Life S5 | Part 2B: SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-04 | Test and Review

Last of the dry stuff for this series, here are the results for the woofer. Very very impressed with the performance here. I think these look awesome and perform very well. I’m excited to hear how they perform.

Stay tuned for Part 3 when things will get interesting. We are going to setup software to design this speaker and you will be able to throw your hat in the ring and offer up a design as well. We will also talk about the design goals of this speaker and why a desktop speaker has a different set of goals that a living room speaker.
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Driver files are available for download here:


Norb U says:

Have you had a chance to look on Madisound at the SB16PFC25-4 ? SB has listed a recommended crossover schematic. Can you recommend their suggested crossover? Or do you see where it might require xsim modeling?

deanedgx says:

great job again. As a fellow diy’er still very much climbing the learning curve I look forward to you new vidz.

jibba02 says:

Did you just hold the woofer in the box?

Jon Hexom says:

I am really enjoying this series! Its nice to see the SB plastic frame midwoofers get some attention. I think many people overlook them because of the pincushion frame shape. IMO, it is one of the best drivers in this price range and worth the extra effort.

deanedgx says:

Question: Do you use soundeasy? If so, why do you use xsim for xo design when SE has xo emulation?

Derek Jarman says:

Nice – i’m going to measure mine to see how they spec to yours. If you search on TT for the Iron Driver comp from 2015 that was the woofer we all had to use.

drdyna says:

Love your vids! One complaint, you need more lighting! Always seems dreary in your shop. <3

Norb U says:

I have the same woofer paired with the SB sb26stcn tweeter. I’m using the passive crossovers from the NVX n/v series speakers (car audio). The sound is just stunning. I’m saving up for a Martin Logan Dynamo 300 to handle sub duty and I’ll be set.

My other speakers are Klipsch ksf8.5 (home theater) and custom bookshelf pair using Stereo Integrity drivers, active crossover and dual amps.

Jason Jackson says:

Very good video. You obviously have done your homework and accrued the knowledge for good loudspeaker design. Nice to see.

NoAudiophile says:

Great build! If you are going to use EQ on the desktop to augment bass be sure to port lower than the FS of the driver. You can fill the sag in with EQ while keeping the woofer from over excursion. Only down side is port noise from the size/shape of port you need to tune that low, but the trade off should be worth it. I would say flat before roll off of 40Hz, or maybe lower is possible with some work and leaving headroom to reach nearfield reference levels.

fuckgoogleplus says:

Nice vid! Do we ALWAYS ignore <100hz on all spl graphs (Manufacture documentation inclusive)?

tadzo takezo says:

those woofers made in my country 😀

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