Fluance Ai40 Speaker Review – The Sound Bar Killer

▶ Update: The hiss I mentioned may only be isolated to this unit. I’ve asked another Ai40 owner to test his unit and he heard absolutely no hiss at max volume.

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RATING – 93% (A)
Frequency Response 9.5/10
Sound Signature 9.5/10 (neutral sound)
Spatial Reproduction (soundstage + imaging) (9/10)
Loudness (9.5/10)
Ease of Setup 9/10
Input Options 9/10
Size 8.5/10
Aesthetic 10/10
Value 10/10

Fluance Ai40 Unboxing Video:

The End by The Beatles (Stereo Bass Test): http://bit.ly/TheEndStereoBassTest

Gear I used for this video:
Tascam Audio Recorder: http://bit.ly/TascamDR70DJoeNTell
Panasonic GH4: http://bit.ly/GH4JoeNTell
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 for Nikon F-Mount: http://bit.ly/Sigma1835LENS
Metabones Speedbooster for Micro-Four-Thirds: http://bit.ly/MetabonesNikonSpeedbooster
Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic: http://bit.ly/SennheiserMKH416

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TheTigerGamer says:

From my experience if you seal bookshelf speakers, they actually go lower than if they’re ported + you don’t have to worry about port noise. My Monitor Audio Bronze 1’s goes down to about 33 – 35 Hz (Not very loud of course because there’s only a 5,5″ woofer on a tiny box.) when i have them sealed and 46 ish Hertz when they’re ported. Probally just room acoustics etc… But they need more more power to get moving properly.

Dinamo says:

Huhh,,, a woman saying that a couple of loudspeakers looks good,, =I !!!
That was a surprising first time for me,, :).
A very good and alive, sort of, cool review.
Like it a lot.
Best regards from a steaming hot south of Sweden.

Walid Amir says:

so if it doesnt have an optical input…how do i connect them to my tv?

Raymond Leggs says:

A company called rockville offers similar speakers 😀 They even have active bluetooth towers.


HI family
OK awesome speakers I got a huge question have you heard of Totem speakers I think there also Canadian I’m almost close to deciding on this models since I’m having to be to skeptical about purchasing in Canada since it’s another country but I love the brand and design so question is do you live up there or do you have any problems ordering Canadian speakers from websites I want my new setup with either this or totems price doesn’t really matter beauty full family your a lucky guy sorry for the long a$$ questions

Shyam ​​ says:

Is it available in India

Alan Pang says:

Misleading title. People get sound bar not because it produce a good sound, but it can also do surround.

John Harvey says:

Beautiful video, beautiful speakers. That bamboo and white is sick. That flickering TV has got to go though lol.

cnhhnc says:

Nice review. I have some Fluance SX-6s which go lower than the Pioneer BS SP22s but are NOT as smooth as the Pioneers. In other words, the Fluances are louder, and brighter and can get lower, but their crossovers are NOT as refined and balanced as Jones’ Pioneers. And the “presence” region is a bit absent on the Fluance. This is NOT to say that the Fluances are bad, they’re not, and will probably sound “better” to those who like HIGHS and LOWs, BUT, overall, the Pioneers image better and are better integrated and have a better sound stage. But if you like loud and bright, Fluance is your speaker!

Having said that. How do these Ai40s compare to the Pioneer? I suspect they are also a little bright and the crossovers do not smooth out the high/mid/low transitions. Let’s face it, you can’t do “everything” and also have amplification as well for $200, am I right?

I’m sure they’re very nice on a desktop. The Pioneers would need more amplification than 35 watts a side. They are not that efficient. And that’s one of the problems when people compare them to other bookshelves, they’re usually pushing those Jones speakers with a cheap AV receiver-in that case, any more efficient speaker (which the SX-6s are) will sound louder hence better to the ear at the same watt level!

But really, NICE review and video, and nice family! Later!

David Beiler says:

do you have any sonos reviews? Your reviews are great! very detailed

Ramon McNally says:

These sound like they would great as studio monitors.

Audioholic 01 says:

Great review! I understand that sealed (closed) box designs actually play lower bass than ported because the frequency roll off is 6db per octave rather than 12db per octave. When you tune a ported speaker it falls off much faster at 12db/o after the tuning of the port. The QTS value of a woofer is the most important thing with deciding if the speaker should be in a ported or sealed enclosure A woofer with a QTS around 0.5 and FS of 30hz will perform very low bass in the right sealed air volume compared to another woofer the same size with a QTS of 0.3 and FS of 30hz that will not play very low bass as audibly in a sealed design and should be ported. The other advantages with sealed is that you can have a larger driver in a smaller box and they tend to have less phase problems giving better sound in more room configurations. Although room setup with any speaker is a must for the most uninterrupted frequency response at the listening area. I’ve designed many DIY hi-fi speakers and I always prefer sealed sound quality wise. The Ai40s are really going to be hard to beat at the price and all in one options they have.

Joshua Kerekes says:

Awesome review!
Joe, do you know of a way to add AirPlay 2 to these?
I would prefer to spend my $ on these rather than two HomePods, however, would still love to use AirPlay 2 multiroom as my Denon receiver is getting an AirPlay 2 update so I could play audio in multiple rooms.

If not maybe a stereo amp with AirPlay 2 and a good pair of passive bookshelf speakers?

Gabriel Stolarczyk says:

You have a cute family, if you don’t mind me saying. ^_^
The speakers also look great – I’m considering teasing my friend with your video, who just recently got a Bose SoundBar and subwoofer, hehe… O:-)

dexiane says:

It would be a lot better if there’s an optical audio input in the Ai40. Most TVs now has no RCA and headphones output. Only optical audio output.

The Devil Ape says:

Thanks Man! I have been waiting for this, an excellent review.

Robert Hastings says:

Great review. I think I’ve found my next pair of speakers. It would have been cool you would have mentioned how these compare with Edifiers just so I could have some frame of reference. Thanks for sharing.

Have_At_IT says:

How do these compare with Elac B6’s?

NewPScity says:

Great review man! I think I have made my decision now, instead of a soundbar I will get these. I hope the hiss gets fixed with their future stock. Too bad Fluance are out of stock right now ☹

Piyush Gulati says:

Would you recommend these as better value as compared to the ELAC Uni-fi UB5? Also, how much is the sound quality difference?

RedBeardedRabbit says:

Good work! If I may make some suggestions:

– my biggest wish is that you post the measurements, either your REW saved file or an Imgur album or something.

– you glossed over part of the measurement section very quickly at 4:42 to 4:49 (it was a TON of crucial information compressed into seriously not enough time); I know this kind of review is not aimed at technical people but for those who are, it would be nice to see the details; for example, the treble and bass controls – what is the hinge frequency? Alternatively you could educate folks: you could also talk about your subjective impressions while pointing out what in the measurement graph corresponds to it (e.g. is the rising treble above 7KHz audible? Does it measure and sound smoother/more neutral when you set the tone to maybe -3? Does doing that leave too much of an audible hole in the lower treble?)

– if you ever decide to get more technical, off axis response is important; just 30 and 60 degrees horizontal and 15 degrees vertical can tell you a lot.

Jonny says:

@Joe N Tell So I just got these today. They sound amazing, but I am getting the same hiss or hum as you did over RCA. Interesting thing is I tried bluetooth and it was fine, but then used the RCA to Mini cable that was plugged into my computer that came with the speakers and plugged it into an MP3 Player and my phone and neither provided the same hiss/hum. So not sure if maybe they are susceptible to noise through the computer but it is annoying considering I bought them as computer speakers. I just put a ticket in with Fluance to see if they have any suggestions.

Henry47 says:

@Joe N Tell great job & look in to the new Vanatoo’s Transparent Zero active speakers..

Narcos Season1 says:

How’s this compare to SVS prime bookshelf ?

shahrass says:

how it compare to A2 or HD3?

Beto Ballestas says:

But it really will replace a soundbar like the vizio SB3621? cuz the vizio soundbar has a subwoofer unit and 2 satellital speakers that work as sorround, I mean, these are 2 speakers which means is a 2.0 sound system.

Diego Freitas says:

Really well made review. Congrats.
Subscribing now.

The Devil Ape says:

How wide is your computer desk, if I may ask?

Sidney Michelle says:

Beautiful family! Thanks for the review!

Angel Gonzalez says:

How this compares to jbl extreme?

Chris Hanlon says:

I enjoy your views. They are well done. Very concise and accurate from my angle.

gondokist says:

Sorry but, r u indonesian??

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