HiFi only more Pornographic YG Acoustics Nagra @ NEW Bowers Wilkins 600 Speakers

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System in this video I am showing the installation process for the magnificent YG Acoustics Sonja XV Junior Speakers with Nagra Electronics and YG Acoustics Rack System.

A total system costing over £400k – Amazing hifi porn.

I also got a first look at the NEW Bowers and Wilkins 600 Series speakers and will have a review of the 603 floorstander coming soon




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Perts Onvelts says:


mike 201314 says:

YG says the reason the don’t use any speaker enclosure acoustic damping filling is… 4:40 “Acoustical stuffing is used to compensate for certain inefficiencies of the cabinet design…”
yeah, that’s a very interesting idea.

AudiS4orce1 says:

WTF, the new 600s look exactly like 700s that I just bought a pair. They’re gonna diminish 700 series sales, unless they perform significantly worse! Any idea how do they compare?

ProGwardzista says:

YG Acousitcs – best speakers on Earth.

gamesessions says:

Looks beautiful – I’ve been watching a lot of Paul McGowan videos recently and he swears by the rule of thirds – by pulling the speaker into the room you get a much deeper soundstage. I’ve tried it and, wow, what a difference – sounds like I’ve upgraded my speakers just by pulling them a half a metre closer to me. Feels odd them being so close, but the I can’t argue with the sound quality. The reason I mention this is because this setup reminds me of that too, with the big bass units at the rear and the tweeters and mids in the sweet spot much closer to the listening position. Anyway, enough waffling – looking forward to part 2 🙂

Juan Ramirez says:


MR. Keema says:

Can’t wait for part 2

Jimmy Cheung says:

Top quality video demo whatever picture and sound
Would you mind to share the name of music play start on 2:35

Calaf_72 says:

Great just when i was thinking that i like my system there you go and make me want to throw it out of the window lol. Shame on you.

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Excellent work on your video man! Awesome commentary, awesome picture quality. Those YG Acoustics speakers, and Nagra components are absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for taking us viewers along for the un-boxing. Cannot wait for part 2! I live about 20 miles from YG Acoustics, hopefully someday I can take a tour.

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