IsoAcoustics GAIA II Review & A/B Demonstration – Awesome HiFi Speaker Isolators

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System Video Review and A/B Demonstration for the IsoAcoustic GAIA II HiFi Speaker Isolators

Welcome to IsoAcoustics


This are a very interesting and surprisingly high performing product and you can hear the difference they make to the sound of our reference system very clearly in the A/B Demo in this video

I want to apologise for the poor vocal sound quality, there was a problem with our main mic recording – I forgot to press record so we are having to use the backup recording which is poor – sorry about that.

The Audio recordings for the A/B Demo are first class and we hope you enjoy and get a lot out of them

The songs we use in thie A/B Demo are listed below with links to buy the albums from Amazon

Karen Souza – the Essentials Album Tainted Love

Ronnie Earl Death Dont Have no Mercy

London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing

Keld You Are Wolf

Chris Jones Roadhouse and Automobiles

There are also full song demonstration in the channel if you loom in the IsoAcoustics GAIA II Playlist linked below

Other kit used in this video are

Dirac Live is being used within the Dedicated Audio PC – its an essential part of the reference system I wouldnt listen without it
For more detail on Dirac Live and to buy the software please use this link – please use this link it helps support the channel




Chord Electronics

XLO Electric



If you are interested in buying the IsoAcoustics GAIA or any HiFI or AV products please speak to Nintronics who are a fantastic dealership and will really look after you 01707 320788

If you are based in the North of the UK and want to speak to a closer dealer for a demo please speak to Richer Sounds Manchester.
The famous Richer Sounds Customer and the Manchester Branch range of products will not let you down

0333 900 0086

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twochaudio twochaudio says:

Curley you raised to speakers up higher. The sound will change anyway. Loss of bass. And when a company has to paint there driver
Back off run fast away.

Calaf_72 says:

I hear a difference but not with all tracks. It makes sense in the context of your wonderful system but for modest systems GAIA is very expensive.

Brock says:

Thanks for putting this up! As a recommendation, for A/B demos it’s okay to do longer play throughs, but it’s not necessarily effective. Our ears get used to a sound after around three seconds. As such, what I think tends to work better is a longer play through (say 10 seconds or so) and then follow it with three second back to back play throughs of the exact same material. Doing it this way makes the differences (or lack thereof) readily apparent.

PhotoMusicMan says:

Do you screw them into the speakers instead of the spikes?

John - John says:

Agreed, they are amazing and a great value

Andrew James says:

First demo can’t hear any difference

Michael McDermott says:

I had seen these demoed before, and was sceptical till hearing – the difference is undeniable. In the context of the whole system pricey, but not prohibitively expensive.

moonlight says:

what about increasing the height of the tweeters that are now off axis, which decreases the fidelity thus you get something and lose something effectively making no difference?

mrtickle says:

All very good, until I saw the price 🙂

Andrew James says:

Just before 1min 17 sec you say clearly ‘you will be able to hear a clear difference’ this is influencing the outcome

Hi-Fi Haven says:

That is an awesome product man!

Andrew James says:

5 min into the video we still haven’t heard an ab it’s like a review still selling them
Then talk about installing them
You already have a video on this

gamesessions says:

Loved the final A/B demo where you cut between them but kept the song going – this really worked well and the difference is remarkable.

Michael McDermott says:

Did you notice improvement more at volume?

Mike Goppert says:

The highs seem clearer with slightly more separation and the bass is more quick and controlled. Slight differences, but pretty amazing from a small change. The KEFs are sweet. Thanks for the song selection (Karen Souza, I’m a sucker for female vocals). I really like a few of them and will be purchasing soon. 🙂

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