KEF LS50 Wireless HiFi Speakers Full Demo @ Bristol Show Sound and Vision show 2018

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System coverage of The Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2018

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This is a video of the KEF room / LS50 Wireless demo they were doing at the show
Its the full demo – the demo is designed to show off the versatility of the LS50W as well as the excellent sound quality

We hope you really enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it

The Music in this video is
Kraftwerk – The Model from the Man Machine

Dave Gilmour Live in Pompei
Blu Ray
Audio CD

London Grammar –

We want to thank the Show organisers AUDIO T, all the Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers who made this show the Amazing Event that it was. It really was a large and diverse display of Great HiFi, Audio and Hope Cinema Systems with lots of Amazing Sound and Music. We cant wait for next year

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Mihir Chitnis says:

They need to upgrade the ls50 with Bluetooth 5.0 and MQA support.

Jan Mokrý says:

Horrible sound. What happened with our great hobby during last 20 years? Marketing, lies, snake oils, crazy prices and no music… 🙁

Agent Orange says:

13:47 Dang, that had me looking to the left, lol.

Gady Marcus says:

HI Sir some thing with the video does not work good

Philip Longworth says:

Good as they are I’ll keep my R500 with my Valve amp

MrCatalysis101 says:

I’ve never liked positioning speakers between a TV screen. All that visual clutter. Ugh. All that being said, the wireless LS50 is a major contribution to lack of clutter, so why put them next to a bloody telly? Can’t understand why they demo’d these with a DVD. A very interesting concept poorly presented. Horrible sales spiel at times too.

kurtzcol says:

get the r 300s way better

Baerchenization says:

Hi guys… I have a question for any takers: I am a bit out of the loop with my audio… I have a Musical Fidelity CD1 CD player from ca mid 90s, and it was ca 1200-1500 German Marks = 600-700 Euros back then. Would it make sense to upgrade to a pre-owned Audiolab 8200CD for 600 Euros? I mean in terms of sound quality; of course the 8200 can play mp3 and all that on top…

jincuteguy says:

Anyone knows what is the White Stands that they have the LS50 Wireless on?

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