room acoustics & discuss it all the time. Yet there seem to be no measures taken to make your videos sound good. They always have a nasty hollow echo sound & your voices seem thin as if recording in a restroom almost. Please for the sake of your loyal fans use some room treatments where you record! I never thought we would have to make that request to you given the topic of the channel but hey if a simple request from us helps then I’m willing to politely ask. I hope this falls upon your golden ears 🙂 Thx guys & keep up the amazing work.

Keith Nolan says:

I love the supportive “Okay!” “That’s right!” “That should do!” from the other guy.

Andy Summers says:

LCR are matched so idea is there’s a consistent smoothness and placed middle height of the room so they beam direct line sight over the seating.

Shaz Magic says:

I wish they would both sit down as before. Uncomfortable body language between them.
Hugo has massive guns.. Gene let it go!!!

Robert Simmons says:

The voices come from the center channel?!?! MIND BLOWN!!!!

Joe Ike says:

just added a Pioneer Elite Center channel to my front that match up really good with my elac F5 Towers basically the same speaker little bit different cabinet design for the center channel but the frequencies match up really good because of the concentric mid-range Andrew jones drivers are very close. thanks for the uploads​.


what’s your thoughts on introducing a center channel while listening to cds and super audio CD?

Bob Sum says:

Hugo got shirt with long sleeves today. What happened?

Rolando Cordero says:

What are your thoughts on an Electrostatic center speaker such as the MotifX from Logan?

Atis R. says:

Why there is difference in horizontal vs vertical? Speakers drivers are round and no matter of vertical / horizontal. Each make sound 360 degrees.

legendary760 says:

what nationally is Hugo, his accent is epic!!!!

Red Rooster says:

Ive got two, 8 ohm, 2 way bookshelf speakers wired together to make 16 ohms on my centre channel with 1″ Vifa tweeters on the inside and 6.5 inch Peerless woofers on the outer. Sounds great!

Warlord2029 says:

I have used a JBL 3 way center in my system many years now and have yet to see another that satifies me the way this one does….I could be wrong though. I have the “if it aint broke why fix it” mentality.

Sahid B. says:

I like your videos, but the audio in the videos is very bad compared to lots of other channels. Being that your channel is audio related, I really think you guys should invest in good audio for your video. I really want to watch you videos but the audio makes me want to find another video to watch.

Rohit vijayan says:

+ audioholics what’s your opinion about the jamo d600 .1) is it ok to place them vertically the L and R .2) do d600 needs a power amp may be like emotivo xpa 5 as i am running them on onkyo 3030 in a 1800 cubic feet room.

BrysNightWorld says:

Like many say, I too think the best center speaker? Is not one at all in many setups. Most people probably don’t care about the difference in sound in different drivers. So I have 2 large front and 2 large rear speakers with 3 drivers in each. On the amplifier, I have it set to send the center channel signal to both front speakers. Now! If I had the same large speaker in the center, sure. But thats a gigantic speaker underneath my tv. Just tonally, when most center channels play, the difference in its sound is enough to break immersion for me.

Dave30867 says:

Hey Gene have you changed your room setup it sound a little empty when you guys are talking .
great advise as usual keep up the good work guys cheers .

Valdemar Hansen says:

what should the crossover frequency be for a 3 inch speaker drivers be?

Kevin C says:

Hi guys. One of the newer centers out in the last year has WW T WW. Two of the woofers—the one directly to the left of the tweeter and the one on the far right—handle midrange duties between 500 Hz and 1500 Hz. The other two woofers cut off at 500 Hz. How do these compare?

Jack Mountain says:

I am asking for a recommendation along the line of best center channel design. What is your opinion on the Golden Ear Technology’s Super Center XXL ? These will be used with Golden Ear Triton 2 , Golden Ear Aon 2 for rears, SVS prime elevation at top of wall, and SVS prime bookshelf at ear height on the seating area.

arjrmar says:

My center channel is set up as W W T wondering if that is considered as a plague speaker and I should get rid of it. I am no way an audio expert however I love quality sound were I can close my eyes and enjoy a movie rather than watch a movie with crappy sound. please let me know if it’s worth upgrading.

xburgos1 says:

Quick question based on your comments. I have SVS ultra towers, should I go with an SVS ultra center or an ultra bookshelve single speaker for the center? I’m currently using B&W CM2 and it sounds good but I think the tonality is off a bit. Especially in the high end.

Edwin Castillo says:

can you make a video on how to set delays??

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