Extreme Audio, Sigma Acoustics, very realistic sound, hifideluxe Munich

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Mr Space-age says:

what does these weight ?

daddyrichten says:

It’s not possible to make music sound better than the equipment it was recorded on.

Ricky Gargoyle says:

Man my phone speaker was sounding awesome..zzzzz

Woka Floka says:

to loud

Vince Dicker says:

Does any
body know,who is the singer???

Bork. EXE says:

sounds great but they look terrible in my opinion. way to much aesthetic

anonymous mc says:

He loves sound…me too

DIngbat donedon says:

Will they fit in my 12X10 room?

russmaleartist says:

This gentleman has a sincerity, and there is an impression that he has poured his life’s blood and passion into developing his speakers. Like in cooking, it is more than just ingredients that make a recipe come together in a taste sensation. One has to have a heart and sensitivity to produce greatness . . . not just a desire for fame and fortune, which so many today lust after at the public’s expense.

I agree with the former comment . . . this recording does not bear the same quality acoustics that Anne Bisson’s earlier recordings exhibited; therefore, it does not do justice to this great recording artist. There is an overemphasis on her microphone that excites too much brightness, like an extremely bright light in a small room without a lampshade . . . too brilliant and glaring.

Bringing .The New says:

you can show and play a million dollar system here on youtube, but we will never experience any of the quality produced because of the soundsystem of a computer..  would love to experience the ‘pure’ sound in that room..

Karma Police says:

“The match of the amplifier with the speakers is the sound” – not when it comes to vinyl. Remember, information lost at source can never be recovered.

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