KEF R7 speakers REVIEW MAJOR UPDATE Chord Hugo M Scaler Wave High Fidelity McIntosh Hugo TT 2

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System Video Review for the KEF R7 floor standing HiFi Speakers

In this video I am giving a major update to this review update spending more time with the KEF R7 and after introducing some new components to the system.

I have added the incredible Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler and the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cabling and the Wave High Fidelity Stream Cables to link between the Hugo M Scaler and TT2

Thanks to www. for loaning me the speakers for review


Hugo M Scaler

Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

I also talk about and mention the JCAT USB Isolator

I am using Dirac Live in this demonstration
To Buy Dirac Live or get the Trial Version please use this Link…

The songs used in this video are

Songs 1, 2 and 3 – Uncertain at present sorry 🙂
Please let me know if you recognise them

Link to buy the CD
Link to buy the Vinyl

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Georgie Hogman says:

Great sound, I would be happy as Larry. Whoever Larry is. Happy Christmas Terry.

Juan. Lega says:

I appreciate you making this videos, but I don’t understand why you would want to use $20-30K components to play $3K speakers. I think it would make a better video to see how similar priced components make the speakers sound. Nonetheless I appreciate you giving us something to use to get an idea of this speakers.

Harry Critchley says:

How do these new KEF’s sound compared to the new B&W 700 series?

Gary Spence says:

Talk about over complicating things……you’ll send yourself Mental !!

John Mitrano says:

$7,500 for the speaker cables…ouch !!!

L.F. F. says:

Woooow! This is the best Hi-Fi equipment review anywhere. The Hi-Fi press industry should take a notes from you how to bring real value to the audiophiles. And the sound from this system is really something else! Can’t wait to hear more music from the set up. Thank you!

Geoffrey Baker says:

U don’t say if for all amps, hugo m scaler is good fore just asking..

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