How a $300,000 Speaker is Made

Oswalds Mill Audio makes $300,000 speakers from wood like ash, cherry, and walnut—plus slate and special cast iron. The sound quality is as good as the materials.

Made is a series of simple, gorgeous short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are made, and honor the process and artisans behind them.


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B says:

omg look at that terrible welding

Greg D says:

Wait, this is from Bloomberg??? HOLY WTF… i thought they sunk low but this is sooooo low

B says:

he has a typical narcissist con man face lol

Pimphand Gamester says:

At the core, it doesn’t take much to recreate a source sound accurately. It also doesn’t cost much at all but obviously this uber end stuff is more about the product and hand crafting.

orlando bejar says:

I’ll stick with focal

Hoàng NC says:

what’s song at intro?

Marcel says:

Literally! Fuck, so annoying what else would it be?

Blake Thompson says:

Funny comments. Gotta love passion in building though. I love it. Wish I had 300K to just put on a stereo. 🙂

ez45 says:

And then some rich bloke connects their iPhone via Bluetooth. lmao

Jax Nean says:

I think everything above ten grand is bs.

Paul Wehr says:

Cast metal! You bum! $300000 you could at least machine it from a billet of moon rock or unobtainium.

Moto Vlog says:

When the first Unit is sold he will be able to pay his employees

ERIC & CINDY Crowder says:

Do you sell a transformer-less tube power amp? It’s my opinion that the transformer on the output stage of the power amp reduces sound quality compared to a transformer-less tube stage or a transistor amp.

Mike Ember says:

Before I bought these speakers my wife couldn’t get pregnant ! Now I am a happy father and my wife is waiting for our 7th child, thank you so much, these speakers saved my life !

Jeffrey Rodriguez says:

I’m going to hear the dead after buying these speakers. but for $300K.. ill pass and buy Martin Logans, or B&W as I though those were expensive. but I was wrong.

Solomon Tirwomwe says:

$300k? For that kind of money I can buy two (2 bedroom) apartments.

Dale olson says:

I am hearing this thru my 300 .00 dollarI pad ,lol,couldn’t get better

Jacksirrom says:

Is it still possible to get laid with those in your living room?

Adam Kessler says:

Speakers built for the monumentally stupid and gullible by a company adept at convincing these idiots that the money spent is worth it. Unbelievably stupid for the totally vacuous.

Lucifer Deathdig says:

Figures why it cost so much

Chuck Wales says:

Interesting , mine cost $4000 when first came out 15 years ago and still happy. I have built speaker’s but none that great but amplifier’s build them with my eyes closed and end up with very impressive results from class A to D Love what you have created . Ever thought of custom building to suit the customers listening room instead of what most do adjust the signal or re do the room. People that spend this much probably have spent on a room which may be close so build to match would be the cream on the cake.

Mark says:

There is an old proverb in the Middle East, it goes something like this “idiots can only make money from the crazy people”, well you have to be an idiot to start a business like this, but then the world is full of crazy people with much more money than sense to purchase such an astonishingly over priced speaker, BTW I used to sell sound systems for a living, nothing wrong with Bose or equivalent system for 3-5k.

El Pacho Xozeh Ramirez says:

Shitload of bs ya said

Koushik Debbarma says:

Believe me when I say this : No speaker in the world will ever cost $300,000. It’s just show. Ripping of rich people, that’s what that is.

Phill Rockt says:

Who in the world buys these extreme ugly speakers for that amount of money?
I’m 100% sure as a normal human being you wouldn’t beable to hear the difference to a 10k System at all.
That’s as rediculous as the diamond app you could buy a while ago.

Benjamin van Dijk says:

The moment that guy can prove that tubes are more capable amplyfying sound with less distortion than transistors or ic’s (which, according to physics, is the biggest bullshit ever produced by mankind), I will give up my electrical engineering career to find the nearest trainstation. Audiophiles…. You can’t live with them, period.

reza raza says:

This is to much go far say about speaker .the Sony or payonir $200 speaker same sounds quality

Jacob Gardiepy says:

For 300k, you could literally have lethal bass. I don’t need to hear no Elvis resurrected, most people don’t understand for 300k you could have one of the best systems in the world.

seanperrydj says:

your entire company is gross . You make overpriced bullshit for rich people . You should be ashamed , you spend your life doing stuff for rich assholes who should be sharing their wealth .

Hector Solano says:

This looks overhyped. You can get professional grade mastering speakers for less than $100k, in the realm of duntech or ATC. Thrice that price will probably buy you a very decently treated room too.

Matt Rosa says:

“soundwaves cannot be miniaturized” what

Karl Dunne says:

Many,Many, Many Near Death Testimonials of Hell..people who temporary died and visit hell..Many famous people have been reported to be seen there… NO ONE SEEN ELVIS PRESLEY THERE!!!!.. Amen to that!!!!

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